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Vani's Gawarfali ki sabzi with besan and moongfali

Guvar with besan
The best thing I have experienced in my life as a blogger is learning all about food.
Traditions based on food, foods based on traditions.
Fusion food. Experimental food.
Regional food.  Home food.
Street food. High end restaurant food.

But that comes second.
The first, best thing is getting to know so many people from all over the world.
Meeting on our blogs, sharing recipes and thoughts, and quickly turning into friends, we have stayed together in our journey of food blogging, which for me has been eight, long years.

Knowing, sharing, cooking together at different ends of the earth at different time zones, ... has been really fun.
Picking up tips, sharing little things ... both about food as well as life ... it has been a beautiful journey so far.
I have learnt a lot about food and recipes just due to these blogger friends. 
There are some non food bloggers too, who are wonderful writers. And I go back to their blogs and writings just because I love to read them so much.
All these friends, I hold very dear to my heart.

Today, I was reminiscing about these past so many years of my blogging life, as my blog completes eight years very soon.
So many ups and downs. Too many interruptions in making posts.
My life has undergone huge changes and faced numerous upheavals.
I have fallen too many times as I have gotten up too.
And all this while, these friends have been with me.

I had started this blog just a day after my Bapi's b'day. So I do not know if I will be able to make a post on this day or celebrate Kitchen e Kichu Khonn this time.
Too many memories. Too much pain in the heart ... still.

So I am taking this time to thank all of you who have been with me always, making feel loved and taking the time to share your thoughts here with me.

And a special thanks to all of you who have trusted my recipes, tried them and have let me know. 
I would not have been able to keep Kichu Khonn running without your love and support.
Thank you!

Gawar with besan and moongphali
I had posted a recipe on the Gawarfali or Guarfali or cluster beans long back. When I shared the post on FB, naturally all of us got to discussing and started sharing how each one made it.
Vani, of the wonderful Mysoorean, had mentioned that she made it with besan.
I asked for the recipe.
And the wonderful person that she is, she promptly sent it to me.

This was three years back.

I have made this recipe numerous times ever since.
B loves it. And as for me ... I am a convert now.
While I still am not a fan of the Guar or Gawar, I do eat it when it is made this way.
And the reason I have not been able to make a post so far is mainly because I do not get the time to click a photo .... B raids the karahi even before I get to serve it.

But this time I cooked it during the day ( I usually make this for dinner ) and did not let out a peep.
Hastily arranged the plate and clicked a few photos.

In case you are wondering about what the gawar or cluster beans look like, there is a photograph in this post. 

Need :

Gawar or Guar or Guvar / Cluster beans - 250 gms, washed and chopped
Roasted and crushed peanuts - 3 tbsp
Besan or Gram flour - 1 tbsp
Hing or Asafoetida - a pinch
Haldi  or Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Mirchi or Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Jeera or Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Dhaniya or coriander powder - 1 tbsp 
Jeera or Cumin seeds - ¼ tsp
Saunf or Fennel seeds -  ¼ tsp
Gur or Jaggery - 1 tsp ( I use the granules )
Lemon - half
Fresh coriander leaves - chopped
Cooking oil - 3 tbsp
Salt - to taste

 How to make it :

Boil the chopped guar in water until soft.
I add a little salt to the water.
Vani suggests nuking it in the microwave with water for about 5-6 minutes.

 Heat 3 tbsp oil in a pan.
Add the saunf + hing + haldi + jeera.

Add the  besan and fry on low heat until the raw smell goes.

Add the gawar.

Add jeera powder + dhaniya powder + red chilli powder + crushed peanuts + salt .

Add the jaggery.
Give a good mix.

If it is too dry add a few tsps of water.
The besan must coat the guvar and should not be too dry.

Finally sprinkle the jiuce of the lemon and add the chopped coriander leaves. 

Gawarfali  with besan

The saunf takes the dish to another level altogether.
My only change in the original recipe is the addition of the crushed peanuts.
I had made it the last time the in laws were here.

Thank you Vani for sharing this wonderful recipe, that has quickly turned into a family favourite.

This goes great with soft, hot rotis.

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