Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mango Pancakes

( Vegetarians can skip the egg and Vegans can use soya milk .... just add a little baking powder to the batter. )

It is the mango season now and so the fruit basket is groaning with mangoes ... and the whole complaint is not from the weight alone .... sometimes over ripe mangoes can cause an overwhelming smell that induces a kind of aversion to it. :-)

Well ... aversion may not be the perfect word ... but when I noticed I have been making my way about in the house avoiding that table with the basket .... I decided to do something about those reeking fruits. I usually use over ripe bananas to make Banana Pancakes. So knew what to do with the mangoes.

Was making pancakes for a filling breakfast before leaving for Bombay early in the weekend .... so just picked up a couple of mangoes and dunked them into the batter. And what lovely flavourful pancakes they turned out to be !

I usually do not like to blend or juice mangoes .... love to eat them as they are ... the burst of juices and the texture in the mouth sends me back to childhood days. And for the batter too I hand mashed them ... loved the little lumps of fibre in a biteful. :-)

Need : Roughly mashed fresh mango pulp, a little sugar, maida / APF, milk, egg(s), a little vanilla essence ( only if you are using eggs ) , a little butter / cooking oil.

How to : Make a batter of pouring consistency from the maida, milk, eggs, sugar.
Add sugar and the vanilla essence. Stir in the mango pulp.

Heat a non stick pan / girdle / tawa. Smear a little butter / cooking oil and pour a ladleful of the batter.
Spread it into a round shape. Wait for a while for it to brown on one side .... you can cover it if you want to .... but keep the heat low.

Remove cover , flip it over and cook the other side too.
The pancakes got a glorious yellow colour too! See ?

Serve with fresh mango pieces. You can spread a little honey or any other syrup of your choice on it if you wish to.

Enjoy!! :-)
Am sending this to dear Srivalli who is celebrating 2 years of blogging .... for her Mithai Mela .
Updated on the 26th : I am sending this Srivalli 's Mango Mela too. :-)
An update :
Our ugly little Quasimodo often pays us a visit. Hasn't s/he turned out to be beautiful? :-)


  1. Wowww tempting mango pancakes..am going to try this!

  2. Sharmila, I'll try this tomorrow...wow, great idea...Love the yellow colour of pancake, my daughter will like it for sure, huge mango fan

  3. I love panckaes and with mangoes they are really welcome in my place.
    Loks yumm.
    Thankyou for visiting my place.

  4. Guess your are from Bengal, here is the link and hubby is playing a piece fromTagore, tell me what you think aobut it.

  5. Mangoes are costly here ,but we do buy then sometimes for the love of mangoes:).The chunky pancakes sounds super yum.The birdie has grown up to be a pretty bird:)

  6. Whaat, you complain about mango smell when w edie to get our hand on some :)

    Ok just kidding. I will never try this with fresh mango which we don't get by the loadfuls but I will surely try with canned mango pulp

  7. Thats lovely! can imagine the flavour of mango in those pancakes... Yummy!

  8. I never make pancakes at home:-) lazy me always get the ready made mix. Sharmila pancake with mango heaven.. anything thing with mango is heaven, even if it be a reeking heaven.

    wow. that bird is really handsome ( is he a boy? ) how did u get such close up?!! the eyes!

  9. Oh I've tried this too..the slightly cooked mangoes inside are delightful.
    btw, I tried your dal seera..it came out really nice!Sim esp. loved it. Hopefully will make it to blogger soon.

  10. thats lovely sharmila...must've been great...

    btw you forgot mithai mela..:(

  11. Mango in pancakes? sounds exotic and delicious!

  12. We finished one whole peti apart from what we have in dozens, and yet I bought a two dozen peti yesterday!! Can never get tired of the king:)

    Your pan cakes look glorious, and quasimodo looks like a case of ugly duckling!!

  13. Oh the pancakes are looking so perfect... and the addition of mango will charge me up in the morning itself... the bird definitely looks cute as long as it doesnt eat off all my pplants ;)

  14. Thanks Priya, Indrani, Yasmeen, Anusriram, Usha, Sunshinemom, Ramya, ! :-)

    Thanks Happy Cook! Just checked out your link ..awesome! :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Eto aam barite ashe je fridge eo jayega kuloye na, ar ekhankar bhaypsa gorome dudine aamgulor ja goti hoye ,dekhar moto ... am sure canned mango will work just as fine. :-)

    Thanks Soma! :-) I guess it is a boy ... going by the bright band at the neck .. most male birds have them. Am not sure though. :-)

    Thanks Bharti! And am so glad you tried & liked the moong dal halwa. :-)

    Thanks Srivalli! Will be doing something about it. :-)

  15. And oh Soma ... he often comes and sits here on our balcony ... did not have to do much for the close up ... as you can see in the first snap ... he was probably only a couple of feet away. :-)

  16. Oooo Lovely! Must must try these....amar fridge bhorti aam...and as you said some have turned a tad too soft & mushy to my liking!

  17. wow what acolor you got in pan cakes and must be taste great with mango aroma looks yum.

  18. Sharmila,
    anything left for me :D...Love it mango pancakes yumm..
    hugs and smiles

  19. Verrry nice idea Sharmila.... never made pancakes before, noone likes them at home!! But since i have mangoes in the fridge, I will try making them..maybe my kids will develop the taste for it!!

  20. Then this is the best way to use them SGD .. go mash them up. :-)

    Thanks Rekha! :-)

    There will always be some for you Jaya. :-)

    Thanks Vani! :-)

    Try them Joyeeta .. and lemme know what the kiddos think about them. :-)

  21. hai sharmila...i was going throgh ur 3 blogs...:)u r doing an amazing job...3in one person..cookin, poetry and photography..thats really gr8..my best wishes for you..
    This dish looks awesome sharmi.. :)

  22. Thanks so much Lena! It is such kind words from wonderful people that keeps me going. :-)
    Hope you will keep visiting.

  23. Wow! Looks delicious. I wish I was next door to sample the mango pancakes. Too Adventurous for a Timid Cook like me! But maybe i can coax some one else to make them :-).

  24. Sharmila, what a delicious idea-- mango pancakes! I am in heaven. Gotta try this.
    I think Quasimodo turned out really handsome indeed. He reminds me of this cute pigeon who was always perched outside our hotel window when we visited Calcutta last year :)

  25. Thanks Sukanya! I think pacakes are the easiest to make. :-)

    Thanks Vaishali! :-)

  26. The pancakes with mango, thats just perfect.

  27. Oh wow droolworthy pancakes......

  28. wow, this is very new to mee..iam drooling:)

  29. I can scream to prove my love for pancakes but hubby dearest hates it equally. kintu akhon ami kolkatay, barite ak tukri maldah'r aam o ache. try korbo kali. thanks for the idea Sharmila.

  30. we only get mexican mangoes here. enjoy them while you get them.

  31. First time here....Wow, Mango Pancake..sounds interesting, will try this one. You can most welcome to visit our blog at http://a2zvegetariancuisine.blogspot.com


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