Thursday, 4 September 2008

Fish Kheema

Also called as Maacher jhuirya, this fish kheema can be eaten as is or can be used as a stuffing for bread rolls, parathas or cutlets.

The fish pieces can be steamed too .... but the fishy smell stays.
So I prefer to lightly fry them first.

Need : Lightly fried , deboned and mashed fish pieces (preferably rohu),
Ginger & garlic paste,
lemon juice,
chopped onions,
chopped green chillies,
haldi / turmeric powder,
garam masala powder,
a little oil ( I use mustard oil ),
a pinch of sugar,
salt to taste.

How to : Heat oil and add the chopped onions.

Fry for sometime and then add the ginger/garlic paste. Fry.

Add the chillies and the fish. Add haldi powder, salt and sugar.

Stir well. Add the garam masala powder, the lemon juice and stir a little more.

Done. :-)

This goes to Sudeshna's non-veggie food event.

Updated : If there are some fine bones still left in the mashed fish .... do not worry. When cooking, they are visible prominently ... so you can easily pick them out.
But to be on the safer side ... especially if kids are going to have it ... I would suggest the bigger sized rohu or bhetki's fillet.


  1. Thank you so much for sending the entry. That was a great coincidence that we prepared the same thing for the same thing. It feels good when u stumble across somebody who feels the same way and misses those old days the same way like me.

  2. Fish kheema looking yum...gud entry for the event ;)

  3. WOW...i have never thought of making fish kheema. Something completely new for me...gr8 idea!
    And you can make so many things out of it...very nice indeed!

  4. Sharmila, thats indeed sounds great! daughter loves fish finger, but I have never actually ventured to make it...I guess it can be done using this way right!..

    btw I thought I asked you to leave details on my blog list leave so that I can be kept updated!.

  5. Never heard of Fish Kheema. Something new and looks gr8. Iam gonna try this soon.

  6. Right Sudeshna :-)
    I must say that is a real coincidence ... am going to check out your blog again to see if the date was the same too. :-)

    Thanks Priti! :-)

    Do try it Joyeeta. Am sure you will like it. :-)Lemme know too.

    Thanks noteyet! :-)

    Fish fingers can be done with this ... in fact you need not go to the cooking part .. just add all the ingredients to the mashed fish and some cornflour/besan , shape into fingers and deep fry.
    And yes, I'll leave the details on your blog soon. :-)
    Thanks for coming over. :-)

    Thanks Kitchen flavours!
    Do let me know how it turns out ... and thanks for coming over.:-)

  7. Sharmila,
    fish keema looks delicious , I guess Bhetki/pomphret/rohu/katla fish can be made into this keema, and I simply loved the idea of making them into fish fingers ..
    hugs and smiles

  8. nice one....would like it with my daal chawal or may be khichdi..


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