Thursday, 17 July 2008

Banana Pancakes

The problem with having a lot of fruits in my fruit basket is I tend to overlook a few and stick to my favorite ones. Some are good enough to take their own time to extra ripen ;-) ... but the bananas seem to be always in a rush to over ripen and fill the house with that distinct yucky smell. And this time I decided not to throw away any more fruit.

But what to do with the bananas? The term baking gives me the creeps. So decided to try out malpuas. But again the thought of deep frying gave me cold feet. So thought of making them into dosas ... errrr .... pancakes. :-)

Pancakes in my house are always spread thin ... the thick ones get rejected by hubby ... saying they are 'kaccha' (uncooked) inside.

I used atta instead of maida. I just wish I had some coconut ... these would have tasted lovely with grated coconut and black pepper powder (instead of elaichi powder) in the mix.

Need :

2 grated ripe bananas,
1/2 cup whole wheat flour,
1 cup milk,
6 tbsp sugar,
elaichi (cardamom) powder,
cooking oil / butter.

How to :

Mix all the ingredients to make a batter of pouring consistency. Add a little more milk if batter tends to thicken.

Heat a tawa or a heavy pan. Apply a little oil.
Pour some batter and spread out like a dosa.

Cover it ... so that the atta gets cooked well.

Turn over and fry the other side too till golden brown.

Serve warm with honey drizzled over them.


  1. yummy pancakes .. pic looks good too

  2. yummy pancakes .. pic looks good too

  3. Hi Sharmila
    I will have to try mixing the bananas in the batter. Btw, these sound more like crepes...the thin cousin of the pancakes. Looks like a yummy breakfast!

  4. sweetie, do rack your brains and give me proportions for this one, hard to get it right otherwise!

  5. Thanks Veggi plate :-)

    You are right ... but crepes are thin ... which is difficult to make with my concoction ... what with the bananas and whole wheat flour .. as both are heavy ... it is easier with maida .. but I wanted to keep it healthy. :-)

    I'll update the post 'soon as I get some more bananas. Maybe I'll add some pics too. Ok ? :-)

  6. I tried this too, Sharmila but mind didn't turn out well:( But yours look good:)


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