Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Yes ... Bori / Badi / Vadi / Lentil Dumplings can be made ... without the sun .... in an Oven !!

When I posted how to make Sun Dried Bori / Badi / Bodi / Vadi / Mungaudi / Lentil Dumplings at home, I got an overwhelming response. What I had done on a whim was appreciated by so many people! Those sun dried boris / bodi / badi last me a good part of the year ... at least till I make them again.

But a lot of people mentioned that they do not get enough sun in the parts of the world they stay ... and dear Yasmeen of Health Nut asked if we can bake them.

The idea stayed at the back of my mind ... but I was waiting for the rains ... a perfect excuse to try making them in an oven. After all, whoever thought of making bori during the monsoons? The elders of the family would just laugh the idea away.

But I decided to give it a try. Thanks to blogging we get to share such wonderful ideas!

Recently the only two dals being used in my home are the toor dal and the masoor dal. So everytime I reached beyond the urad dal bottle to get either of the two, the urad would give me a forlon ... and sometimes a withering ... look.

I was wondering how to use it up without making vadas or idlis or dosas when one day I noticed my Boris are over ... except for a few crumbs lying at the bottom of the bottle.

That's when I decided I'll make them ..... in the oven this time. :-)

And it worked! I actually made these in the oven! I found absolutely no difference between these and the sun dried ones. They were equally crisp and very, very good. :-)

You can make boris / bodi / vadi without the sun! Yay!!

Need : Urad dal , grated ginger, a pinch of salt, a little cooking oil, oven / baking tray.

A variety of spices like jeera/cumin, crushed black pepper, fresh coriander leaves, red chilli powder, etc. can also be added to the basic dal mixture to get spicy bori / vadi / badi / bodi.

How to : Wash the dal and soak it overnight.

Grind it into a paste with very little water.

Add the grated ginger and salt to it and mix very well. 

Beat it well with your fingers till the batter is light and fluffy. 

Apply cooking oil on a baking tray evenly.

Scoop out very small ball of the dal mixture with your hand and place it on the plate.

Repeat till the plate is full ... do remember to leave a little gap between two boris / badis / bodi.

Place the tray in the oven and bake at the lowest temperature ... between 25 - 40 degrees ... will depend on your kind of oven ... for around 4 to 5 hours. The time will vary for different ovens and also the consistency of the paste. 

Do keep checking on them at times.
They should not turn brown. 

When done they'll come out loose when you shake the tray. 
Cool well before storing ... or frying. 

These boris will be slightly robust and very good for adding to curries as they retain their shape in the gravy. 

If your batter is really fluffy, then they can be enjoyed fried too ... as bhaja bori. 


My camera and I went bonkers trying to adjust with the sun playing hide and seek.
I'll post better snaps when I make another batch.

So all you folks ... who have been missing out on boris / badis / bodi and its recipes ... go ahead and give this a try.


Here are a few recipes where you can enjoy your Bori in : -

Lau Bori


Aloo Bori

Aloo Borir jhaal

Laal shaak bhaja


  1. woah..looks good Sharmi..actually oven is a real blessing for many ppl like us in this matter..Recently I learned from a friend's blog,how to make sundried tomatoes in no..Thanks for sharing this dear..:)

  2. What a coincidence, just this morning,my friend who is a rajasthani was telling me how difficult it is to get the mangauri that they eat back home and how she misses the simple mangauri kadhi the mother makes. Wow!

    Will give this a try, and as you said, will make a small batch.

    I get my year supply of boris from Calcutta. My mom sends me bori, ghee, kashundi,kuler achar and gur. :D

  3. Way too cool Varsha. And I too make oven dried tomatoes for my hubby ... he is crazy about them. :-)

    Try it Aparna. And yes, my trip home too is to replenish my kitchen shelves. But these days I do get a lot of good stuff from a Bengali store here ... from kashundi to magazines to patali gur to tal mishri. :-)

  4. Ha ha ha...LOL..we didn't need sun to make boris, but to take a good pic. We need Sujjimama anyway,right ...A real accomplishment,sharmila...will try when I get my oven :-( pics are gr8 to me..

  5. This is something new to me, looks yummy! will def give it a try sometime :)

  6. This is awesome. I have a big batch of badis from home - but I will surely try after that...
    Awesome idea...

  7. HI Sharmila,
    Wow the idea worked and the boris look superb! Now that you've given a time saving and quickly useable method wouldnt let it go waste ;) am sure this'll impresssssss S :)
    Thanks dear.

  8. Thank you sharmi,now I don't have an excuse for not trying these delectable badi :)

  9. These vadis are a recent find for me and I like cooking with them, but I usually buy them. I would love to make them at home.

  10. how come ive never tasted bori or badi or vadi...but from the pics they look, savory, crispy and an absolute favorite with the kids.
    If i make it, can i have the boris with chai in the evening?
    love the pics and really helpful how u have presented them step by step!!

  11. ooommaa what an idea great try Sharmila simply superb.will sur give a try and let you know.

  12. Woowwww.looks absolutely perfect...never thought of making these vadi's at home..always thought its not my cup of tea..but now since i have the recipe will try soon.

  13. Sharmila,
    you are making life easy then ...simply ,thats a great handy recipe ...thanks for sharing this with us...oti uttam!!
    hugs and smiles

  14. looks great sharmi...will give it a try some time dear ..
    pls visit my blog if u get a chance ..

  15. Good point Indrani! LOL :-)

    Thanks Parita, Somoo, Suparna, Yasmeen, indosungod, Rekha, A2Z, Jaya, prasukitchen, Priyanka! :-)

    I don't know if you can have / like it with chai Rush. I've always had it in a dish ( I've posted some of them ). Even if we eat it just plain fried, it is always with rice.
    If you give it a try, do lemme know. :-)

  16. reminded me of the bori sellers who used to come to our house in Calcutta... they had some very comples boris

  17. Hi first time to ur blog....its completely a new dish to me....ur profile pics also sooooooooo nice....

  18. WOW so innovative ...THANKS FOR SHARING THIS DEAR:)

  19. New recipe in innovative way!

  20. Am not much of a bori fan,but the hubby will surely go bonkers if I gave this a to get some brownie points will do this bori in the oven thing!! hmmm might get a nice head massage from hubby..thanks for sharing Sharmila!

  21. so you made the bori without sun but you needed the sun to take a pic...:) ;)
    i make it in my microwave at lowest power option...and i do one more thing, the mungori we make are very small n i use a plastic cone made with any empty poly bag to shape the vadi...just like a mehandi cone....can be done with a piping bag.
    these white urad boris taste very good in some bengali mixed veggies....

  22. as rush wants it with can be made with some sesame seeds( urad dal just to hold together the sesame)salt n pepper and the vadi can be had with chai...or with soup..

  23. Hi Sharmila,

    I've mailed you once at about a project. I'm still awaiting your response. Is the email id incorrect?

    Please do let me know.

  24. very clever idea. I did not make anything dry this summer. in winter/ fall this will come handy.

  25. Bori seller, Kalyan? :-)

    Thanks Tina! And welcome! :-)

    Thanks Sireesha! :-)

    Thanks Cham!

    Try it Sujata. Hmm ... that is one incentive I did not think of. :-)

    Great idea Sangeeta! :-)

    It is correct Sudeshna. :-)

    Try it RC. I too was waiting for the rains to experiment with these. :-)

  26. ei je Sharmila aunty, khoob bhalo hoyechhe bodi gulo...aamake aabar theke food blogging korte lure korchho!!

  27. Woww....oven-e bori ... darrun byapar to !! Just a few weeks back, we bought a packet of bodi from the local Indian store. Here, we have enough sunlight, but no place to keep them for sun-drying. This is absolutely awesome !! :D Will try this once the packet gets over !!

  28. LOL J! Aunty .. ja bolecho. :-) Ebar shudhu ekta sada kore sari pore chaate boshe bori shukono baki. :-)

    Try it Tulip. :-)

  29. Exactly, ei shob aabar kii? chhade roddur e boshe, besh ginni banni der shonge adda dite dite bodi banaate hoy, shukaate hoy...oven e diye dile aar hoye gelo, shei moja aar kothay pele?? :-)

  30. Sharmi, jokes aside without such quickies we cannot survive in today's thanks a lot for these awesome ideas! :)

  31. Wow, Sharmila! You are a magician! :) Will give this a shot as soon as I am done. I have never made badis by myself in US. Every winter I think of making in summer and summer whizzes past before I can make it. If this works out, one less item in my mom's luggage on her next visit :)

  32. What an excellent idea. I should think this should work for other sun-dried stuff too.

    Maybe I'll try drying tomatoes this way too.

  33. Right Pragyan ... home visits are for these traditional stuff. :-) Do lemme know how they turn out. :-)

    Thanks for coming over Aparna! I have not tried with too many things ... but yes ... the tomatoes do turn out great. :-)

  34. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I can't wait to try it out and will surely leave a comment on how it was.

  35. Hello Sharmila - at last I've got round to making the boris in the oven - they've turned out fine! I had to cook them for a long time - nearly 4 hours at 60 deg setting. I am so happy... I'll fry some for dinner tonight and let you know if I pass the litmus test!

    Thank you so much,

  36. Looking forward to know how they turn out SRC. All the best! :-)

    Congrats Vaishnavi! And much thanks for letting me know ... my real success with a recipe lies here ... when people successfully try them out. Am so glad you can enjoy boris now. :-)

  37. Finally got to make them today.Took about 3.5 hrs at 50 C. Many many thanks to you Sharmila di :-)

  38. Thanks Sharmila for this one. I tried and came out very well.

  39. SRC & Anon ... glad they were a success. :-)

  40. Hi, Request you to mention the temperature of the oven and the no. of hours for the badi/bori to be baked in the oven.

  41. Neha ... the lowest temperature and the longest time. Remember we are trying to replicate sun drying. Check the comments section too ... 2 people have mentioned the time and temp they used. Hope this helps.

  42. Sharmila,

    I tried using the technique to make boris in oven, but the problem was they were not crispy and so didn't have that taste. Any help?

  43. you have not mentioned the power and time

  44. Sudeshna ... they'll stay moist if not cooked well enough in the center. These cannot be done in a hurry ... they take a long time to bake well ... just like they would take a number of days to dry in the sun.
    And make sure the paste is not too thick.
    My only suggestion is cook them at the lowest temp for a longer time ... say around 4 to 5 hours. It does take a couple of times to get the hang of it. I have not mentioned the temp in the post as every oven is different.
    You can check the above comments ... some have mentioned the temp and time.

    Urmimala .. check the above comment and the older ones too.
    Hope this helps.

  45. Hi Sharmila, hopped onto your post from Soma's post on Bori... fantastic post. I live in Dubai and can get practically everything Bengali from the Bangladeshi market - except Bori and Gondhoraj Lebu. So making bori that too baking them is like a dream come true:)

  46. Finally! After reading this for times immemorial, I gathered up my courage and made it! Pretty similar to Ma's. It took 6 hours approx at 50C. Well, I chalk it down to the water content. But am i chuffed! Thank you once again!


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