Monday, 14 September 2015

Life is fragile ...

... and frivolous.

Now a happy, colourful bubble.
Now gone ... in a snap.

Now a shining droplet on a leaf.
Now nothing.

Today I am here to apologize to my readers, friends and followers, for staying quiet for so long.
With no explanation. Or reason.

But that is what this thing called life is.
Never gives a prelude to the coming days.
Nor a warning.

Just dumps whatever it has in its bag for us; on us.
With a bang.
Or a smile.
Your luck.

For me, it was luck too.
Just, bad luck.

But I have taken it with, if not a smile, a brave front.
I may have crumbled inside.
But the wall has not broken.
Not yet.

Dear friends, this is just to say that I will be away for some more time.
I am grappling with a loss in my life and am still to come to terms with it.
So, if you have been a good friend and reader, have come here and gone away disappointed, I am sorry for that.
I did not mean to stay quiet and away for so long .

But life has other plans for us.

Please do stay with Kichu Khonn.
While I go and learn how to take the loss of that strongest pillar in my life , with ease.
And hide my tears.

Thank you for all the love.
God bless you.