Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Paneer Burger

On our last grocery trip, I saw B pick up two fat buns from our local baker. 
"I want a burger", he said. 
"Great! I have just soaked some soya nuggets ... will make some thick patties." 
He kept quiet. And then I noticed a big pack of paneer too. 
He hates hates soya nuggets while I try to sneak it into his food for the protein boost. 😊

"So how to do plan to add the paneer to the burger? Grate?", I keep on. 
"I haven't decided on it, yet". 

Today, he wanted his burgers for lunch. 
"I want a stir fry with lots of onions and garlic, some tomatoes for moisture and small pieces of paneer. 
And I want  Italian flavours. I will add the olives last. " 

So I made this stir fried Paneer with vegetables for the burger. 


Thickly sliced onions 
Sliced capsicums 
Paneer cut into small pieces 
Boiled potato cut into small pieces
Chopped garlic
Mixed Italian herbs - Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Celery etc. 
Olive oil
Red chilli flakes 

How to

Heat a little olive oil and add the garlic and the potatoes. 
Add a little salt and fry on high for a while. 

Now add the paneer and the rest of the ingredients. 
Stir fry on high heat till everything comes together. 

Heat the buns on a flat heavy pan .... I kept the base for a longish while so that it crisped up. 
Cut them in half but not all the way. 
Stuff with the filling and serve immediately. 

We are not eating deep fried right now ... so there was no potatoes chips on the side. 
( Guess it is high time I got that air fryer ..... what say? ) 
And also no soft drinks too. 
But B did make some Pomegranate juice for me. 

Lunch was good. A change from our regular meals was welcome since the weather has started to turn really hot these days. 

Take care all. 

Ps: B forgot to add his favourite olives after all. 😉

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