Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I came back ....

... to say "Thank you."

A humble, grateful and sincere "Thank you."

... to say that I'm overwhelmed.
With the love that you have given me.
The support that you have always been.

For your constant presence in my darkest hours.
For your kind words and gestures during my most painful times.

For every email, every comment here, every message on FB.
For every heart warming word.
For every line that made me a little more stronger.

For trying your best to make me laugh.
For every effort to shift my focus away from the bad to the good to come.

Even when you have been caught up with busy days with jobs,
family, your blogs and a thousand other things,
you have not let go of my hand.

You have taken time to mail me, to leave lines here, to keep in touch constantly,
knowing full well I could not even reply back.

Am touched at your selflessness.
And very, very grateful.

It is your encouragement that has made me decide that I cannot let this year go by
with silence on Kichu Khon.

I came back ...
.... to say how much you and your friendship mean to me.
And how much your efforts are appreciated.

... to say that I'll start blogging again.

I do not know what you see in me, my writings or my blog.
I do not understand why you trust me and my recipes so much.

And I'll henceforth never try to.

You want me to blog.
I'll blog.
I'll write, I'll post.

Thank you again, everyone.
My blog friends & my readers.
Thank you for everything.