Monday, 16 March 2009

Aloo Bori / Potatoes & Sun Dried Lentil Dumplings

After storing away the Boris / Bodi / Badis / vadi that I made, I had forgotten all about them in the fast flying days. Until hubby wanted aloo borir tarkari one day. Waited till the weekend ... I usually run out of all vegetables by weekends .... and made it. So here is another simple dish from my kitchen ... the Aloo Borir / Aloo Bodir tarkari.

But before that let me introduce our new guest. After a batch of guests left around a couple of months back, I had the guestroom and its bath cleaned out and left the window in the bath open to air it. And forgot all about it.

It seems a certain Mr. & Mrs. Pigeon were on the lookout for a cozy place to settle down and zeroed in on my bath ... maybe they loved the empty rack that came as amenity.

And after a while, along came little Baby Pigeon. So right now the members of this happy family are my house guests.

I just pray I do not have any long term guests until Baby learns to fly and leaves home. :-)

Coming back to my simple dish, this does not take much time. If you want more gravy, just add enough water and adjust the seasonings.

BTW I have already posted a recipe with boris / bodi / badis and Lauki / Bottle gourd here.

Need : Aloo / potatoes cut into cubes, bori / badi, sliced onion, chopped tomatoes, jeera/ cumin, haldi / turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and sugar to taste, a little cooking oil, a little water.

How to : Heat a little oil and lightly fry the boris / badis and keep aside.
Heat a little more oil and add the jeera / cumin. Then add the sliced onion and fry for some time.
Now add the potatoes and fry well.

Add haldi / turmeric , red chilli powder, salt and a little water. Cover and cook till the potatoes are done.
Remove cover and add the tomatoes.

Cover and cook till the tomatoes are done.
Now add the boris/badis/bodi and adjust water.
Cover and let it simmer for some more time. It should be slighlty mushy with all the flavours blended well.

Serve hot with rotis / parathas / puris.


  1. That can be the sweetest house guest ever:-) amader porch e kotobar pakhi ra nest korlo, kintu prottek bar storm e shob bhenge pore jaye eggs & all:( how sad

    amar kachey bori pore achey... ami ajkei korbo at nije khaabo, since my hubby won't eat. monay hochey photo tulte parbo ba, ekdom ghono ghotaye...
    kintu ami khayi bhaat diye..bheto bangali!

  2. yummy,...:-)nd ya such nice guests,,,enjoy,,,

  3. Sharmila, what a delightful story about the pigeons, and the baby is so precious! How nice of you to share your home with them.
    I am a sucker for anything with dumplings in it, but this dish looks extra-special. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. that looks simply delicious i would say

  5. Sharmila.. aj bori diye alu diye korlam.. amar desher jhaal bori chilo,.. surprisingly my hubby had it & liked it!!

  6. What a cute guest! My MIL makes a version of those curry with those ready dumplings. I bet this tasted awesome.

  7. if only all house guests were THAT adorable!!
    Love your wadis, and also the detailed instructions on how you've made them, great recipe and I live the different flavors that you always incorporate..I'm unfamiliar with Bengali cuisine and going through your archives itself has been quite a learning experience for me!

  8. The name lentil dumplings made me very curious. I have looked at the recipe for Bori and I may give it a try, when we have good sunlight here.

  9. Soma .. ami borir jhaal ba touk korle bhaat diye khai. Bhalo laglo jene je eta try korecho. :-) Jhaal bori diye nischoi darun legeche!:-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Vaishali! I make this as it is quick & simple. :-)

    Thanks Preety! :-)

    Thanks Bharti! This dish does not have any masala in it .. yet tastes very good. :-)

    Thanks Ranjani! Not all my dishes are Bengali and most of them have no strong masalas. Am glad you like them though. :-)

    Thanks so much for coming over and leaving a line Red Chillies!
    On a query I had tried to bake them too ... and they came out well ... now these can be made the whole year 'round. I'll be posting the baked version soon. :-)

  10. awww..the house guests are adorable!
    As soon as the rains slow down a bit here, I am making these boris

  11. Sharmila,
    I think they are so cute , enjoy those lovely moments ..amader O ghore Pigeon ra bari korto , ekta balcony oder jonne permanent chilo , ami kapor shukahataam na okhane ..., trust me ,It will be nice to see the parents helping the little one to take on his first flight must check out that also ..
    Badir torkari khob bhalo lage khete amaake , mach diye ...
    hugs and smiles

  12. Wow!!! nice story and amazing pics. Need to try this out soon.

  13. Wow Sharmila, that looks delicious. I have boris at home... have to make this soon :)
    tomar house guest is very cute...

  14. Aloo bori'r jhaal amr Ma o korto, amar kache bhalo bori nei ar. Jokhon Ma ba in-laws ra ashe bori niye ashe, ekhane oto bhalo pai na. Punjabi Vadi paoa jai, shei diye ki hobe , o gulo ektu hard ar spicy hoy

    Tomar house guest to khub cute ar tumi ki shundor oder nurture korcho.

  15. That's very kind of you to allow the adorable guest to stay,Sharmila. Aloo bori is making me hungry,looks like a perfect side :)

  16. Such a yum dish..So flavorful n unique Sharmila..:)
    What a pretty cute guest u got there..:)

  17. lovely guest u have... cho chweet... my daughter is lover of pets and birds. if i show her this she will sure nag me to get such guest for our home too or she will come over there imdtly ha haha...

    yummy dish dear.. nice click.

  18. Thanks Rashmi! Do try the boris.:-)

    Thanks Jaya! But I don't think I have the guts to see birds fluttering all over the house ... not to mention bird poop too. :-)
    It is ok as long as they are in that one room. :-)

    Thanks Deepa, Mandira, Yasmeen, Varsha! :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Punjabi bori has too much masala .. ar thik e bolecho ... boddo hard hoye. Amar o tomar obostha .. visits gulor opor depend korte hoye .. tai nijei bananor chesta korlam. :-)

    Adlak's TW ... she is most welcome here. :-) And thanks! :-)

  19. That's one cute little house-guest.

    We make our own versions of vadis, but I've never seen it made into a subzi. This is nice.

  20. the guests, cute initially... but they get really messy after a week... and they do take their own sweet time to learn to fly...

    But I didn't have the heart to get rid of them when I had to play the host...

    Ah well...

  21. first time to ur blog... u have such a nice and well maintained blog.. its very nice to c your guest Aaloo bori dekhe to mukhe jol eshe gelo.. do visit my sit sometime, u will get some typical bengali dishes..

  22. Thanks Aparna! Do try the sabzi once. :-)

    Thanks Rohit for leaving a line. Am still hoping they fly away soon. :-)

    Thanks Sunanda! You have a nice blog too. :-)

  23. Make sure you keep the doors closed after your guests fly out. Pigeons keep coming back to the same place, and make a mess out of it.

  24. Will do Meghna ... thanks for the tip ... am really worried now ... what if they don't go away on their own .. I can't throw them out. :-(

  25. Aami ektu hing debo...hing'er gondhota khoob bhalo laage with aloo bori!! This can be the perfect breakfast anytime...wonderful post. Your guest must be blessing you with all its heart! :-)

  26. Ha ha..... pigeons can become pests, and they are very messy, but how can one resist such a sweet cute little thing!! I too had baby sparrows hatched out in the mat I had placed on my bedroom grill once. We had forgotten to remove the mat for just two days. Luckily I just lifted the top layer and found the babies. I left the mat there till the little ones flew away, which in case of sparrows seems quite quick!!

    I like the name - Quasimodo. Though a baby pigeon, the name makes it sound as fierce as a comodo dragon!!!:):)

  27. I hate hing Joyeeta ... but I do use it in many dishes. :-)

    Lucky you Harini! Am hoping these guys start to hate my house. :-)
    Quasimodo is a pigeon in one of Durrell's books. :-)

  28. Interesting recipe :) I shall definitely try..wish me luck !!

  29. I'm making this for lunch today. I think I'll try to shoot it, but I don't think it will be as pretty as your picture!


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