Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Eggless Coffee Cake

I bake this Coffee Cake very often as it is an absolute favourite. And I hardly ever deviate from the original recipe ... though while making it for SIL's family I did reduce the number of eggs on her insistence. The result was not at all different ... and I in fact got a very good cake.
Since then this recipe has been a favourite in the family.

I have never tried baking it eggless though. I wanted to bake a cake for our trip last weekend to Karpe Wadi ( post in my Travelogue ) ... just to munch on during the drive. But since I turn a veggie on certain days of the week ... and it turned out one of those days fell on the weekend ... I tried baking an eggless cake this time.

The result is here for all to see. Am so happy with this ... am now going to try eggless baking with different other stuff too.

This turned out to be the moistest & softest coffee cake I have ever baked. After the cake was done I noticed the top hadn't browned so well ... but did not want to bake further.

So just grilled it for around 3 minutes on low ... and got the perfect crispiness on the top crust. :-)
Maybe this won't go down well with purists ... but the grilling gave it that perfect crusty top.
Perfect!! :-)

Need : 2 cups maida / refined flour, a little more than 1/2 cup cooking oil, 1/2 cup milk, 3 teaspoon baking powder, 1&1/2 cup sugar, 1 pinch salt, 6-8 drops of vannila essence, coffee powder (don't use the fine powder ... the granules are better) .

How to : Grind the sugar into a powder first. Mix everything together ( I do not follow any steps ... just add everything and blend well).

Just make sure there are no lumps. And the mixture should be of pouring consistency .... so add more milk if you find it turning thickish ..... don't worry about measurements ... (see my experimentive self speaking? );-)

Pre heat oven. Bake at 150-180 degrees C. Remove from oven only when the cake has cooled.

A bite anyone? :-)


  1. yes, i want a bite:) looks delish!

  2. Yes, please! Thank you! :D

    Coffee cake looks so good. I made my first ever eggless muffin and posted it few seconds ago, they taste so good.

  3. wow love the eggless cofee cake Sharmila...

    First time here and simply enjoyed ur recipes....heard abt plagiarism from Asha's site....sorry to hear abt it.

    Yes, I agree with u that we all shld do something abt it....

  4. feel like tryin tis ,..but will ahve to wait till 4th..;-(

  5. Amio week e du din veggie hoy jai. Kintu no Sat or Sun. Friday te hoi tatei ki mushkil hoy

    Cake ta darun

  6. Sharmila Hurray! This really looks simple.. I always felt that there should be some egg substitute, but look at that fluff in the cake!! eta ekdin banatei hobe.. we love our coffee flavor:-) dekhi kobe korbo..

  7. The cake turned out yummy Sharmila. And I should try the grilling my cakes. My husband loves burnt cakes so I always put one small pan in the oven esp. for him and bake it for an 20 extra minutes!

  8. missed you!! great to see u back with this delicious one :)
    i love coffee flavor and the cake looks yummmmm!!

  9. Thanks Chitra! :-)

    Thanks Asha! Really wish could share the cake with you all. :-)

    Thanks Vishali! Hope you will keep visiting. :-)

    Thanks Rajee! :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Amar o veggie r din ta moteo anonder hoye na. :-)

    Thanks Soma! No egg substitute at all. :-) Baking powder ta ektu bariye di ... that's all.

    Thanks Bharti! The cake got done so soon .. the top stayed very light brown .. I was anyway experimenting ... so did not dare to bake more ... so grilled instead for that colour ... the crisp was bonus. :-)

    Thanks Joyeeta! Am coming over to your page soon. :-)

  10. Sharmila aaj eta korlam, with little changes. I would have preferred more coffee than i used, but i was thinking of my kids. also used some cocoa powder & choc. chips in it.. oi choc. chip dekhei amar choto ta kheye niyechey!.. used about 2 - 2.5 teaspoon baking soda as mine read "double acting" & i got scared. but could have used more i think. & used a thin layer of glaze/icing in a totally cheat recipe:-) koeb post korte parbo janina. but it was a BIG hit. erom jodi eggless cake hoye, i don't know why to use egg at all.

  11. Am so glad you tried it Soma ... and it came out well. :-)
    Even I was surprised at how fuss free an egless cake can be ... and I was always so scraed of baking one. I too have found that extra baking powder and the cooking oil worked wonders. I'll try with the chips the next time ... this time I was experimenting ... if they do not affect the rising with their weight.
    Am sure the combi of cocoa & coffee must have been wonderful!:-)

  12. this looks amazingly soft and rich ( rubbing my eyes in disbelief)

  13. Hi Sharmila! My in laws will be here with me in a few months and they are pure vegetarians so i am definitely going to try your coffee cake.I need all the the good vegetarian recipes i can get. And yes I will update you on the baby status...right now counting days! Wish me luck!

  14. Just try it once Rashmi ... you won't regret it. :-)

    All good wishes and luck to you dear Naina! Can't wait for the great news. :-)

  15. I tried it with the coffee granules on top and gave a swirl and the entire top layer got burnt black in about 7 minutes after putting it into the oven :(

  16. Oh! That sounds so sad! :-(
    I think if it is burnt in 7 mins then the oven temperature must be too high ... did you follow the temp that I have given? 150 C should not burn the cake.
    As you can see in the snap mine did not ... in fact I had to grill it to brown the top.

    Check the oven temp. Or maybe your oven was on grill mode by mistake.
    Or maybe you halved the measurements for a smaller cake ... in that case bake at 100 to 130 degrees C.

  17. looks and sounds delicious! About to make it with my 6 year old neice..cuz it sounds so simple. Just curious - how much coffee to use??

  18. Write hand woman ... for 2 cups maida/apf I think 1 spoonful should do. But of course you can increase / decrease the amount depending on your preference of the flavour of coffee.

  19. Thankyou Sharmila for sharing this excellent recipe..

    This was my first baking experience...and the cake has come out really well :)


  20. Thank you Jayalakshmi for letting me know. Am so glad it turned out well for you. Enjoy! :-)

  21. Sharmilla, came here from Soma's blog. Just read her post about your cake and wanted to check out the original version. I think I will try out your version this weekend, since I don't keep soy milk (Soma's version) in the fridge on a regular basis.
    Will let you know how it turns out. :)

  22. Welcome Jaya! You can try with plain milk too. And yes, I'd love to know how it turns out. :-)

  23. awesome, ihad baked this cake several times and i always says thankyou to you fo giving us such an easy recpie .

  24. Thanks Meenakshi! Glad you like it. :-)

  25. Grandaughter in Thanks..Thursday, July 15, 2010

    This cake looks so delicious. Thank-You so much I am baking a cake for my nani and it is so hard to find an easy, great tasting recipe that she will enjoy.

    Thank-You so much I look forward to future posts.

  26. nice recipe :) will try it out this weekend and get back to u :)

    1. Good luck Vaishnavi! Am sure you'll like it. :-)

  27. Hi..

    M a complete zero in baking.. But whatever I try from your blog(except baking as I get scared to try it) turns out right..
    I have a question (again) .. Can I use wheat flour instead of maida? I want to try something wholesome for kiddo and he is very finicky about what he eats

    Take care

    1. Using wheat flour instead of maida is indeed healthy and you can try it.


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