Saturday, 16 January 2016

Koraishutir Patishapta / Traditional crepes with a savoury filling of green peas
Happy new year!
Happy Makar Sankaranti!
Happy everyday!

Well, what do I say?
I have been wanting to make a post from the first day of the new year.
But then could not for obvious reasons.
And a little more.

The parents in law were here for a few days.
And as usual, it was pure mayhem at home.
Food being churned out of the kitchen throughout the day ... enough to feed an army.
Not to mention the variety.
Mom in law decided to make very one of her son's favourite dishes in exactly five days.
So morning, noon and night, the kitchen fires were a'burning.

Of course, I had to do my bit too.
Regular meals, that is. You need your dal,roti and sabzi to sustain yourself, you know.
So went the days by, with both of us jostling around in the kitchen ... utilising great restraint from pushing each other around, for space.
With the men hovering around in the background. Or whatever space is left of it.

I had started some preparations before they came, especially because Papa loves to try out new things made by me.
This time, I had made some fresh green peas pur / filling to make Matar paratha for them.
It is basically the same pur that I use to make Matarshutir kochuri.

Also, there was a batch of my all time favourite batter ... that I use to make a whole lot of other things too.

So made these savoury Koraishutir Patishaptas.

The month of Poush is a time to make Pithes in almost every Bengali household, with freshly harvested ingredients of rice , lentils and gur / jaggery.
In many small villages, traditional savoury Pithes are made too.
Many use pulses or lentils, fresh winter vegetables , ground rice and coconut to make old style, traditional pithes.
Usually, they would be cooked either by steaming, roasting or by deep frying in ghee.

The savoury pithes that Thamma made usually had Moong dal as a part ... either as the covering or the filling. There is especially one, that I loved, that had a mix of moong dal as well as coconut.
Hope to make a post on it someday.

This savoury patishapta has the best of both worlds .... winter's fresh green peas for the filling. And Patishapta ... that celebrates winter by itself.

And the crepes covering them are made with a paste of rice flour + urid / biulir dal, that has been thinned down with water.
A well seasoned tawa, a bowlful of this splendid batter and a good filling is all you need to dole out these crisp babies.
Traditional Patishapta is not made crisp. Rather, it should be soft yet well cooked.
But the savoury version tastes best when served crisp and hot.

Need :

A thin, well soaked batter made of rice and urid dal ( the recipe is here )
The filling made from fresh green peas ( the recipe is here )
Ghee or oil to grease the tawa with

How to :

Heat the tawa or a flat griddle on low heat.
Brush it lightly with oil or ghee ... I use a silicone brush. You can use halved potato too.
Just dip it into the oil and smear it all over the tawa.

Pour a big ladleful of the batter and spread it well ... check out this post on the Soru chakli to get an idea.

Let it cook till the sides start to leave.
Take a little filling and spread in the middle of the chakli.
Fold from both sides ... like so.
Serve immediately.
Thamma would drizzle some Nolen gur on it with a generous hand.
I am not so lucky to get it here.
So paired them with some Appes / Paniyarams and tea.
The recipe for the Appes / Paniyarams will come up later.
This will be all for today.

Soon the winter sun will shift from my windows and move upwards.
The days will turn longer and evenings will be late.
We are still feeling the chill of a late winter ... but the spring breeze will blow soon.
Light, warm, pleasant.
And better days will be here again.

Till then, stay around folks!
And stay well.


  1. এই রেসিপিটা চমৎকার, শর্মিলা। আমার প্রিয়তম পিঠে, আর প্রিয় শীতের সবজির কম্বো।

    1. Amar mishti khub ekta bhalo lage na Kuntala ... tai eta amar o khub priyo. :)

  2. Love patishaptas:))))


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