Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chingri Malai Rice / Prawn & Rice cooked in Coconut Milk

( Vegetarians can substitute the prawns with paneer .... tastes equally good. Add some sliced onions for more flavour as paneer has no flavour of its own ... unlike the prawns. )

It is difficult to name a dish that you conjure up on your own. Which is why I have just put in the names of the main ingredients together ... if it still looks like a proper name ... well ... am lucky.

Chingri / Prawn Malakari is a pretty famous Bengali dish. Cooked in rich coconut milk, this dish is flavourful and delicate at the same time.

But this time I was cooking prawns only for myself. Had some coconut milk ( I use packet milk ... and find it pretty thick and good enough) ... so thought of making Prawn Malakari. But that would mean cooking rice seperately. Ah ... too much work for one soul.

So thought of combining the two ... and have a one pot meal .... my fav. No hassles. :-)

Even though I do not like sweets, I do like a little sweetness in almost every dish ... maybe it is that Bengali thing in me ... and sometimes do crave the sweetness of coconut milk in dishes ... which makes me cook Coconut Rice often.

I had previously posted Coconut Rice & Coconut Chicken. This recipe uses lesser ingredients than the chicken version.

And is perfect when you are having guests ... cooks on its own ... and with the minimum of stuff to use.

Need :

Prawns - 200 gms ( shelled, deveined and slightly steamed [optional] ),
Basmati rice - 1 tea cup  ( washed,  soaked for a while),
Coconut milk - half from the packet, around 5 or 6 tbsp, or as much as you like
Whole dry red chillies - 2, broken
Whole garam masala ( cinnamon, green cardamom , cloves ) - 2 each
Salt - a pinch
Sugar - 1 tsp
Cooking oil - 1 tbsp

How to :

Heat a little oil in a heavy bottomed kadhai / wok.
Add the chillies and the whole garam masala.
Now add the prawns and stir a little.
As soon as they change colour add the rice.
( Do not over fry the prawns ... they lose the softness).
Stir well and add the coconut milk ( on low flame ), salt and sugar.

If needed adjust with a little water. Cover and cook till rice is done .... but not overcooked.
Remove from heat , fluff it up with a fork or give a stir to separate the rice grains and keep covered for a while.

Serve hot.

This tastes so good that you need almost nothing to accompany it. But if preparing or guests, do pair it with something spicy and yet has less gravy.

Enjoy! :-)


  1. Sharmila,
    That really looks so delicious ...
    hugs and smiles

  2. Must taste divine,shrimp and coconut milk..droooling:)

  3. Hmmmmmmm...monei hochche kahowa daowa khub jombay!!!!!

  4. i can do anything to have prawn malai curry....your pictures are lovely..

  5. Sharmila eta darun discovery! eta kortei hobe.. ami kaal chinri maach kinte bhule gelam:-( last picture ta amake haath chani diye dakchey:-)

  6. Can almost smell the combined aroma of coconut milk, prawns & basmati rice.....mmmmmm...delicious!

  7. I'm bookmarking this, thanks for the substitution tip, will try it with paneer!

  8. Hey Sharmila,

    Prawns jodio aami khoob relish kore khaai naa, kintu this recipe of yours is absolutely tempting.
    The coconut milk part specially. I would like to make this one pot, no hassle meal anytime myself :-)

    And your aloo bodi without hing is equally delicious, aamio hing dite bhule jaai karon habit nei, kintu dile aamar bhalo laage, karon maa-dida'r haather raana mone pode jaaye. :-)

  9. Shrimp in coconut milk..New dish to me..Yours looking yum sharmila..

  10. dying over the pics..what grt combo..!!!

  11. Thanks Jaya, Yasmeen, L, SGD, ATW, Joyeeta, Pooja, Varsha! :-)

    Only this is not Prawn malaiakri Arundhuti. :-) Thanks! :-)

    Ekbar nischoi kore dekho Soma ... u'll be surprised at how fast & easy it is ... not to mention the awesome taste. :-)

    Ranjani .. almost all my non veg recipes have veggie substitutes ... am married to a pure veggie. :-) Do try it once ... you won't regret it. And thanks! :-)

  12. Hey once ate prawns by mistake thinking it was somethng else :)

  13. Sharmila...I also experiment with my cooking...It is a fun...Your dishes seems really delicious...

  14. Oh no Deesha! That sounds real distressing! :-(

    Thanks Megha! :-)

  15. Eta amar Reader e updated hoyni to. Hotath aaj dekhchi tin te notun update !!! Ami bhablam tumi ek i dine eto gulo post korecho

    Eita khub bhalo idea, prawn + c milk + rice bah. Paneer er idea tao bhalo, eibar ekta Paneer MalaiKari kore felo, fata fati hobey

  16. Sandeepa amar o reader ei jhamela korche. Eta kintu shotti khub taratari hoye .. kore dekho ekbar.
    Paneer malakari kori amar pure veggie borer jonne dinner e ... snap gulo eto kharap hoye je post korte icche kore na. :-)

  17. i read all of ur nonveg item.........bcoz i love it......learn a lot .......ur recepi is siple way to cook.....thax

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. i read all of ur nonveg item.........bcoz i love it......learn a lot .......ur recepi is siple way to cook.....thax

  20. CAn almost smell the aroma and taste the flavour....aahhh...very very tempting...a must try very soon!

  21. Can almost smell the aroma & taste the flavour....a must try ... v.soon


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