Friday, 31 July 2009

Tried making Onion Cookies / Crackers .... and loved them

Yippee! I baked these!

These extremely tasty and so very,very easy to make Onion Crackers come "Straight from Supriya's Red Chillies to Soma's eCurry" to Kichu Khon.

I loved this line by Soma so much ... made me think of the pass-it-on game .... that I just had to use it .... and the good lady said yes, I can! Thanks Soma! :-)

It was a very rainy day last Saturday. I was bored the afternoon through ... thought of rustling up something spicy and interesting. And then remembered these and decided to give them a try.

I went through both the recipes. For a change I curbed my experimentive side ... cannot say I was too inclined to too ... as this concerns baking, which gives me cold feet by default anyway.

Supriya has given a very good description and background for these. And yes, do heed to her warning ... these are really addictive. Soma echoes this too.
And I found it out for myself. And how! :-)

These are the easiest things that I have baked so far! I have omitted out a few things .... but they were way too tasty still.

I do not like sesame seeds .... so never have them at home.
I usually never have baking soda at home ... so again did not add it.
I did not add the cilantro / coriander leaves as I cannot eat them .... so almost never have them at home.
And I could not add the butter for the simple reason that I had run out of it ... and this decision to make these was impromptu.

Instead I threw in a few crushed Kasuri Methi into the dough. The awesome smell that fills the house when these start to bake has to be experienced to be really known.

Do go through both the recipes at Red Chillies and eCurry!

Here I am putting down the way I made them. Considering that they turned out so yummy inspite of my omitting so many ingredients, just imagine how they would be with the original recipe.

Need : Maida, chopped onions, chopped green chillies, some crushed Kasuri methi / dried fenugreek leaves, cooking oil, salt to taste and a little warm water.

How to : Mix together everything with a good amount of cooking oil. Use warm water to make a dough.

Take medium sized balls from the dough and roll them out like a thick roti. I used a little oil and dry flour alternately to roll out.

Prick with a fork all over.
Cut into small pieces with a cookie cutter or any small sized round thing ... I used a small jam bottle cover.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F ... that comes to 162.777777.... degrees C. So I stuck to my favorite oven temperature ... between 150 to 160 degrees C.

Do keep an eye on the cookie batch when baking though ... they will be done even though they still look whitish ... and a few more extra minutes will brown them too much.

Grease a baking tray . Place the cut cookies on it and bake at the same temperature for around 20 minutes.

These little munchies are way too delicious! And if eaten warm, right when you bring them out from the oven .... you won't feel like stopping .... ever. :-)

I surprised hubby with these after his afternoon snooze .... and this was the perfect snack for a rainy evening!

We had them with my very favourite  Onion and Tomato chutney. And washed them down with some hot ginger tea later. :-)

Too good! Am going to make these again ... the best part about this recipe is it is totally hassle free! :-)

Believe me folks .... if you have not tried these out yet ... in this monsoon ... you are missing out on something!


  1. Yeah, guilt-free snacking rocks! :)

  2. HEHEEHEEE.. another one hooked. I like the idea of kasuri methi! actually the procedure is so easy that it is worth trying out with a lot of different flavors. That bite with the tomato chutney looks awesome.

    Thanks for SO many mentions Sharmila.

  3. why didnt u post the recipe too..will try them...super cool evening snack right?
    love ur choice of recipes and dishes u pick out..we have similiar tastes!!

  4. Very true Vani ... anything that is not related to pakodas ... read deep frying ... is always a refreshing change. And thanks! :-)

    Am completely hooked Soma. And u r right ... it can be versatile too. And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Rush! Good to know that ... though I was sure my travel bug knows your travel bug.:-)
    And yes, I have updated the post with my version of the recipe. :-)

  5. Looks delicious, that too with the chutney combo.

  6. And it has turned out really really well..Iam donno when Iam oing to make these...very addictive huh?

  7. haha...actually RC also seems to have taken it from cookcollections! this is like a passing game...very good..I am very tempted to make these...and its a wonder you made with the number of items missing ..:)...

  8. I just love them..we call it baking nippat,speciality of bangalore bakeries..looking yummy..
    Thanks for dropping by @ my blog..

  9. I just love this cookie ... Guilt free & tasty ...

  10. Yum Yum Yum..Would love to munch on something like that..

    Work from home

  11. "taking a bow" thank you so much for trying this Sharmila and glad you liked it.

    This came to our kitchen right from Ramya's Kitchen, and so glad that it is doing the rounds.
    I liked your variation as well.

  12. Dropping in to say hi...the crackers look yum..I think I've tried out this recipe.

  13. Thanks A2Z, Sumi, Prathibha, Dolon, Workhard! :-)

    Thanks Srivalli! Do try them once .. they are too easy to make and very tasty! :-)

    Much thanks to you RC for this wonderful thing! :-) My variation had so less stuff in it yet was so good ... am sure yours would be tastier. :-)

    Thanks Bharti! Great to see you here again! Hope you are doing well. :-)

  14. I love these too though i still have to try it but the flavors in it sounds sooo delicious!


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