Saturday, 16 November 2013

Steamed Rice Balls
 B had just stepped out of the door and waiting for the lift when the new neighbors came out.
"Hi". Oh no ... he thought.
"We have just moved in and heard you are back. So good for us."
"You are very busy, na? We hear you going out and coming back all day ..."
"Yeah .. a little."
"Where is your wife? Would love to meet her."
"She is in ... yes ... maybe sometime."
"You love music a lot, na?! We hear music playing almost always ... especially at nights. We love music too. Why don't you both come over for tea this weekend?"
"Well ... I'll let you know ... thanks."
With that B rushed into the lift and left.
"Bilkul baat karna nahi chaahtey, hai na?" ... he heard the lady mention as the lift went down.

That was sometime back.
We did meet after all.
They turned out to be a nice and happy Punjabi couple ... new in Pune.
We did find out they love music ... albeit a little different from us.
Now we meet often and spend time together and have started to get to know each other.

They now know the kind of music we like.
And that I love to cook. And knit. And read.
That we are quiet people ... which gives them a motive to drag us and meet with all their friends and relatives.
That we love traveling and have just returned from a year long stay outside the state.

What they do not know ... still ... is the reason behind the music playing deep into the nights all the past few months.
B used to play my favourite songs over and over again, night after night, for more than 2 months ... while I sobbed on in pain ... both of us waiting for the pain killers and sedatives to work and bring sleep and some respite to my pain wracked body.

Now that I can sit for a while and type a little too, I'll start posting again.
I have a whole lot of photographs and recipes in the drafts, so I will not have to wait to be able to start cooking to make a post.
Yes, no cooking now. And no photographing too. Again. :-(

I know a lot of water has flown down the river since I posted last.
But fikar not.
Here comes another very different and very simple recipe from me.

I'd seen this kind of a dish on some South Indian's blog ... can't remember. And saw that this is very common in South Inmdian homes. Only ... they make it with rice flour.
I have used left over rice.
A good way to use left over rice ... not exactly a dish but a great snack.
Filling as well as light.

We loved it. Try it. Am sure you'd too.

 Need :

Left over cooked rice - 1 cupful
Green chillies - 2
Ginger - a small piece
Curry leaves - a few
Whole red chillies - 2
Mustard seeds - ½ tsp
Cooking oil / Ghee - 1 tsp
Lemon juice - 2 tbsp
Salt - to taste
A bowlful of water to steam

How to :

Grind the rice + ginger + green chillies + salt + lemon juice together in a mixie to make a paste.
Shape very small balls from the paste. Use a little water to wet your hands.
Do remember to keep them real small.
Steam the balls in a steamer or the way I did ... like so.
Do use a cover.
Heat a little oil / ghee in a pan. Add the mustard seeds + red chillies + curry leaves.
Add the rice balls and give a good toss.
Serve hot as a snack.
They go very well with the Tomato Onion chutney or the Coconut chutney or even this Peanut chutney.

Diwali came and went. I was quiet as I was at the sasural ... couldn't wish you all.
Hope you had a beautiful Diwali. :-)


  1. Sharmila I understand the pain physical and otherwise that you are going thru. I am glad you returned to Pune for good. I was under the impression you are back in Pune only for medical treatment. Anyways good to know the pain is little less. Sending you healing vibes and lucky you, B cares so much for you. May you both have strength to see this through. Hugs.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! :) These look yum!

  3. Tumi ki ekhon Pune te ? Mon tahole nishchoy ektu bhalo :-) Bhalo theko. Achcha kal ami comment rekhechilam ki , naki post hoyni bodhoy

    1. Na Sandeepa ... possibly post hoyeni. Haan ami ekhon Pune te .. hopefully for good. :-)

  4. Hope you feel well soon, Sharmila. Missed your posts!

  5. A lot of hugs. I wish I could be near - even if I could help a little.

    bhishon shundor recipe and something I have never heard of or eaten before. I will have to try this! bhalo theko and prayers that you are back to your self very very soon.

    1. You couldn't have been nearer Soma ... your encouraging and loving words have always been my strength. Can't thank you enough.

  6. Good to see you bouncing back Sharmila yay! and resuming blogging...shuno shorir bojhe korbe, blogging can take back seat , health is wealth always :-))..and those Punjabi neighbours of yours,spend time with them ,it's good to be surrounded with good people and neighbours in real :-))...and eyi bhabhe steamed rice balls khaye onek different culture e ..more towards upwards like Japan ...south India te khaye eyi ta jantaam na..khub simple n bhalo recipe kinto pran and mon ta ke trupti debe .....bhalo thekho ..hugs and smiles..

    1. Thank you so much Jaya! Right ... will post slowly ... still cannot type for long. And Punjabi neibors der kaach theke Punjabi khana khacchi ar shikhchi. :-)

  7. taratari sompurno sustho hoe otho. Recipe ta pore mone hochhe 'Yummy' .. try kortei hochhe

    1. Onek thanks Ichhadana! Recipe ta khub chotpot hoye jaye ... aaj e try kore dekho. :-)

  8. Hi! I am Ashima........ Nice to see u again.......ami tomar blog regularly pori.....bes kichudin dhore tomar lekha parte na pare tomai miss karchilam..........get well soon....

    1. Thank you Ashima! Will try to post regularly now.


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