Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Narkel Chicken / Chicken in coconut sauce

( Vegetarians can replace the Chicken with Paneer ... it tastes even better. )

I learnt this from Jaya's blog.

Though using coconut paste or coconut milk is not a novelty to many, I had never used it in any chicken dish.
So I was a little curious when I saw Jaya's "Hassle free chicken curry" post. But on her assurance that chicken tastes good with coconut too .... I decided to try it.

I have made a few changes ... more out of necessity than my usual tendency to experiment. So am giving my recipe here. The original recipe is with Jaya here.

I have used coconut milk and not the paste. I have also skipped out on the haldi powder just to retain the creamy colour that the curd and coconut milk would give.

Also I have not used any garam masala powder .... as it would tend to darken the colour ..... so just whole green cardamoms ...... they give a wonderful flavour in hot oil. And instead of red chilli powder I used chopped green chillies.

Needless to say .... this is one dish that I am going to make again and again. It turned out so good ... am going to make it the next time I have guests for dinner. :-)

And it indeed is hassle free.
Thanks a lot Jaya for sharing such a wonderful recipe. :-)

Need :

Chicken pieces,
Sliced onions,
Chopped or sliced green chillies,
Whole dry red chillies,
Green cardamoms / choti elaichi,
Crushed garlic,
Coconut milk,
Salt to taste,
A little sugar,
Cooking oil.

How to :

Marinate the chicken with curd, garlic, salt and a little oil. Since I was using coconut milk I did not use it in the marination as per Jaya's instructions.

Heat oil in a heavy kadhai. Add the green cardamoms and whole red chillies.

Now add the sliced onions and fry till they turn translucent.

Then add the chicken and cover. Cook till chicken is half done.

Then add the coconut milk and and the chopped green chillies.
Stir a little. Cover and cook till chicken is done.

Great with hot rotis or rice.


  1. Oh you're such a sweetheart Sharmila. Thanks for your wishes. Will definitely keep you posted on my travels.
    Chicken curry looks good Sharmila. I have never used both coconut milk and yogurt, its either one or the other...will try it someday.

  2. Sharmila,
    OH! that looks a stunner , I really like the texture coconut milk and yogurt has given to the dish .Thanks for trying it out but with little changes .
    hugs and smiles

  3. ehmm..sounds good..though I have never combined both in a dish..:)

  4. helllo mam... u didnt give me ur email id... ok first of all shubho mahalaya and hope u ave great plans for gurga pooja

  5. Try it Naina, you will like it. :-)

    Thanks notyet. :-)

    Thanks to you Jaya that I came across such a lovely and tasty dish. :-)

    It is indeed new .. and tasty Srivalli. :-)

    Thanks Swati. My mail id is kichukhonn@gmail.com. And wish you a happy Navaratri too. :-)

  6. why no new updates??..all fine right!

  7. Everything is fine Sri ... have been out mostly ... so almost no cooking :-) Durga puja is almost here ... so some last minute things getting done :-)
    Thanks for the concern. :-)
    Have a great time this Navaratri!

  8. Howdy
    OK, so hubby found this dish gorgeous, so I gotta excercise that paneer option.
    Happy Durga Puja to you

  9. Thanks Rashmi!
    Believe me, the paneer option tastes much better. :-)
    And a happy Navaratri & Dussera to you too. :-)

  10. At last got around to making this ..and turned out yummy .
    I have never made chicken with so less spices before so was very curious how it would turn out :D

    I just love the way you use minimal spices yet concoct delicious recipes which retain the flavour of the basic ingredients ..

    Your blog has turned out to be one of my fav in such a short time. And there are still soooooooo many recipes waiting to be tried .
    Keep up the great work :)

  11. Thanks so much Rumna for caring to let me know. Am so glad you liked it. :-)

    I know the snaps do not do enough justice to the dish ... but I have always found clicking chicken dishes a problem.

    Thanks for trusting the recipe and not going by the snaps. :-)

  12. I too haven't tried doi and coconut milk together!! Am going to try it out soon!! Should be yummy!!

  13. Hi Sharmila,

    Thanks for your version of chicken in coconut, as i have some coconut milk so will surely try ur recipe today..will let u know how it turns out:)

  14. Hi, your recipes are very simple and would love to try the Narkel chicken. Thanks.


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