Friday, 23 May 2008

Coffee Cake

If you don't add coffee powder, it will be the ( last snap) usual plain Sponge cake.

This cake turns out perfect with these measurements. A lot of trial and error has gone into this perfection. The number of eggs can be reduced ... just increase the amount of baking powder by half a teaspoon.

Need : 2 cups maida, 4 eggs, 1 cup cooking oil, 1/2 cup milk, 2 teaspoon baking powder, 1&1/2 cup sugar, 1 pinch salt, 6-8 drops of vannila essence, coffee powder (don't use the fine powder ... the granules are better) .

How to :Grind the sugar into powder.
Churn the milk, eggs and vanilla in a blender.
Mix maida, baking powder, sugar, salt and oil in a bowl. (Oily dough)
Add the eggs mixture. Mix well. (Liquid consistency)

Warm oven. Pour mixture into an oven proof bowl greased with a little butter.
Sprinkle 2 tablespoonful coffee granules on the mixture. Just give a swirl , don't mix too well ... that way the taste of coffee comes with every biteful .

Bake at 150-190 degrees. Keep checking and switching off oven in between to get even cooking and browning.
(The cracks in the above coffee cake mean a little more baking powder ...I make this mistake some times. However the measurements above are correct.)


  1. The cake looks absolutely cracking;)! I love crusty cakes!

  2. It is not crusty at all Sunshinemom :-) The cracks are due to a little too much baking powder. Maybe it looks crusty becoz of the brown colour ... which is due to the coffee and not the heat. :-)

  3. Hii,

    I really like this cake!

    Can you tell me how long to bake it for? Any approximate time. I am planning to make it in the Microwave.

  4. Ananya I bake it for around 20 minutes. You need to keep a check on it however. .. do a toothpick test. If it comes out clean and the cake has a good colour you will know it is done. I have no idea about your oven. Also I do not make this in the mw so can't give any ideas on it.


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