Monday, 12 October 2009

Whole Wheat Eggless Banana Cookies

( Vegans can use soy milk or plain lukewarm water.)

Am into cookie baking big time these days. Both sweet and savory.
Mostly sweet since the man of the house is starting normal routine these days.
That means going out ... mostly to office. That means carrying homemade stuff ... no outside food.
That means home made snacks.
It took me some time and brain wracking as to what snack could be taken from home that is packed in the morning and will stay good enough till evening.

And then decided biscuits are the best option. So am baking cookies / biscuits these days.

These cookies are healthy .... using whole wheat flour and very little cooking oil. They turned out perfect and are great to carry along with.

I threw in a handful of dry raisins too. But while baking they puffed up like small balloons ... and I realised my mistake. The cookies were too dainty to hold their weight. Next time will run them in a blender / chopper first and then mix into the dough.

I was so fascinated with the sugar not melting in the oven heat when I made these cookies the last time that I went overboard and threw in a lot of sugar this time. Loved the crunch in every bite. :-)

Need : 1 and a half cup of whole wheat flour, 1 pureed ripe banana,
a little cooking oil ... around 1 tbsp ( only a little for the dough to stay moist), 1 tsp baking powder,
a few tbsp sugar ... around 3 tbsp ... (I did not want them to be too sweet), some more sugar to spread on the cookies, milk ... around half a medium cup ( use just enough to knead the dough ).

I forgot to add vanilla essence ... and it turned out to be a boon. The mild flavour of the banana would not have been evident otherwise.

How to : Knead everything together to make a dough like we make for rotis.

Take a medium sized ball of dough and roll out a thickish circle ... like a big roti. You can use flour to dust when rolling.

Prick with a fork all over ( this way the cookies won't puff up ).

Sprinkle some sugar all over and pat it down.

Cut with a cookie cutter ... or any small sized bottle cap will do.

Oil a baking tray or use a baking sheet. Arrange the cookies on it.

Pre heat oven at 160 degrees C and bake in the same temperature for around 20 minutes.


See you all after Diwali friends. Have a great time this festival of lights !!

Happy Diwali !! :-)


  1. Oh crunchy yummy cookies...
    I love your naration - hmmm I say that with each of your posts I think... Really amazing story telling with yummy food...

  2. Nice eggless banana cookies.

  3. Shramila, Happy Diwali to you too.
    These cookies are a delicious snack for carrying to the office. Will he get a piece for himself or will the coworkers have a go before that?

  4. Glad to hear, you are getting into a normal routine. Lovely biscuits and i am surely going to try them out. There is not much sugar or butter and are guilt free, surely fits my bill.

  5. Thanks for the comment Sharmila.Yes,the jam hardens up a bit or rather after bubbling in the oven becomes non sticky and you can store the cookies for a couple of days.

    The cookies are excellent.Love the first pic esp.

  6. Dear Sharmila
    Very nice recipe and the back ground narration. You mean to say Man of the house will get only cookies between Breakfast and diner?? So lucky, I don't get anything even.
    I am tempted to get into baking of confectioneries. I have only baked a simple (Paati in Bangai)cake and recently I have baked the PoDo Pitha.
    I shall try this one (God willing and my boss (wife) permitting, it is her dept)
    Have nice Diwali and God bless you all and forever. ( We will be having Laxmi Puja)

  7. Thanks Somoo! and I love to hear it everytime. :-)

    Thanks Prasu, Tina! :-)

    Thanks ISG! Hmm ... that is something to think about. :-)

    Thanks A2Z! I forgot to mention the sugar in the recipe ... have updated the post. :-)

    Thanks a lot Curry Leaf! Am going to try them out soon. Will let you know. :-)

    Thanks Mr.Ushnish! No ... he gets to eat homemade lunch too. :-)

  8. Am a huge fan of banana cookies too. Nice idea to throw on a lot of sugar to make them crunchy. They look delicious.

  9. Bananas in cookies must have given an added fluffiness. Isn't the man of the house lucky?!!

  10. Sharmila,
    cookies look so delicious ...the sugar crystals do add nice crunch to the cookies ....
    hugs and smiles

  11. Lovely cookies!The sugar crystals adorn the cookies so perfectly!

  12. Yummy cookies... Looks delicious!

  13. Shramila

    Exact measurement ta debe please, next time banale. Ami to baking er master, gondogol kore felbo

    Happy Diwali

  14. tumi ki bhalo bhalo jinish banacho:-) amar oven ekhono kharap. egulo dekhei ei chilly weather e khete ichey korechey, chai er shathe.

    Happy Diwali to both of you!

  15. good sugar dose to keep u going in office huh???
    love the cookies...everyone must be coming at ur desk saying"its cookie time"

  16. Thanks Vaishali, Harini, Jaya, Shri, AnuSriram, VS, Soma, Rush! :-)

    Sandeepa ... ami ei recipe te measurements diyechi .. shudhu sugar ta ektu andaz er opor rekhechi .. tumi ekbar kore dekho ... cookie kora shotti khub easy ... cake er moton oto complicated noye.
    Believe me ... kono gondogol hobe na. Ekti bar try kore dekho. :-)

  17. Loved that eggless version dear...looks great..

    Regarding ur query I have updated the post regarding rice rava preparation.It is not rice flour,rice is coarsely ground into a rawa to form rice rawa and then sieve it.

  18. Cookiesgulo sotti asadharon dekhte hoeche. ami akbari cookies bake korte gechilam khete mondo hayni tabe tray theke tulte gelei bhenge jachilo. tumi ki cookie sheet use korecho? eta akbar try korbo especially amar sasuri maa er jonyo, uni dim khan na.
    ami anekdin pare abar regular habar chesta korchi tabe oi sabi chele ghumole para jorole tabei. akhon bhalo ache se.
    tomader Diwali'r anek shubhechcha.

  19. hearty, crunchy looking cookies! Happy diwali tomake-o.

  20. Hii...ashakori pujo khub valo keteche :) I got busy since last few weeks, so cudnt visit other blogs nor could post myself. but anekdin pore eshe khub valo lagche cookie gulo dekhe. banabo banabo kore hoyei uthche n...but I must try this one !!

    Amay ajkal lunch niye berote hoche...aage to Ma kore dito...ekhon nijeke vabte hoche ki neoa jay. bhat chara ar onyo ki neoa jay...idea dao na pls :D ( i mean, post some recipes :P )

    snaps are great !! Subho Deepabali :)

  21. Thanks Prathibha! Will try it out and let you know. :-)

    Sayantani ... bhalo laglo tomaye ekhane abar dekhe. :-) Ami baking tray tei korechi ... kono sheet use korini.
    Baking soda beshi hoye bhenge jawar bhoye thake.

    Thanks Mandira! :-)

    Thanks Tulip! Nischoi idea debo and post o korbo. :-)

    Thanks Avisha! :-)

  22. wish u the same,..cookies look yum

  23. Sharmila,
    wish you and yours happy deepawali ...kali pujo bhalo kore katio....hubby to tumaar rajasthani na..tahole to onek bhalo kore celebrate koro with all the rituals hain na?
    hugs and smiles

  24. Wow..looks crunchy and yum....Happy and safe Diwali.

  25. Those look great! Happy Diwali dear Sharmila! Have a blessed and happy new year.

  26. Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Jaya! Haan ... Diwali is huge for us .. complete with Lakshmi puja and all. :-)

    Thanks KF! :-)

    Thanks Bharti! :-)

  27. Shubho deepavalir shubhechcha janai tomader du janke..I'm back from vacation..

  28. Only the fact that I hate bananas is holding me back from trying this recipe. But I have to say you are as good a food photographer as you are an innovative cook. Your food pics invariably look awesome.

  29. Lovely cookies :-)
    Hope you had a grt diwali :-)

  30. baarite banaalam..using ur recipe...thanks a million...really crunchy!

  31. Thanks Indrani! WB. :-)

    Thanks U R! :-)

    Thanks Sunetra! You can skip the bananas and add vanilla essence and have plain cookies. :-)

    Thanks Parita! :-)

    Glad you liked them Rakhee. Thanks for leaving a line here. :-)


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