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Koraishutir Kochuri / Fresh Green Peas Kachori

Just like it is a must to have a huge variety of parathas with seasonal vegetables in winter for North Indians, for Bengalis it is the Koraishutir Kochuri ( Kachoris made from fresh green peas) that signals the onset and the settling of the winter season.

It is the sweetness of the green peas paste and of the fried maida that makes such a tasty combined flavour. Yes, it has to be maida.
Of course you can deviate and make it healthier by using atta and making parathas out of it.

Since in my house reside two cultures ... read two different kinds of food habits .... I make the stuffing for this kachori in two different kind of ways.

One is the usual Bengali way .... which uses less masala .... that gives the actual flavour of the fresh peas.
And the other is the Rajasthani way ... which is spicier .... and of course has some dominating flavours.

I'll give the recipes for both .... it is up to you to decide which one you'll relish ..... and take your pick. :-)

Need :

For the filling :

The Bengali version : Fresh green peas, shelled and ground into a coarse paste, grated ginger, a little sugar and salt, a little cooking oil.

The Rajasthani version : Fresh green peas, shelled and ground into a coarse paste, a pinch of hing, haldi/tumeric powder, red chilli powder, amchur powder, salt and a little cooking oil.

For the puris : Maida / refined flour, kneaded into a soft dough using water ..... with a little cooking oil, salt & sugar , cooking oil to deep fry.

How to :
The filling :
The Bengali version : Heat a little oil in a non-stick vessel. Add the peas paste and stir for some time.
Now add salt, sugar and grated ginger. Keep stirring and cook till it turns into a dryish paste.

The Rajasthani version : Heat a little oil in a non-stick vessel. When hot, add hing.
Then add the peas paste and keep stirring. Add the rest of the ingredients one by one and keep stirring. Cook till it turns dryish.

The Kachoris : Take small balls of the maida dough. Fill them with the cooked peas stuffing and seal well. Roll out small puris and deep fry them in hot oil.
They will puff up like so. Of course they'll fall flat later.

Traditionally, the Bengali kochuris would be served with Aloor Dom ( a dryish potato masala dish). And the Rajasthani ones would be had with any kind of achar/chutney.

But I love mine with a little chilli sauce/ketchup .... and a hot cuppa. :-)
What's your pick folks ? :-)

Ps: Forgot to mention .... I made the Bengali way ... hence the beautiful green colour is retained ... as appreciated by all of you. :-)

My last two posts were slightly hurried ... so am a little late in showing off this beautiful award by Yasmeen ... she has designed it herself.
Thanks Yasmeen ... you are a beautiful person .... and a sweetheart too. :-)


  1. I have had this only the Rajasthani way and I love it. Second kachori in your blog:) You are right about the maida part. In kachoris you only get deep fried parathas if you make it with atta!! I may have it once a year but it has to be maida:) Thanks for the delicious recipe - I am yet to try it at home!!

  2. Abar jibe jol anle.. praye 4 -5 bochor hoye gechey motorshuti r kochuri barite korlam.. reason...holo korlei mon kharap hoye jaye mayer jonne.. but I really should not deprieve others. Everyone loves it!! ki darun photo tulecho!!
    ekbar ekhane college er party te kore niye gechilam..even here people loved it.. the bong version ofcourse!

  3. I love the serene green color of the peas stuffed,I'd pick the spicier kind.Lovely presentation.And thanks for the kind words:)

  4. Kachoris are my all time fav snacks, and I miss them:(
    These look amazing! Do you think I could bake these instead of frying them? and just flip sides when side is done browning? Any idea at what temperature and how long they'd bake?

  5. Torture, torture !!!!
    Tomar hubby Rajasthani ?
    I like the stuffing in Lilva kachori too is that rajasthani ?

  6. Gorgeous n delicious redcipe...Great job dear!!

  7. Sharmila, these are so gorgeous, I wish I could run into the kitchen right now and make these. I think I'll be craving these all day now. Thanks for this lovely recipe.

  8. Man...even if it's deep fried...the green color makes it looks so nutritious. I agree with Yasmeen- it really looks serene. I'd take the spicier version too..yummy.

  9. Oh! Koraishutir kochuri to amader fave winter treat. Last year baniyechilam..tomar post pore abar bante icche korche. :-) hubby loves it!

  10. How aptly put Harini! Do try it ... what is a little deep fried stuff once in a while? :-) And thanks for the prompt comment. :-)

    Soma ... kichu kichu somoye nostalgia ke positive bhabe kaaje lagate hoye ... tomar meyera nischoi eta kheye purono diner goppo shunte bhalobashbe ... just a thought ... bole fellam. :-)
    And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Yasmeen! Those words are true. :-)

    Am sure you can bake them Ranjani .. almost like parathas. I have never tried baking them though ... so am sorry I cannot give the exact info. Thanks for liking them. :-)

    Hain Sandeepa ... amar hubby Rajasthani. Ar na .. lilva kachoris are a Guajarati preparation ... the term lilva roughly means lentils. And the stuffing is usually of toor/arhar dal. :-)

    Thanks Priya! :-)

    What say you make some right away Vaishali? :-)

    Thanks Bharti! But made the Bengali version ... the spicier version will not be so green. :-)

    Rakhee ... parle ami e tomaye kore khawatam. Aaj e baniye felo. :-)

  11. Matar kachori,..yummy we prefer with subji,..thnks for sharin two version,..will try,..soon..

  12. Ommmaaaaa!!! Ki shundor shobuj shobuj Koraisutir puur ta dekha jachche! Uff..r parchina na kheye thakte :) gorom gorom fulko fulko kochuri...muaah! many many hugs!! Shotti khub sundor hoeche, and that shot! amazing!! Pls upload more n More!
    Btw, fulkopir teyl baniecho sune khub khusi holam :) Actually amar Ma bole diechilo recipe ta :) Tomar post dekhe khub khusi hoeche Ma :) Jethimar kache food blooging concept tai notun, ami onake nishchoi janabo onar recipe tomar bhalo legeche:

  13. I know you will Priyanka .. you have already tried two of my recipes. :-) Thanks! :-)

    :-) L ... ekta tule mukhe pure felo. :-) Khub shiggiri tomar kopir post asche. :-)

  14. Kachori with green peas filling looks delicious. I have never tried making kachori at home.Good one Sharmila :)

  15. This is new to me.. Looks absolutely delicious! Perfect and attractive.. Would like to grab some... Tempting!

  16. Sharmila..Lovely pics..this is an awesome dish.really authentic one.:)

  17. This looks lovely, like Vaishali I am going to be craving these the rest of the day too :-) Congrats on your award !

  18. ooooh..just look at that lovely stack of kachoris!
    While I have my share of spice cravings, for these I am all for the bengali version.

  19. Thanks a lot for liking the kachoris Pavithra, Anusriram, Varsha, Usha! :-)

    If ever I get the chance I'd love to make these for you Rashmi dear. :-)

  20. I was craving for koraishutir kochuri for a long time.. and yours were just perfect..almost like my mom's :)
    Made parathas instead of kochuris and they were absolutely awesome .
    Am eyeing the coconut chicken for sometime now ...will try your version and wait for all the compliments to pour in ...Thanks so much for all these recipes

  21. Am so glad you liked them Rumna! And thanks for coming back to let me know. :-)


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