Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shubh Dhanteras!

Wishing all the readers, followers and visitors of Kichu Khonn a very happy and auspicious Dhanteras and Narak Charurdashi!

While we bring in the new in the form of anything like new jwellery or utensils for ourselves or our families and homes on Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated by lighting of fourteen lamps and cooking and consuming fourteen varieties of shaak or leafy vegetables by the Bengalis.
This signifies the end of the rainy season ... when you are not supposed to consume leafy vegetables ... and the arrival of fresh vegetables along with winter.

My in-laws celebrate the same on the day just after Diwali and call it Annakut. I'll make a post on it next.

Meanwhile, I tried my best to bring in the Diwali spirit this year, after two whole years of no celebrations.

B went out of his way to get all the fairy lights and deepaks and lamps.
Last night, in spite of having a marathon meetings and presentation, he strung up the lights late in the night so by around 2 am our windows and balcony were filled with glittering and flickering, colourful lights.

I, on my part, did my best to rustle up a few namkeens and sweet dishes.
Was down with a tummy bug, so making any delicacies was a little difficult for me, especially when the wonderful smells wafted around in the house.

I made the Rosh Bora, Poha mixture, my instant Moong dal halwa and some Ajwaini sev.
Since this is a hurried post, I won't go into the recipes.
Will post them soon, hopefully.

Till then, hope you have a beautiful festival time.
May the lights remove all darkness from our lives.


  1. Happy Diwali! nice spread.. glad you are better!

  2. Thank you Somoo. Happy Diwali to you too! :-)

    1. thanks... I have been ok... just busy! would like to get back to blogging regularly soon. Looking through alll your puja posts...

    2. Looking forward to your wonderful posts. :-)

  3. Love your namkeens and sweet dishes. Happy Diwali.

    1. Thank you Joe! Just came from your blog and saw this. :-)

  4. Wow.... Yes it was difficult for me as well with back ache.. Got help for chaklis which didn't turn round :( but were crispy (whoosh)

    Take care and have a lovely and warm year ahead..

    Warm regards,

  5. Thank you Ash! Hope you had a lovely Diwali too. :-)


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