Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bhapa Shorshe Ilish / Hilsa Baked in Mustard Sauce

When I made this dish .... Shorshe Ilish Bake last year, I had just about started food blogging. Did not have a very good idea on weilding the camera and did not get a this decent sized fish.

But this is my favourite Ilish dish and I made it this tme too. It is the other version of Bhapa Ilish or the steam cooked Ilisih / Hilsa. The sauce or gravy is the same ... only instead of steaming it, I bake it in an oven.

My ma used to make this ... and I absolutely love the way the house fills with the aroma of slow baked mustard gravy and the distinct smell that the Ilish / Hilsa has.

Usually fresh and raw fish is used for this ... just like in the Bhapa Ilish. But I prefer to very lightly fry the fish before putting it into the gravy to cook.

Need : Ilsih pieces ... marinated with turmeric and salt and fried in mustard oil ( if using raw, then just apply salt to it ) ,

mustard paste ( soak mustard seeds in water for around a couple of hours and grind into a paste, add some water and strain it ),

curd, mustard oil, fresh whole green chillies, salt and sugar to taste.

How to : Just fill an ovenproof bowl with the diluted mustard paste + a little curd + salt + a little sugar + a few whole green chillies + a couple of spoonfuls of mustard oil ( yes, this is necessary both for flavour and taste + the Ilish pieces ( raw or lightly fried).

If using raw fish , add a pinch of haldi / turmeric powder.

Bake in the oven at 180-200 degreec C. It has to be slow cooked till the gravy thickens slightly.

Done! Serve with hot steamed rice.

Since I cooked the pieces with the roe, I got to taste Ilisher dim/roe in this mustard based gravy too. Was absolutely great! :-)

Enjoy all !!

This too goes to Indrani's event on fish.


  1. Sorshe Ilish ami microwave-eo karechi..kintu, oven-e karini konodin...darun dekhte hoyeche.. lovely

  2. Looks delicious and yummy...my hubby loves fish curry. should try this recipe.

  3. This is one of my friends fav dish :)
    looks lovely!

  4. Sorisha machha is my favorite... You are killing me here...

  5. hey..ami ei recipe ta steam kore baniyechi...but never in an oven..will definitely try it!:)

  6. bhapa illish is my favorite......but i never made it with curds....but the mustard oil gives a lovely flavor..
    pics are just great.

    you can get amrita stem cuttings in the nurseries or if you can recognize sometimes they are found climbing on street side trees....just get a stem cutting n plant it...grows very easily..

  7. Sharmila, ma used to make this too & this used to be one of my favorite dishes. ma ektu narkol o dito... amar bhishon khte ichey korchey, amar monay hoye amar haathey thik taste hoye na.. ki shundor dim bhora ilish.. tomar barite aschi ami:-)

  8. Hi everybody .. I like the oven version because of the beautiful aroma of the sauce and the fish cooking together ... this has to be tried to know ... I cannot explain the flavour and the taste here. :-)

    Try koro ekbar Indrani .. khub bhalo lagbe. :-)

    Try it out once Valli ... especially this fish. :-)

    Thanks Parita! :-)

    Tike nija pain kori nio Somoo. Pakhore thile mu potheyi deithanti surely. :-)

    Kore dekho Rakhee .. ekdom alada flavour pabe. Khub bhalo laglo abar tomaye ekhane dekhe. :-)

    A little curd does give a good taste .. and also helps to kill the strong taste of mustard. And much thanks for the info. :-)

    Tumi ektu kache thakle nischoi pathiye ditam Soma. Amar ma o narkol dito .. tobe ete narkoler taste amaar khub ekta bhalolagena .. tai di ni. :-)

  9. still got a box of ilish left, tempted to buy an oven after seeing your post. Lovely pic. It's cloudy today. Ideal for khichudi and ilish bhaja

  10. Go ahead Kalyan ... indulge. :-)

  11. Lovely collection of fish dishes. Love it, Sharmila! :)


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