Sunday, 29 January 2017

Lahsooni Jeera Prawns / Prawns cooked with garlic and cumin paste .... a light yet delightful dish

Lahsooni jeera prawns
When the new year started, I had really surprised myself at the number of posts I did back to back.
Little did I know that in the coming few days I would get bitten by the travel bug .... again.
So before I could create a record of sorts by posting a good number of recipes in one month straight, I had hit the road.
But not before I kept up with tradition and made some pithes for Sankranti.
On Sankaranti day we set off on our way to Bangalore .... by road.
It was a long time wish for both of us and this time I knew I could do that journey. Passing through new lands and landscapes, calculating time and responsible travel planning, not to mention the new kinds of food one gets to try out at new places .... gives  a different kind of high.

Mid way, we stopped at Hampi for a night and feasted our eyes on the gorgeous ruins of what was once a thriving empire.
Hampi has been on my wish list for years and this was the only way I could see it ... reaching it by road. It was an experience of a lifetime!
Will do a post on that soon. I say soon, with all good intentions, but my New York travel posts are not done with, yet. But I will try to.

After returning we had only one night at hand before setting off for our home in Rajasthan to plan a surprise party and be with the family for a milestone birthday.
I had wanted to do at least one more post before January is over ... hence this quick recipe.

Lasooni jeera prawns
 The best thing about having foodie friends and being on social media is that when you ask for a recipe, you get enough replies to last a lifetime.
My readers and followers on my facebook page have often bailed me out with some awesome recipes everytime I turn to them. Some I get to post, most of them not.
But I am eternally grateful to them for introducing me to such wonderful food from their world.

Once, long back, I had bought some fresh water prawns and had turned to my blogger friends for a recipe. Since, after cooking a full vegetarian meal, I get very little time on my hands to rustle something up for myself, I picked the easiest one that belonged to Anjali.  
It is ridiculously simple. And absolutely, stunningly tasty.
And if you have prawns or chicken or eggs in your stock, then you have a gem in your hands.
Or plate.

I have cooked this over and over again, ever since.
Always finger licking good.
You can call this Jeere Rosun diye Chingri Mach er jhol in Bengali ... in case you need a name. :-)

Need :

Fresh water prawns - 250 gms, shelled and deveined (you can use frozen ones too )
Garlic - 12 fat cloves
Jeera or Cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
Whole dry red chillies - 1 tbsp (take out the seeds )
Cooking oil - 1 tbsp , I use mustard oil
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste
Sugar - to taste

How to :

Grind the garlic + jeera + red chillies into a paste.

Marinate the prawns with some turmeric + salt + the above paste.

Heat oil in a kadahi or wok.

Add a little sugar.
When it starts to turn red, add the prawns and cook till the masala is fried well.

Lasooni jeera prawns

Great with plain white rice.
Just that gravy, when mixed with the rice, can take you to food heaven in just one mouthful.

And don't forget to leave a line here if you have tried this and loved it. I know you will.

Now let me get back to what I have been doing all these days .... gorging on the fabulous Rajasthani kachoris and namkeens and going on trips and family picnics .... etc. etc.
Basically having a helluva a good time. :-)

See you all again, soon!!

Leaving you with a glimpse of the gorgeous Hampi.


  1. হাম্পির ছবিটা চমৎকার, শর্মিলা। এই রেসিপিটা করার ইচ্ছে রইল।

    1. Thank you Kuntala. Kore dekho ... oshombhob easy. Ar darun khete. :-)


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