Thursday, 13 November 2008

Muthiya Pulao

This is another fast and full meal dish. The word 'muthiya' comes from the word 'mutthi' or 'fist'. The small balls of kneaded besan are pressed with the fist to form the muthiyas. Of course, the round besan balls can be used too .... but this shape gives a kind of novelty to this dish.

I had made the besan dough spicy and kept the rice plain flavoured. The combination worked perfectly.

Need :
For the Muthiyas : Besan, haldi powder, red chilli powder, kasuri methi, a little cooking oil, amchur powder, hing and salt to taste.

For the pulao : Rice, sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, biryani masala, haldi powder, a little ghee, cooking oil, a little sugar and salt and sugar to taste.

How to : Knead the besan and all the ingredients with water. Make small balls and press them in the fist to make muthiyas.

Heat oil in a kadhai. Add the sliced onions and fry till they start to turn a little brown.

Add the rice and fry for some more time. Add the chopped tomatoes, haldi powder, salt and sugar.
Fry some more.

Now spread the rice and place the muthiyas on it.

Add water, just as you would to cook rice. Sprinkle a little ghee and biryani masala. Cover and cook till rice is almost done.

Turn off heat and let it stand for a while.

A piece of muthiya anyone? :-)

I had made a salad with it ... but it goes great with plain dahi or raita. :-)
This goes to dear Srivalli who is hosting Rice Mela till 30th Nov.


  1. That looks so lovely Sharmila!..thanks for sending it across!

  2. that looks and sounds hearty and delicious. Thanks for trying the fish. I'm glad it came out well :)

  3. Sharmila - Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments.

    Hey - I've never heard of muthia pulav!!! Though we make something similar called khozhukattais out of rice flour, and have it just like that! I like trying things I havent before, and will surely try this!

    You have many interesting recipes ...I'm hopping over to check whats 'bread thalipeet' now! Keep in touch!

  4. The pleasure is entirely mine Sri. :-)

    Thanks Mandira! :-)

    Thanks Dibs! You do have a great blog. You are most welcome here.:-)

  5. Interesting stuff the last picture.

  6. Like the step by step pics and instructions..
    Muthias pic ta darun lagche,eyi take tele bhaja kore O khete para jaye ki?

    Muthia Pulao looks drool worthy
    hugs and smiles

  7. Thanks Bharti!Actually the last pic is my fav too. :-)

    Thanks Jaya! Yes, you can deep fry them too .. but then you will have to make them real small in size ... else the insides won't get cooked.
    Another way is to boil them like the gatte in my other post and then shallow fry them ... that they will stay crispy and you can avoid all that oil.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  8. Yeh to mujhe bhi bahot pasand hai!! I am so tempted - I think I am making these today!!

  9. woooh this is indeed a unique recipe. i had never even heard of it ya. I am really intrigued to try it

  10. Do make them and enjoy Harini! :-)

    They are very easy to make Naina .. do try once. :-)

  11. Dear Sharmila
    Came here from face book...Very nice recipe...I think I was not into blogging when you posted this.


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