Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sooji Monda

Here's my Sooji Monda finally . It is a kind of sweetmeat that is made in Orissa. It is sooji dough stuffed with sweet coconut filling and is relatively easy to make once the dough is done ... how to do it is here ... which can be stored in the fridge, covered, for quite some days.

Need : Sooji dough, coconut filling , cooking oil for deep frying.

How to : Make small balls out of the dough, using water to wet fingers so it doesn't stick, and fill them with the coconut filling ( just like stuffing for parathas) to make the mondas.

Heat enough oil in a kadhai and deep fry the mondas till golden brown.


  1. That looks lovely:) Do you also make ones with spicy filling. An Oriya friend of mine used to bring something spicy called monda, and I am hoping to find the recipe someday!

  2. Hi Sunshinemom!
    Am glad you like it. Actually as far as I know monda is something that has a stuffing, a covering made if any lentil(like urad dal,etc) and deep fried or steamed.And the word means roundish shape too. If it has a sweet stuffing it is called Pitha .. like Monda Pitha ... and if salty / spicy stuffing then just mondas.
    Of course any Oriya will know better than my half baked knowledge :p
    Will try to get hold of the recipe of spicy mondas for you. :-)


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