Friday, 28 July 2017

Rinku's Sunday Yoghurt Chicken Curry

 I had been planning to make a post on this recipe that I have so fallen in love with. It so happened that Rinku, whose recipe this is, had once posted this on FB. I asked for the recipe and she promptly shared it.
Rinku is behind the wonderful blog The Spice Chronicles and the author of several cookbooks too.

It is one lovely recipe.
The only change I made was use only around 250 gms of chicken as I was cooking just for myself.
And I loved that idea of searing the chicken.
I added a pinch of sugar because the yogurt that I had was a little sour. So the sugar was to balance the taste.
Since there was no mention of turmeric in the recipe, I did not add any. The gravy had a beautiful colour and that fragrance is to die for!

While I do make a Doi morich chicken, Rinku's version is completely different. This has Punjabi flavours will go very well with parathas or thick rotis or naans too.
I had a batch of the Punjabi garam masala that I had picked up in Amritsar ... so used that.
This is a great dinner dish during the monsoons or in winter.

 My whole house was redolent with the aroma of this chicken curry.
A beautiful chicken curry as this deserved an equally beautiful companion. So I went ahead and made myself some fragrant mishti polau too.
My Sunday was made!!

You can check out her recipe for this curry here

I may not be able to make regular posts but will try to be back once in a while.
Till then ...



  1. এই চিকেনটা তো দেখতে ভালো হয়েছেই, তোমার দইমরিচ চিকেনটাও দারুণ, শর্মিলা। দুটোই ট্রাই করার ইচ্ছে রইল।

    তোমার নিয়মিত পোস্টের অপেক্ষায় আছি।

    1. Thank you Kuntala. Doi morich chicken ta aro halka hoye kintu besh lage khete.

      Ami Pune te phire jai, tarpor regularly post korbo.

  2. Lovely photo...the mats,vase and all other props...

    Any idea if I can cook this vegetarian?

    Warmest regards,

    1. Thank you Ash. Yes, you can make this with paneer or cauliflower or potatoes too.

    2. I hope you are in best of health

      Warmest regards,

    3. Hi mam..

      Where are you...waiting for your next post...

      Take care,
      Warmest regards,

  3. Thank you for thinking of me dear Ash. I am well and will be coming back with a new post very soon, hopefully.


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