Monday, 23 June 2008

A happy day

Even before I realised it my blog is 1 month old. When I had started out it was supposed to be just a jotting down of the recipes (my first post is a classic example of this half heartedness.. and I intend to keep the post that way ;-p) that I have learnt and cook in my day to day quest for not only satisfying our hunger but also keeping our tongue and taste buds happy too.Not to mention trying to keep dish healthy too. But slowly started to visit other blogs ... and realised there was whole lot of experts out there ... not only juggling kids, jobs, kitchen ... but also coming up with swell recipes and also sharing them with everybody ... all the while having a nice word for somebody .... not to mention awards. I was overawed.

A few people visited my blog and left behind good words too. And then came this belle from delhi ... Rashmi. She not only went thru my posts patiently .. but was always sure to leave a message back ... a warm compliment, a suggestion ... or just a reply. It was getting to be a habit to check for a good line from Rashmi every morning. She has spoilt me good.

And today she has done it again. Not only has she spoken so nicely of me and my blog ( I don't doubt you at all dear girl .... but do I really deserve it) .... she has even given 2 beautiful awards to me too. :-)
My 1st award

And then another !!

I never thought I was also going to be one of those lucky ones .... Thanks a ton dear Rashmi.
Am at a loss for words now.... but there are thousands of things whizzing in mind that I want to say .... maybe later. Right now I'll just lull myself with the happy thought of good people spreading goodness in blogosphere .... and am happy to be here. :-)


  1. My sentiments exactly! I'm surprised at how sweet, encouraging and inviting and talented people are in the blogsphere! Congrats on your awards and thanks for your visit!

  2. I thought I posted a comment here already, but nothing showed up! I just wanted to say congrats and I know how you feel!

  3. Thanks Bharti!Welcome to my blog. I guess your comment did not show up coz I have enabled comment moderation....nothing imp ... just that am still experimenting with the different facets of blogging. :-)


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