Sunday, 8 February 2009

Chilli Prawns with Burnt Garlic Noodles

( Vegetarians can replace the Prawns with Paneer or Cauliflower / Gobhi. Just fry them lightly and then continue with the recipe. )

Had a harrowing 12 days of net disconnectivity. No ... not because I could not access the net ... which spells .... no chatting with friends and relatives, no looking up favourite blogs, no writing/posting or just plain turning to Google when in doubt ..... not to mention work sufferring ..... no ... it is the experience we had to go through just to get our connection back.

It all started when our phone went dead. Numerous phone calls and registration of complaints did not work. The BSNL guys took their own sweet time to get the fault repaired. Relieved I immediately tried to connect net.

Nope ... not working. Next day again registered a complaint. And waited. Nothing.
So called up their help centre. Was told status is "work in progress". Waited more. after two days called up again. Was told "Problem resolved". Huh????

Again registered a fresh complaint. Next day status says "Problem solved". ???!!!!!
What followed the next few days was painful. Given numerous phone numbers ... nobody responds. Given numerous toll free numbers ... do not reach anybody. Looked up numerous mail ids .... not one worked .... every mail had a failed delivery.

So started numerous visits to the exchange main office. Every time we were told we missed the required person just by a few mins. Has left. Yeah .... even at 4 in the afternoon on a working day.

Finally on Sat hubby went and sat at the exchange office till a person finally asked him what the prob is. He explained everything with great cool. They said they will look into the prob ... will take time as they will have to dig out the details of our connection. We had the connection details (things they should have had at the tip of their fingers) .... and finally the job was done. A wrong switch had been made and all it needed was for the person who corrected the dead phone connection to make the correct switch assignment.

Phew .... so much for India bol raha hai. I say ... the common man ro raha hai.

So am starting posting again with this simple dish I made for myself. Of course, for hubby it is Chilli Paneer or some other veggie.

Even though I make prawns often (am very lucky to get fresh water prawns) I usually eat them up as am frying them ... unless am having guests ... and hardly make anything detailed out of them. This time I had some left over boiled noodles. At first thought of frying them up with the noodles ... but did not have any other veggies .... so decided it would turn slightly dry. So made this easy stuff.

Need : Prawns, chopped garlic, chopped green chillies, vinegar, sliced onions, soy sauce, boiled noodles, a little cooking oil, salt and sugar.

How to : Wash the prawns , apply a little vinegar and salt and keep aside.
Heat a little oil and add the onions, garlic and chillies. Fry till soft. Add the prawns and fry some more. Add the soy sauce, salt, sugar.
Keep frying till the prwans are done ( they cook very fast).

Heat a little oil in another pan and add chopped garlic. Fry till they turn deep brown. Add the noodles, salt and a little vinegar. Toss well.

Serve hot.


  1. Yes, talk of BSNL!
    The prawns look great.

  2. You are back!!
    I was getting worried cos' unlike me you're so regular..then thought u might be on one of your holidays:)
    i am also getting back jaldi, my camera should be here soon

  3. :-) India... mera desh:-)

    well.... got a little confused when i saw the burnt noodles.. aaji ami chinri maach korbo... amar meye prawn shunei doure doure dekhte eshechey:-) yummmmmm

  4. Thanks Arundhuti! :-)

    Thanks Rashmi ... no holidays now. :-(

    I think I should have added the word 'flavoured' Soma.
    Tumi chingri diye ki banale post korle dekhbo :-)

  5. I can't imagine my day without the net connection.good to know your back online.Love the garlicky noodles and prawns is our fav. seafood:)

  6. That does sound like one long phone-less ordeal, Sharmila. Glad you're back, though, and looking forward to seeing you around!

  7. hey...welcome back!! :-)
    this looks verrry yummmy although I am not a seafood lover, yet liked the recipe! Good entry dear after a long harrowing break!! I can absolutely identify with your experience!!

  8. i was thinkin why arent u posting ,..then i saw ur post, India this proble is there everywhere,..btw try airtel connection if u wann change,..its preety good,..:-)chilli prawns looks yumm,.yet to try prawns with noodles,..:-)

  9. Thanks Yasmeen, Vaishali, Joyeeta, Priyanka! :-) It does feel good to be able to share recipes & visit blogs again. :-)

    Special thanks to Rashmi & Vaishali for leaving lines on my non veggie post. Am touched gals. :-)

  10. wow, looks yummy..
    I admire your patience to cook non-veg dishes and veggie at the same time.. !

  11. Thanks Swati! I must say I 'have' to do it ...else I'll be the one who will be at a loss. :-)

  12. Hi,
    That's a lovely name for your blog. NICE. Great recipe too... prawn in burnt garlic. Recipegives me hope... sounds easy to make.My kitchen and I don't get along!! LOVE prawns and LOVE GARLIC. Hope to make it soon. Will have to wait after DIwali...prices have soared like crazy!!


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