Monday, 20 April 2020

Lau Khosha Shorshe Narkel diye / Bottle Gourd peels cooked with Mustard paste and Coconut

Hello hello !!
How are you doing?
I am back with a recipe that I have been longing to post.
And nudge my blog awake.

Hope all of you are dealing with the recent pandemic Covid 19 with patience.
And hope that all of you are taking care of yourselves and others too.

I have been posting my daily healthy and light meals on Instagram regularly.
But did not have the mojo to post something here since I do not feel like writing much these days.
The last two years have been a whirlwind for us, with the graph going south all the while.
And hence did not see any reason to be morbid here too.

But when I posted one of my meal plates on insta a few days ago, when I had cooked the simple Lau Khosha / bottle gourd peels with Posto / poppy seeds, I got a lot of dms asking me for the recipe.
And that is when it struck me that I should have it on my blog too.

So decided to make a post today, since I had the chopped peels in the fridge.
But could not find any posto paste in the freezer.
Instead saw some cubes of mustard paste and some grated coconut.

And it struck me ... I can cook a shorshe jhaal with them.
Did a quick search on the internet and did not find any recipe that cooks Lau khosha with Shorshe.
All I saw was the very common Lau khosha bhaja. Or bata / paste.

And quickly set off to cook some.
And quickly make a post.

Need :

Bottle gourd / Lau peels - cut into strips
Potato - cut into strips
Onion - sliced
Kalo jeere / Nigella seeds
Green chillies
Turmeric powder
Red chilli powder
Mustard paste
Freshly grated coconut
Mustard oil

How to :

Heat oil and add the kalo jeere and onions.
Stir and add the potatoes and the peels.

Add turmeric, red chilli powder and salt.
Cover and cook till done.

Add the mustard paste and the grated coconut.
Mix well and cover for some more time.

Add the sugar, stir well.

Serve hot with rice.

That's all.
I'll try to keep posting here as frequently as possible.

Or else you can join me, enjoy my new recipes and keep in touch on Instagram. 
And on my blog's page on Facebook. 
I am more active there right now.

Do take care and stay home.