Monday, 20 March 2017

Dimer Porota or Dim Parota or Anda Paratha or Egg stuffed flatbreads


So, the man comes back from sub zero temperatures with a chest full of congestion and a suitcase full of laundry. And my days started and ended with chores and all the more chores. Not to mention tending to a sick man who turns into a five year old when it comes to illnesses.

Making soups, light food, especially those that would slide down easily a painful throat, ... like the sabudana ki kheer, khichuri, vegetarian pishpash, etc. was all that I cooked.
Thankfully, Pune's cool weather helped ... it had suddenly turned very cold for a few days ... the temperature dipped as low as 10 degrees at night .... and the dryness helped in healing the respiratory infection quickly enough.

But I lost my mojo to blog. Even though I had some pictures ready to post, I did not feel like writing. Not only did I have anything fruitful in my mind, but also the very effort to sit down and make a post was too much for me.
I would be drained by the end of the day and somehow faced the evening only because I looked forward to a little low light, some good ghazals and my knitting, that gave me company through the evenings ... before I stepped into the kitchen to make dinner.
I have started a new book too ... only it is taking time to finish as I cannot read as fast as I used to earlier ... blame it on my weak hands and shoulders and also my housework.

Thankfully, B is already on the mend and I can go back to my routine and life.
So I may be able to start posting regularly now ... fingers and toes crossed.

I had made this Dim parota one of the mornings, when B was away, for myself.
This is one filling breakfast that sustains you through half the day easily. Back home, Ma would make this for me when she did not have anything else at hand .... namely on vegetarian days.
Now, I often make it when we are going out in the weekends and it keeps us full till lunch.
Very quick to make, it is one of my favourite breakfasts.
And dinner too ... when there is nothing in the fridge or when I am too lazy to cook.
All you need is some ready atta and some eggs.

Do not confuse this with the Moghlai porota ... that is entirely different.

I love the Dim parota with ketchup and sometimes add a little kasundi to the ketchup too.
But tell you what ... if you have good quality green chillies ... the kind that hits you with a bang! and shakes the living daylights out of you, then you need no ketchup, no kasundi  .... or for that matter nothing at all.

I added some chopped coriander leaves too.
Just the well chopped onions + green chillies + coriander leaves is all that is needed.
The dough was whole wheat atta + a little maida (6:4).

This Dimer paratha needs just a few drops of white cooking oil to crisp it up. And that will be possible only when you have a well seasoned tawa or a non stick tawa.
I use my good old well seasoned cast iron tawa.

Need :

Atta + Maida - ratio 6:4 , kneaded with a little salt+cooking oil
Chopped onion
Chopped green chillies
Chopped coriander leaves
A little freshly crushed black pepper
Salt - to taste
White cooking oil

How to :

Make small balls of the kneaded dough and roll out a roti.

Mix the rest of the ingredients, except the oil, to the eggs and beat well.

Heat a tawa and place a roti.

Turn it over after half a minute.

Now pour in a little egg mixture and fold the roti from both sides ... like in the picture.

Place a cover and cook on low heat for a minute.

Remove cover, flip it over and apply a little oil.

Press with a spatula and fry it on high heat, till golden brown on both sides.

Serve hot.
Makes for a great evening snack too.
This is a great way to use leftover rotis too. You can either fold them with the egg mixture as above, or layer one roti with the mixture and then lay another roti on the top. Cover and cook for a while and then add oil to fry.

I love to add some chopped sausages or ready chicken or mutton kheema to the mixture too and pair it with some soup, for a more filling meal that is perfect for hearty dinner.



  1. বাঃ, এটা তো বেশ অভিনব জলখাবার, শর্মিলা। সোজা রান্নায় তোমার প্রতিভার সত্যি জবাব নেই। আর ভালো কাঁচালংকা যে পৃথিবীর শ্রেষ্ঠ কন্ডিমেন্ট, এ বিষয়ে তোমাকে হায়েস্ট ফাইভ।

  2. Thank you, thank you Kuntala. :-)

  3. Sharmila, loving the look of the recipe. However how is it different than moglai porotha. Yes moglai porotha is made of maida but you are still putting the raw egg and not scrambled egg inside the ruti, right ? I am asking because every time I have tried to put raw egg inside ruti/paratha it becomes a messy affair. So how did you control the egg from not running away from you :). Thank you. I would love to try this!

  4. Rima ... moghlai porota is always made with maida with lots of moyen. Also, as far as I know the egg mixture in moghlai porota has some cooked mince meat added to it. And the way it is folded is very different too ... which makes it tricky to pick it up and put it on the tawa. Also, moghlai porota is almost deep fried ... for the stuffing to cook well.
    As for how I managed to keep the egg inside ... the answer is a deep tawa .. the ones that are slightly curved on the inside. The egg stays very well in these. And as soon as you cover, the egg will cook and will quickly solidify.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  5. Over the internet the recipes of moghlai porota seem to have meat in them too, but growing up whenever we ate them, it was eggs with onions, etc only. So the meat only version baffles me.
    I will let you know when I try your recipe. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Preety pics n a heartfelt read...

    Hey is that white kadhai for serving only or we can cook in it as well??

    Take care mam,
    Warmest regards,

    1. It is not a kadahi Ash; it is a serving tray and used only to serve.


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