Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Roasted Corn on the Cob

Ok ... come on with the brickbats ... you are most welcome to. :-)
I know this is a food blog ... am supposed to post food ... good food. Am supposed to be sweating it out in the kitchen ... dishing up goodies ... clicking snaps .... wracking my brains for a decent write .... and post it. And wait for the bouquets.

But what can I do? Am doing nothing of the sort. Am cooking the minimum ... sometimes crispy, crunchy and lip smacking deep fried stuff .... that too is devoured as soon as it is off the heat .... I don't feel like doing anything more than read and eat ..... read some more and eat .... and for a change .... eat ... and then read.
Ok ok ... maybe am exaggerating a little ... but then you do get the point, don't you? ;-)

And now .... cheating at its height .... am posting ... of all things .... a roasted corn! So c'mon all you good souls ... am ready for the brickbats.

But I really can't help it. This one thing has been my constant friend .... considering my laziness these days and my inclination to munch on something .... anything .... when with a book .... and the wet and dark weather outside making staying sane so difficult. I am having this as lunch, evening snack ... and at odd times in the weekends too. So thought of posting it. :-)

Not to mention that I can get away by writing only a little ... I really can't concentrate on anythign else when Ghulam Ali is belting out such soulful numbers. Got to give the great man some attention. ;-)

I love the sweet corn boiled and steaming hot .... with a huge dollop of butter on it. But most of the times I just roast it on an open flame .... since it is so sweet and is bursting with juices ... I do not overdo it ... just sear and char to get that burnt flavour ....
... and then rub it with a slice of lemon, sprinkle some salt and chilli powder and it is ready to be scrunched on ! :-)

So .... grab that bhutta (corn) now ... and go stand near the window or balcony and feel the cool freshness of the life giving rain on your face. And don't forget to thank god a little .... for ... well .... everything. :-)

See ya all soon ... with some very good stuff ... I promise. :-)


  1. Oh dear brought back some good old memories, oh how i miss having hot corn with lime , salt and redchilli powder..hmmm, there was a corn seller right next to my bldg and i remember having these almost everyday..especially on a rainy day!

  2. I can have this anytime of the day like u, I don't like what I make at home on gas stove but what bhuttawalahs make on big earthen stove...lovely click, sharmila

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  4. Bhutta is soul food.
    I can have it anywhere anytime.
    I also microwave it ( 6 mins)and smear it with butter, lime juice and salt. My younger daughter loves it.
    I personally prefer the roasted variety.
    The pic was very appetising.

  5. Wow - lovely.... I have such sweet memories of makka or corn...
    You write so well that I will read even if u dont post all the cooked stuff...
    So keep posting even if it is just musings...

  6. Back to basics, you don't need to sweat in the kitchen dear, reminding us of simple pleasures is more important

  7. Hey Sharmila how come you are posting such a delicious item & then posting a write up ... I can't read that much ( wanted to snach one )...I demand one roasted corn right now(pleeeeeeease) .

  8. perfect ona rainy day... i am sure you recollect the buttawallas at various corner of the town roasting bhuttas on the earthern stove... it looks as good as what the bhuttawalas make

  9. Yum! Love that! And hey, this is your space - blog about whatever you want! :)

  10. Hey ..Lovely looking too good :)

  11. My favorite, lovely with redchilli powder and salt.

  12. May be simple but it is one of the best rainy treats! I can completely relate to the fried stuff disappearing fast as it is the same here - tongues on wings!!

    I like the pics - bhuttas look like pearlies!

  13. bet bhutta tastes best in monsoon season.I miss the Indian kind,the sweet corn is quiet common here,which feels more like eating dessert to me :P

  14. bhutta mill gaya!!!
    i posted a bhutta recipe when we initially got the grill...i was so missin the bhuttawalas..My god..still it doesnt came out as great as my bhuttawala!!i crave for the bhuttas....bhuttas....im getting one today!!

  15. I love my bhuttas too sharmila, esp. rasta theke kena, nooon lebu makhano;-) ekhane corns are too sweet & soft, desher moton puRiye thik oi taste ashena. I like roasted better than boiled.

  16. corn season here too, love the pics :)

  17. Yum, roasted corn is one of summer's greatest treats, especially when it's rubbed all over with salt and lemon :).
    About your question on the oven temperature for the French bread, it is 450 degrees Fahrenheit which would be 232 degrees Celsius.

  18. Please check my blog for an award... Use your creative pen to adapt the rules as you wish! You deserve the award !

  19. hi Sharmila,
    Wow! bhuttas and fritters are the most 'in' thing for the rainy season :) I love it completely I could have it in any form...plain or spiced up :) and look at u lucky girl...gazals and drizzle/rains what a right set up for yummmy bhuttas :)beautiful snaps dearie :)
    Keep them coming!

  20. Thanks Parita! Go make one right away and enjoy! :-)

    Thanks Indrani! Right ... ununer roast e ekta alada sugondho thake tai na? :-)

    Thanks Aparna! The mw version is close to the boiled one .. I too prefer it roasted. :-)

    Thanks Somoo! Am not too much of a prose person or writer ... but such nice words are always encouraging. :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Simple er naame ekkebare cheating baji hoye gelo ei post ta. :-)

    Thanks Dolon! One roasted corn coming up! Snatch it right away. :-)

    Thanks Bergamot!

    Thanks Vani! Too nice of you. :-)

    Thanks Mangala Bhat! :-)

    Thanks A2Z! :-)

    Thanks Harini! How apt ... 'Tongues on wings' ... I like that line. :-)

    Thanks Yasmeen! The sweet corn is very common here too now adays ... in fact the one I made was belongs to that variety ... can't have more after reaching halfway. :-)

    Thanks Rush! I can see a lot of people are missing the bhuttawalas. :-)

    Thanks Soma! Ekhaneo ajkal mishti variety tai beshi pawa jacche store gulote ... plain gulo khete hole shei buttawalar kachei jete hobe. :-)

    Thanks Mandira! :-)

    Thanks Vaishali! And for the prompt answer too. :-)

    Thanks a lot Somoo! I have long given up accepting awards and tags ... but it sure is very thoughful of you. :-)

    Thanks Suparna! :-)

    All for you Raaaaaash! Great to see u here again ! :-)

  21. I love this soo much .. that is such a lovely click

  22. lovely re! never met anyone so far who would say no to a roasted bhutta like the one in your click :-)

  23. I'd kill for that right about now!!!

  24. Nothing beats roasted corn on a rainy day. Yummy!

  25. Thanks Samayalblog, Deesha, Joyeeta, Ranjani, Sucharita! :-)

  26. Hi... :) I am new to this blogging world, but I have visited your blog number of times before. The snaps are awesome and your write up is also very good. ami bhutta khub valobasi, eta dekhei amar khub khete iche korchilo. and we got 2 from an american store...planning to roast them soon :)
    Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

  27. Thanks Tulip for caring to leave a line! Do keep visiting. :-)

  28. Sure I will :)
    I made bhutta at home after reading ur post ... pls do visit sometime http://amader-rasona.blogspot.com/2009/08/strolling-down-memory-lane-with-broiled.html

    take care.

  29. I did visit and it is a great post Tulip. Thanks for the link too. Unfortunately there is some problem with your comment section ... so could not post a comment there inspite of two tries.

  30. Thanks. but i am not being able to figure out the problem, checked everything. i have disabled the text verification part, now i guess it is ok. could you pls try once more when u have time?? take care.


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