Sunday, 20 September 2009

Coffee Cookies

"Didi, do you go for mendikur pendikur?"
"Mendi what?"
"Mendi kur."

That was my maid.
Of course, who waits on whom is a very debatable topic. She has been with me for a very long time and has at some point decided that she is indispensable. Worse ... that she is my guardian.

So I have to listen to her constant chatter. And constant comparision with every single lady she comes across or works for.
I have to put up with her. Why? I don't know.

Maybe am not too adventurous when it comes to judging people ... I have my scars ... so the very thought of interviewing a new one and getting used to a new person in the house gives me cold feet.

Besides, this one won't leave me.
And when I need her, she is nowhere around.

On this particualr day, I am angry. I yell at her for being late. So she is sweet talking.

"Bolo na didi ... aap ko mendikur pendikur nahi accha lagta?"

I am exasperated.
"What on earth is mendikur pendikur ?!!"

"Arey! You don't know?!! Mendikur pendikur karo toh nakhun saaf karke dete hain. Nakhun acche dikhte hain! Aur nail palish bhi laga kar dete hain!"

I look at my nakhun ... nails. They seem pretty clean to me. And 'acche' too.

"Nail polish?!"

And then she says .... so and so didi went to have mendikur pendikur ... keeping the kid with her. So she was late.

I had already started laughing by then. And could not stop. I knew what she was trying to tell.

Mendikur pendikur .... manicure and pedicure!!!!
So there. A new word that is already doing the rounds amongst my cousins and friends. :-)

This recipe is long overdue. I had posted a snap in this post ... but for lack of time could not post the recipe sooner.

Right after I made the Onion Cookies, I was so taken by the easy procedure that Iwanted to make some sweet cookies.

Did not give much thought and went ahead with ... horror ... my coffee cake recipe. Only this time I did not add milk and just made a dough with the egg.

And they turned out just great! I had added baking powder, so they puffed up a little and were slightly crumbly .... and the coffee gave the much loved slightly strong flavour.

For the recipe
..... just follow this. But skip the milk. I added eggs to give the necessary moisture ... but not too much. Just enough to make a dough.

For the cookies : Take medium sized balls from the dough and roll them out like a thick roti.

I used a little oil and dry flour alternately to roll out. Prick with a fork all over. Cut into small pieces with a cookie cutter or any small sized round thing ...

I used a small jam bottle cover. Preheat oven and bake at 160 degrees C.
Or check out the process here.

And so my cookie jar holds cookies now. Finally! :-)

Wish you all a very happy and enjoyable Durga Puja & Navaratri dear friends !! :-)


  1. I am sure nobody can resist this delcious cookies.

  2. Ha ha .. mendikur pendikur :) Reminds me - I badly am in need of one of each :)
    Nice to see cookies in the cookie jar. Mine have never held cookies so far :)

  3. I had been dreaming of those cookies, since you posted the pictures sometime back... This is what food blogging does to you - dream of food!
    Great looking cookies, might try without the eggs though - dont know if it will work...

  4. Sharmila, hnaaste hnaaste pete byatha hoye gelo..:-D "mendikur pendikur" shunei hnaashi peye gechilo, but after further reading i am laughing even more..

    brilliant idea to make sweet cookie.. coffee sounds awesome. arjun is going to love this!

  5. Cookies look lovely and an interesting write up. Couldn't stop laughing.

  6. nice and yummy..mendikur haha..nice reading the write up..

  7. mendikur pendikur - that has been bringing smiles since yesterday....

  8. I really need a pendikur very badly. My feet look ugly and I am thinking how bad they will look when I wear the brand new kantha stich saree this puja. Might as well do a pendikur too. Only thing is I lack patience to go through the whole procedure.
    Cookies look yummy. But I do not have an oven, yet. My kitchen in Mumbai is so tiny that I have not been able to figure out where to keep the oven if I buy it. But since the elder one loves baking and cooking, seriously thinking of giving in to her demand.

  9. These look good and the crumbly texture just adds to the attraction. But I am going for the savory kind - the onion cookies.

  10. Forgot to add, don't let that maid go. She seems irresistible ;)

  11. Sharmila,
    Wish you too a very happy Puja. Cookies look awesome :), wish I could just steal that jar from your kitchen :D

  12. Yeah Happy C ... even we had finished them in two days. :-)

    Lol Vani. :-)

    You can add milk if you are making them without the eggs Somoo. I hope you like them ... since you have been waiting for the recipe for long. :-)

    Lol Soma. Amar toh otake samlatei pagol howar jogar. Tomar recipe ekhon amake cookie niye obssessed rakhche. :-)

    Thanks A2z, Soumya S.! :-)

    Lol Somoo. :-)

    Don't worry about that pendikur Aparna .. especially since you will be in that kantha stitch saree. :-)
    If you seriously want an oven in the kitchen, why not put up a small plank on a wall and put it there? :-)

    Lol ISG. She is a rare piece. ;-) And am with you ... love savory anyday. :-)

    Thanks Sudeshna! :-)

    Thanks Parita! :-)

  13. cookies are always delicious..looks good..

  14. New beauty buzzwords :) Coffee in cookie I would finnish the jar!

  15. i want a cookie jar with all the coffe cookies and few onion cookies...loved how they came out...ekdum pro!

  16. That was a funny read, Sharmila. Your maid/guardian sounds delightful :)
    And how delicious are those cookies? Would love two, three, four or a dozen of those now!

  17. Ha ha funny reading sharmi,by the way cookie in jar please parcel me..looks gorgeous..

  18. Ha ha funny reading sharmi,by the way cookie in jar please parcel me..looks gorgeous..

  19. Sharmila,
    that was way too funny :)..
    cookies looks very delicious ...
    pujor Shubecha O priti janae ...hugs and smiles

  20. Thanks Srivalli, Cham, Rush, Vaishali, Pavithra, Nithya, Chitra, Jaya! :-)

    Tomaro pujo khub bhalo katuk Jaya. :-)

  21. great cookies come after a nice mendicure pendicure...

  22. This is too funny :D Ami prothome bhebechi kichu Navratri'r anushthan hobey !!!

    Tomakeo janai Shubho Durga Pujo, pujor janya "mendikur pendikur" koriye niyo ;-)

  23. :D:D..I got what she meant in the first line itslef..When I was in Pune,I've heard so much of this accent a gud laugh Sharmi..:D
    ..n those cookies look like perfect bites with tea..I am not a cookie fan n never had even biscuits..yea..m weird..:P

  24. Coffee cookies - perfect !! I love the coffe flavour in cookies and cakes...this one is bookmarked...
    And your maid sounds amazing...they are all indispensible, right ? I have one who wants to enrol in a beauty school to do 'saaf-safayee' for others and make money !

  25. Hee hee...amio vabchi pujor aage barite haat-pa ghose meje nebo..thuri...mendikur pendikure korbo nije nije :D

    daarun dekhte hoyeche cookies...amio kayekdin dhore vabchi cookies banabo, had bought a cookie mix long long back, after thats done, will try yours :)

    Shubho Sharadiya :)

  26. ROFL..mendikur pendikur.
    love the idea of coffee in cookies.

  27. aami koto baar eshe ei post ta pode haashte haashte beriye gechhii...aami joto baar podchhii, haath paayer oboshtha taa ekbaar dekhe nichhii :-)
    badly in need of both...kintu kii kori badite korbaar naa aachhe shomoy naa aachhe ichhe, aar baire$50 khorchha korbaar moton shahosh aaj porjonto hoy nii :-)
    Sharmila, cookies gulo dekhe bheeshon bhabe inspired feel korchii, but at the same time feeling worthless karon aito ichhe thekeo aamar kichhooii bake kora hochhe naa, oi bodi gulo banaabo bhebechhilaam, shetaao hoye othe nii :(

  28. Thanks Sangeeta! :-)

    Lol Sandeepa! Shubho Sharadiya! :-)

    Wow Varsha! You got it! :-)

    Right Arch ... they are indispensable. Your one sounds way ahead! :-)

    Shubho Saradiya tomakeo Tulip. :-)

    Lol Yasmeen. :-)

    Jaak ... amar lekha ta sarthok holo ... eto lok ke hashate parlam ... ki bolo J? :-)
    Arey ekbar ti try koro na ... dekhbe koto tuku shomoye lage ... ar koto bhalo lage. Tomar chanagulor jonne baniyefelo. :-)

  29. Mendikur, pendikur.. so funny Sharmila. Sharadiya Shubhechha... enjoy the pujo!

  30. A funny and a great read, Sharmila!I will never forget this..And the cookies look so delectable!Cute in the jar!

  31. Happy durga puja to u Sharmila,..cookie slook so yum...

  32. Haha! I was wondering whether it was something to do with mehndi!

    Your maid reminds me of Miranda's housekeeper in 'Sex and the City'! I don't whether you watch it but the scene is something similar, only that the housekeeper is not happy with Miranda not getting married!

    I remember that picture, and the recipe looks good!

  33. Tomakeo Sharod shubheccha ar Shubho Bijoya Mandira! :-)

    Lol Shri. And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Lol Harini. :-)


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