Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lal Shaak diye Moong Dal / Red Spinach cooked with lentils

This is a very simple dish that I tossed up with some Red spinach leaves or Amaranth leaves lying about in my kitchen for a while now. I often make these leaves or Lal shaak, as it is known as in Bengali, the usual way ... cook it in a little mustard oil with crushed garlic and whole dry red chillies. And love it with rice.

But just after soaking the leaves in water this time, I realised I haven't cooked rice. It was not even on the menu for the day. I can't eat certain things with rotis ... and leafy veggies are one of them.

Then I saw the moong dal I had soaked earlier ... for a different thing altogether. Used that with the leaves and came up with this wonderful dryish dish . :-)

Without too many ingredients , it was quick to cook and was great as a side dish.

Need : Red spinach leaves ... cleaned and chopped, yellow moong dal / dehusked moong or mung lentils , sliced onions, sliced garlic, jeera / cumin seeds, haldi / turmeric powder, a little red chilli powder, lemon juice, salt to taste, cooking oil.

How to : Soak the moong dal ... the longer, the better. Ok ... say for around 2 - 3 hours.

Heat a little oil in a pan / kadahi / wok. Add the jeera and then the sliced onion and garlic together. Fry for a while ... do not brown.

Add the chopped leaves. Add a little salt .... very little ... just so the leaves leave water and cook well. Fry well till the leaves are well cooked and there's no raw smell.

Drain the dal from the water and add it to the cooked leaves. Add haldi, chilli powder, salt and stir well.
( Remember you have already added a little salt earlier ) .

Add a little water .... just so it skims the surface of the dal, cover and cook for a while.

Remember to remove cover and check that it does not burn. If needed add a little water from time to time.

Cook till dal is well done. It should not be mushy ... yet will break easily when held between the fingers.

Turn off heat and add some lemon juice.

Serve hot ... goes great with both rice and rotis or parathas. Do give this try folks !

Am signing off on a wistful note ... I so wish the lurkers would delurk. How much does it take to leave a line after all?

Take care all !! :-)

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  1. some of this for dinner would be just perfect tonight. no mood to cook :(

    btw, its awesome that the eggless version of bb came out great! :)

  2. Much thanks Nags! Yes it was too good ... I'll post it the next time ... ate up every crumb this time. :-)

  3. looks so healthy and yum Sharmila..
    hugs and smiles

  4. the pictures look just great and with lemon juice added it will be a nice dish which i can eat by itself..
    but where all the color of laal shak has colors everything red as i have seen.

  5. looks so yum... I don't like spinach, but with dal the taste gets so good!
    Lovely simple dish...

  6. hey this looks very interesting. And original too. I remember having laal shaak as a kid in Calcutta.

    I don't mind alu methi with roti I must say

  7. that is indeed a simple by very tasty dish, Amaranth leaves do add a special taste.

  8. Thanks Jaya! :-)

    Thanks Sangeeta! Maybe because I fried it well first. :-)

    Thanks Somoo! :-)

    Thanks Kalyan! Nah .. I like rice with that too. :-)

    Thanks ISG! :-)

  9. Love dal made like this, looks so delish.

  10. Healthy combination....Looks perfect.

  11. Bah! Besh interesting way to cook lal shaak!!
    Try korbo..

  12. Dear Sharmila
    Very nice dish. The red Amaranth (red data sag) loses color with dal and other preparations.
    The real lal sag looks green, small leaves, but its veins are red. This sag will make your rice even red while eating sag bhaja.

  13. dishta fatafati dekhte hoeche. amio shaak die roti khete parina. ebhabe kakhano daal banai ni. laal shak lagiechi ebare akbar banie khabo.

  14. wheres the stir-fry!!!
    (stomps feet and walks away)

  15. oohh..that sounds like a really tasty medley of flavors and textures.

  16. palong shaak diye muung dal banayi ar laal shak bhaja.. this is between the 2 & really good. Amar erokom whole mung bhalo laage besh nuts er moton. will make it next summer when i have the shaak amar yard e. ami palak paneer chara kono shaak ruti diye khete parina.

  17. Sharmila, great great recipe and really healthy...spinach dal baniyechi..then why not lal shak dal...amar o shak diye ruti bhalo lage na..but this way not bad..great innovative recipe dear

  18. Thanks Happy, Tina, Priyanka, Sharmistha, Mr.Ghosh, Sayantani, A2Z, Bharti, Soma! :-)

    Lol ... come back Rush ... in the next post ... promise. :-)

  19. Looks interesting, will try this. I love lal-shaak with rice and kashundi.
    Whatever happened to the italian dishes?

  20. That indeed looks very delicious, i have made moong dal with spinach but never tried with Red spinach, got to try next time :-)

  21. Thanks Aparna! Aha ... gorom gorom lal shaak bhaja ar kasundi! Your recipes are coming up soon. :-)

    Thanks Parita! This was an impulsive try ... but came out very well. :-)

  22. Ke bollo lal-shaak ar kasundi..aha boro bhalo jinis

    Ei rokom mung kokhono korini, shundor lagche

  23. Delicious, Sharmila, and healthy. Can't beat that!

  24. looks so good Sharmila! reminds me of home...

  25. That is a great way to use spinach. Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Like the combination of lal shaak with moong...planning to cook all the leafy vegetables when I visit India next. Hopefull the rains will not spoil my plan. This is absolutely healthy and nutritious vegetable side.

    1. I will say an Amen to that Preeti. I'll pray that the rains just increase your fun while you are here. :-)


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