Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bori / Wadi / Mungaudi / Sundried Lentil Dumplings

( If you do not get enough sun in your part of the world, you can stll make them.
Check out my
post on how to make them in the oven
. ) 

Even though we use Bori / Bodi / vadi in a lot of dishes, we usually tend to buy them. Of course I am not talking of the days back home, where winter noons would see an array of boris / bodi being dried out in the sunlight .... by our cooks and other helping hands. These little things have to be dried in the soft sun .... so they dry slowly .... and stay brittle and crispy when fried. . If dried under a strong sun, they tend to turn very hard.
I am proud to say that amongst us cousins in my generation, I am the only one who has treaded this path .... and successfully too. :-)

I am refering them as Mungaudis because the name is familiar to a lot of people. Of course they are usually made from the Moong/Mung dal .... but I used the Urad dal for these.

Need :

Urad / Moong dal, grated ginger, a pinch of salt, a little cooking oil, flat plates .... and of course a place where you get ample sunlight.

How to :

 Wash the dal and soak it overnight. Grind it into a paste with very little water.
Add the grated ginger and salt to it and mix very well.
A variety of spices like cumin / black pepper / fresh coriander leaves etc can also be added to the basic dal mixture. This way you can get a variety of different flavoured Boris / Bodi / vadis.
Apply cooking oil on a flat plate.

Scoop out very small ball of the dal mixture and place it on the plate.

Sun dry the boris / bodi for a few days. Do not try to pick them. They will come out on their own when done.

Here are a couple of photographs of the bodis that I made from Masoor dal / Mushurir dal.

Kichu Khonn's Mushur daler bori
 A close up shot. Don't miss the perfect peaks.
I'm sure Thamma would approve. :-) 

Up close ... the perfect peaks. 

They can be fried in a little oil and had on the side with rice and dal. Or they can be used to make some simple dishes.

Give these a try and enjoy your very own home made boris.
 And if you do not have enough sun in your part of the world, worry not.
Just hop over to my post on How to make Boris in the oven!!

Here are a few recipes where you can enjoy your Bori in : -

Lau Bori


Aloo Bori

Aloo Borir jhaal

Laal shaak bhaja


  1. you won't believe Sharmila, I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now, only because I wanted to keep the tradition alive...I am very proud and happy that you are actually doing it! Very very nice...now post some dishes made with these :)

  2. This sounds like such an intriguing thing, a little like our vadams but made with lentils...looking forward to your recipes with these dumplings!

  3. I love these crunchies, sadly we don't get enough sunshine to make them ,its still winter and most days are cloudy.Can we dry them in oven?

  4. kaal i bhabchilam bori r torkari korbo. Tumi barite bori baniyocho!!! Can't believe it! I love the pictures!
    I don't know if u send your recipes to events, but the bori is really worth it..

  5. Very cool. Are these the same as wadis? As in punjabi wadis. Those are the kind of dal dumplings that I've had. But never thought about making something like this. Seems fairly simple and straightforward. Perhaps in the summer Ill try this stuff out.

  6. They look so good inside that bamboo tokri!I remember my Mum making these things with onion. It is not the process but the sunning that makes it difficult these days!

  7. tumi ghare bari baniyecho...unbelievable...gr8 job..love all the snaps

  8. Thanks Joyeeta! Tradition & nostalgia are the main reasons why I tried my hand at this. :-) Will post some recipes soon.

    These are made with lentils too Usha. And thanks! :-)

    It did occur to me to try the oven thing Yasmeen .. only that I had such beautiful sunshine all winter that I did not try. Will try once. :-) And thanks! :-)

    Will try sending them Soma ... thanks. Bori baniye besh boyoshko burider moton laglo. Shudhu ekta kulo nei amar kache. :-)

    The same Bharti. :-) And thanks for mentioning the name .. I was not too sure about its hindi names. Have updated the title too. :-) Do try .. does not take too long.

    Wow Sunshinemom! Onions?? Maybe I'll try it next time. :-)
    And thanks! :-)

  9. Looks good, sadly its rainy here...hmm just starring to those crisps..

  10. J, we DO have a telepathic connection. Now that I have a tiny balcony ,thought of trying my hand at them,but was clueless about the recipe.
    Your perfect home made bori are awe inspiring. Hats off!

  11. Wow Sharmila I'm impressed ya. I don't know if I will venture in this direction ever but am proud that you did. This really looks good.

  12. This is quite new to me..I bet this'll make a lot of yummy dishes..:)
    Its my first time here..u got a lovely space..:)

  13. Thanks Indrani! Chesta kore dekhte gelam ... besh bhaloi holo. Ekhon bhabchi ektu beshi korlei partam. :-)

    Thanks Priya! Am sure the sun will come around soon. :-)

    Thanks Rashmi. What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and soak some dal today. :-)

    Thanks Vanamala! :-)

    Thanks Naina! :-) Am glad you liked my trial. :-)

    Thanks Varsha! I'll post some recipes soon. Do keep visiting. :-)

  14. I have not heard about them, will try it sometime.

  15. Its so much similar to the Amritsari wadis (almost same).Though i have no clue what all lentils go in that since we never made these at home,but my Aunt from amritsar was the one who kept the supply coming to us,untill recently when they shifted out of Amritsar
    We too make it with potatoes and onion(whole onions,slitted)in onion tomato gravy....its so yummmy
    Will surely want to try these out,since summer is in,and if i am able to recreate that taste,then trust me, my coming seven generations are going to bless you for this recipe

  16. You can call these cousins of the Amritsari badi .. which is spicier, Alka. They can be made from the urad dal(I used this) or the yellow moong dal.
    They are quite hassle free to make .. but let me tell you the summer sun will bake them well .. but they will turn out slightly hard (which will be perfect for any gravy wala dish).
    And thanks so much for the nice words. Do let me know if you try making them. :-)

  17. Do try once LG .. and thanks! :-)

  18. Wow - you made it ? You have inspired me too... Noone makes it at home anymore I feel... Same for pickles...

  19. Sharmila di,
    aaj eta try korbo. tomar koyekta borir recipe dekhe onekdin bananor echche chilo. bookmark kore rakhlam.

  20. Very nice! I've made two kinds at home too- for variety from what we buy and because these are fun to make for foodies. :-)

  21. Hey,

    I am planning to make badi and really tensed up.
    We get good Sun here.and alu/ baingan basis is better (?)half' s rav. I finished my stock and wondering how to make it.

    I have to try this.

    Warm regards,

    1. Make sure you beat the dal paste well and do not add too much water while grinding it. You will do fine. Good luck.


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