Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chanaa Dal with Lauki / Lentils with Bottle Gourd

Recently , on FB, came across Plagiarism related to food blogs and was once again touched at how close knit a circle food bloggers are. ( Am no longer on FB ).

And this was just a couple of days after I helpfully instructed a new blogger on how one should not be copying text from other blogs ... it is always good to write your own stuff since you are anyway cooking the whole thing.

I was also prudent enough to mail her and not write anything publicly on her comment form ... she had been trying out my recipes but was picking up my whole text of the recipes.

I know most new bloggers have no idea of this thing and are indignant that they have no intention of 'stealing'. They do not realise a lot of things ... just assume that since something is available on the net ... it is for everybody.

They do not realise it is for everybody to see ... not to use.

So new blogger takes offence. Does not realise what would happen if somebody starts to make a hue and cry.
But I know ... if she sticks around for a while in the Food blogging world, she will soon learn.

Moving on, I'll rant some more. Do note ... this is not for you if you have left a line here even once.

This is for those who visit my blog numerous times a day ... well ... what do you think of 138 returning visits to one particular recipe? ... yet have never left a line.

I see people coming here ... moving from one page to another ... taking just enough time needed to read a post ... leaving through a number of posts, blogs and even widgets.
Yet ... not a line. Not a good word ... or for that matter am ready to take bad words too.
They come here with recipe as well as "Kichu Khon" or " Sharmila Kichu Khon" or "Sharmila food blog" etc. etc. searches ... and still do not leave a line.

And if they get stuck somewhere ... they'll mail me. Why not write on my comment section? This is where I have posted ... other people will also benefit from your doubts. But no.

I guess they think since this is a free for all space, why bother giving a thought ( I seriously doubt if they are capable of thoughts too ) or go to the comment section and type out a few lines.
So I have decided to ignore all those irresponsible, lazy, free stuff hoggers.

Yes, am very angry.

Today's recipe has been sitting in the drafts ... notice the wonderful sunshine and shadows ... I must have clicked it sometime during winter. But don't know why never posted it.

There was a search for "Chana dal with Lauki" ... or was it " Lau diye Chana dal" ... on my blog recently. I felt bad that someone must have been disappointed.

So decided to post this first .... and then post the other delicacies that am making this monsoon. :-)

This is a very simple and quick to make dryish dish. The only time taken is by the Chana Dal to soak ... the rest can be done in a jiffy.

Need :
Chana Dal / Bengal gram lentils
Lauki / Bottle gourd - cut into small cubes
Onion - chopped into medium sized pieces
Garlic - chopped finely ( optional )
Tomatoes - chopped into medium sized pieces
Cooking oil
Jeera / Cumin seeds
Hing / Asafeotida
Haldi / Turmeric powder
Red chilli powder
Garam masala powder
Some Black Peppercorns
Salt to taste
Sugar - a small pinch
Water to cook

How to :

Soak the dal in enough water for around 3-4 hours. If you preplan ... then preferable over night.

Heat oil in a kadahi / wok.
Add the jeera, peppercorns and the hing.

Add the chopped onions (and garlic, if using ) and fry till the onions lose the raw flavour.
Now add the dal, the lauki pieces, haldi and salt.
Stir fry well for a while.
Add water till it skims the surface.

Cover and cook till the dal and the lauki is done.
If needed, add a little water at a time.

Add the tomatoes and the chilli powder, cover and cook for some more time.

When done, add some garam masala, give a final stir and remove from heat.

Serve hot.
Goes great with hot rotis or parathas.
Have a great week all !!


  1. Simple n yum...perfect with rice...I do almost same way too :)

  2. Sharmila, looks like something is got your goat. I can relate to the feelings you express exactly. Never you mind.

    Lauki is always a dime a dozen (manner of speaking that is) around here, yesterday I spend a good amount of time looking for it and could not find it anywhere. This recipe sounds simple but oh so good.

  3. I understand the anger, I have numerous people visiting my blog and they never write in. Some of them are very regular, they log in almost everyday, from far away places like Canada, but I am yet to receive a single comment.
    This lau- dal is very nice. i am sure it will taste heavenly, will make soon.

  4. I learnt to cook this dish from my Maharashtrian mother-in-law, but have never used onion in it. Will try out your recipe with onion. Your explanation on plagiarism and new blogger was really detailed and informative. Thanks again

  5. hmm..yup the pics are really bright and tempting. Used to love chana dal lauki, i think its time to start making it again:)

  6. aha aha aha ki sundor parota die nay ami luchiu die khabo.

  7. :-) I had been wondering where u disappeared in FB since one day I wanted to write to that i could not leave a comment in your blog (in the mung dal post) it kept redirecting me to the same page without submitting. anyway hope u did not leave fb for any kind of offensive reason.

    i have stopped looking at my stats .. too frustrating. and yes it does feel good that someone leaves a comment and mentions. I have seen a lot of non bloggers are courteous enough to let me know if they tried something out. how nice!

    I have stopped bothering in life about other people and actually stopped all kinds of expectations.. that helps a lot in dealing with myself when i feel bad. same goes to blogging.. esp. now since i am not getting time to visit other blogs and the so called friends have quietly disappeared. well who cares... not me.

    A does not like lauki. So this is for me. will make this sometimes. love the color.

  8. Thanks Priti! :-)

    Lol Indo ... I was really mad. :-)

    Aparna ... Canada bloggers have posted my recipes too .. nah .. no mention of me. :-)

    Madhu ... this is from my in-laws too. :-)

    Rashmi ... cannot say I love it too ... but hubby's fav. :-)

    Sayantani ... luchi! ... luchi! ... anyday. :-)

    Thanks Soma! Felt better with this. Na ... nothing offensive on FB. :-)

  9. Sharmila, onions are new for me in this recipe. My Dida's cook used to make this Lau-Daal, I am not sure if she did use pyaaj.

    P.S. Canada bloggers are not all that bad you know. :-((

  10. Dear Sharmila
    ekta Porikha niye byasto...recipe ta PoDe eto bhalo laglo..( garlic optional rekhhechho , kintu ami ek bar use Kore dekhte chai,,,)
    Hopefully will be back around July 10th.
    Your reaction on blog thieves is quite intersting reading...just ignore...they are not the worth of your attention..tai na
    bhalo theko

  11. Lol Pree ... I know. :-)
    Arey ami kokhono strictly recipe mani na ... besides eta ami amar shoshur bari theke e shikhechi. ;-)

    Ushnishda ... I use garlic and love it. It isn't loved much by my in-laws ... from where I learnt this dish ... hence the option. :-)

  12. Hello,

    I keep browsing for recipes in various food blogs. Just to try out a new method or sometimes faster one. I do not usually comment because I'm not sure what to write. I do come back and comment if I have tried a recipe. Just to let the person know whether it worked or whether I had a problem or if I had a query. This is my new year resolution as previously I was not doing that and then realised that I'm stealing people's recipes and not acknowledging their goodness of heart in sharing the recipe with the world. Maybe there are more like me. I just wanted to tell you that not everyone is selfish and thoughtless, its just they probably dont realise.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and also the wonderful pictures that come with them

  13. hey! Sharmila,

    my first time here but so totally relate to all you're talking about in the post, newbies on the block, copying, copyrights and people not leaving comments :)

    Your pictures are lovely.....

    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
    Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

  14. Oh ho! I stumbled upon your blog from bong cook's blog and got so scared reading this post!! Ha ha ha ha. So even before I scrolled down to the recipe, I quickly decided to comment. No really, I do like your recipes listed. And chanaa dal with lauki is also such a fvourite in north-indian christian homes. And so, it reminds me much of my mother's house. Will certainly try it,and also be back often. And will comment too. Promise. :)

  15. Dear Sharmila,
    I am writing in to put in my two cents...I am not a blogger, but I read blogs. And, I share your sentiments against mindless plagiarism.
    But, I also wanted to tell you something...I think one blogs because he/she likes doing it. It is already good as is, right? Comments are just the silver lining and not actually determinants of its excellence...So, I would tell you, even if people don't comment, don't get worked up...some people like getting praised for cooking up someone else's recipes....just keep on blogging...My best wishes for the same....loves...

  16. great recipe...love the combo.well penned post

  17. Hi Sharmila,

    You have a gr8 food blog and I must congratulate you for that. I am new to the food blog sphere but I have always tried to keep my write ups and recipes original ............ I do empathize with you with people visiting the site but never leaving a word !! Your anger is totally justified.
    Non the less I luv your blog and would like to see new posts often

    Satrupa (fellow blogger :) )

  18. Thanks everybody for writing in. And those of you who thought my post is about plagiarism ... it is not. It is about lurkers. :-)

  19. Sharmila...its just a way of life I guess, sum appreciate n sum don't.It happens wit me all de time..surprisingly ppl who happen to be close fnds too use n abuse de blog....but wat can I say. However i also agree to wat Gayathri rightly said...many a times it is not intentional.
    But it is always good to ignore such stuff....since few things of this virtual world is not in our hands.

    BTW lauki dal is my type of comfort food...tho not a fan of it...but like to enjoy it with hot phulkas on a cold nite.

  20. i absolutely abhor lurkers and plagiarists. it is unbelievable how many people lurk around just for juicy tidbits. this especially form people who know you. I understand when someone is shy and doesn't want to comment, but I don;t understand when this shy person comes back to your blog every single days, but never thinks of telling you a word or two about all the entertainment I provide her :D.
    leave be! by the way have you ever upon my food blog?

  21. Thanks Chetana! :-)

    Exactly my thoughts KG. :D
    And yup ... have been there ... guess have left a line or two too. Lovely place. :-)

  22. Dear Sharmila,
    I was looking for a lau-based recipe for dinner tonight...baari te chana dal bhijiye office e elaam...and your recipe here provided the perfect foil to my dinner plans tonight!
    Thank you :)

  23. Hi Sharmila, its my first time to ur blog. I usually avoid cooking indian food as it takes lot of time..but ur lauki recipe seems great..just decided to make it now..thank you..and keep up the good work :)

  24. Thank you Anu ghosh and Aditi for leaving such nice words here. :-)

  25. Dear Sharmila,
    Do not not whether cooking is an art or science...You seems to be master at it...Wonderful illustration..I am going to cook this recipe of lau with chana dal..may be I would add some boris...Take Care..Sushovon..

  26. Dear Sharmila,
    Do not not whether cooking is an art or science...You seems to be master at it...Wonderful illustration..I am going to cook this recipe of lau with chana dal..may be I would add some boris...Take Care..Sushovon..

  27. Dear Sharmila,
    Great effort from your side, keep it up...I am going to cook lau with chana dal today ...following your recipe...may be I would add some fried boris in the last...
    Thanks for the receipe...
    (PS- Do not know for sure as of yet if cooking is an art or science...)

  28. Thank you Sushovon! Hope you like it. I do add boris to lau but only when I cook it the Bengali way. Do let me know how this turns out with the addition of the boris. :-)

  29. This reminds me of my aai's sabji that tasted just so awesome with hot phulkas ;)..

    Thanks mam.. The more I am reading your blog.. The more I am getting addicted


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