Friday, 3 April 2009

Bisi Bele Bhaat

The first time I came across Bisi Bele Bhaat was when my Mama ( maternal uncle ) cooked it for the whole family the day before my engagement. He, inspite of being a head honcho of an international company, has varied interests at the home front ... the main being cooking. He can conjure up the best stuff in minutes ... making him the chef at all informal parties thrown ... at other's places too. :-)

Anyway ... I never thought I'd ever be able to make this at home .... I did try eating out of the readymade packets we get off the shelves in the stores.
Never was impressed much with the taste.

And then when Rashmi posted it I knew my search was over. I wanted to make it right away ... which in my case turned out to be 1 day later :-)

I have followed all the measurements that she has given ... only slightly altered the steps ... more for my own convinience. Get Rashmi's Bisi Bele Bhaat and the ingredients required here. She has done a great job of showing exactly what and how much to use.

Tatsed awesome! And tasted even better when we had the leftover for dinner too. :-)

The steps that I went through are below.

I had not soaked the chick peas before hand ... so added them to the dal and rice to pressure cook together.
I fried the vegetables and then added the tamarind water and covered to cook till the veggies were done.
Then added the cooked dal and rice with the chickpeas and the coconut paste.

The whole thing rises in volume ... so need to keep adding water to it to get the soft pulpy texture. In my case the tamarind water was not too sour .... so I kept adding that.

Loved this dish. Thanks Rashmi for sharing it ... especially being so precise with the measurements and steps ... and also for the prompt reply to my question. :-)

My posts are taking time in getting updated in Food World ... so please bear with me. Am sure they'll come up soon. :-)


  1. First one? Good!

    I made this too on Monday. Yet to post, and it is a family favourite. I make it almost twice a month!

    Yours looks so much South Indian - could not think of a better complement!!

  2. Thanks J:)so glad you enjoyed it..HUGS

  3. Not fair! It's 7am and I am drooling at your BBB. I am a Kannadiga,and there is no better food for me than this one, love it! :)

  4. looks really good!! eta ami barite kono din korini. dekhei complicated laage. just used to wait ki keu invite kore khawabe:-)

  5. I too like bisi bele bhath but have always had at udupi joints or at someones place
    This looks good, invite me :)

  6. Perfect consistency, Sharmila! Irt looks great!

  7. Super delicious dish,tasted it before but never made it myself,guess it time to try it soon:)

  8. Thanks Harini! There could not be a better compliment. :-)

    Loved it Rashmi. :-)

    :-) Asha. Am a fan of BBB now.

    Chole esho Soma .. tomar jonne baniye debo. :-) Btw .. it is just the preparation that may look complicated ... and I found that most part of this can be made beforehand.

    You're always welcome Sandeepa ... will love to make it for you. :-)

    Thanks Vanamala! :-)

    Thanks Vani! :-)

    Thanks Yasmeen! :-)

  9. Looks awesome .. I too posted Bisi Bele Bhaat last week, its a slightly different version though

  10. sharmila, sorry to hear you couldn't access our site. your IP is not blocked. try again.

  11. It looks delicious Sharmila. I've been meaning to make this as many recipes, so little time ..sigh.

  12. Thanks Sri! :-)

    Thanks Deesha! Saw your version ... would love to try that way too. :-)

    Thanks so much Bee for letting me know that. Am relieved. :-)

    Thanks Bharti! Same is the case with me. :-)

  13. This one is one of my favorites, loved this version, looks yum :-)

  14. hey this looks so good. im sure to try this out soon.
    thanks. great blog

  15. wow.. nice .. looks mouthwatering & awesome/..

  16. Sharmila,
    BBB ami khonno barite banaini ekhon try korbo nischoyi ..Pics are making me real hungry ..
    hugs and smiles

  17. Looks lovely! Nice presentation! I make this frequently as this is a favourite dish to all of us..

  18. Thanks Usha, Recipe man, Srikars Kitchen, Jaya, AnuSriram! :-)

  19. I have heard tons about this dish.But never tried..looks absolutely tasty Sharmila..:)

  20. This looks fantastic Sharmila! I love this with some bhaja... :)

  21. bisi bhele bhat looks yum Sharmila,..;-)loved the step by step pics,..;-)


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