Saturday, 24 July 2010

Au Revoir

Sorry for the abrupt post dear folks.
And the abrupt good bye.

I may not post again in the near future.
I do hope to be back someday ... but am hoping against hope.

So many things left unsaid.
So many things left unshared.
So many thanks not said.

Before I disappear I want to thank everybody who has one time or the other mentioned Kichu Khon and me on their blogs.
Who have trusted me and my recipes and tried them.
And have written warm and glowing words about them, me and my blog.

I do not want any one of you to worry unnecessarily ... so am explaining that it is not due to any bad comments or anything else that am stopping.
The reasons are purely personal.

Take care dear friends.
This blog has been heaven to me ... letting me be myself.

And all of you have been life to me ... each one a breath of pure air.
Loving me, accepting me, allowing me to be myself.

I'll miss everyone of you and your wonderful spaces and hearts.

Do take care.
Life can be very untrue to us.
I just wish all of you love and happiness.

Warm hugs


  1. Sharmila,
    It feels bad to know that you will not be around blogosphere, but you must definitely be having your reasons to say goodbye.You sounded kind of sad... I pretty much agree when you say life can be untrue at times.Whatever it may be,take care and hope to see you back soon:)

  2. Sharmila, I feel so bad that you are not going to be around. Thank you so much for your advices. I will miss your blog a lot and I really hope that you start writing again soon.

  3. Sharmila! Take Care dear friend.

    Whatever it is I hope you come out stronger on the other side.

  4. Sorry to know about this, take care Sharmila..

  5. Sorry to see you go. good luck in your new venture.

  6. Sharmila,

    Kothaye and keno :-( .. ??

  7. OMG I so didn't want to read this Sharmila. I really look forward to reading your blog posts. The parts of your life that you share with us. And the delicious food.

    I will miss you. I know you will be back. I hope you will be back. Please. Take care and hope that whatever dark clouds has come over your life blows away soon.

  8. Take care dear and i hope everything is fine in your personal life.

  9. Take care, dear! Though we have not been in touch in the recent past, I will always cherish the interactions we have had. Hope you are back soon and everything works out in your good favor!

  10. Sharmila please tell me this is not true. When I first read the post my instant thought was, is it 1st April today? But its not and this is shocking! You sounded very sad and I won't ask all those questions that I want to. You are the first one who commented on my blog and yours is one of those blogs that I love to go back to almost every day. I looked forward to your beautiful writings, recipes, pictures and that part of your life, which shows what a wonderful human being you are. Knowing you is a joy Sharmila and you meant a lot to me...seriously. I dont know how to say that I will miss you a lot. Just the thought of not having you around makes my day blue and making me have a lump in my throat.

    Whatever it is dear Sharmila I believe you will come out of it as a winner...stronger and courageous. Love you always and try to come back soon.

  11. Dear Sharmila
    I hope it is not you and some hacker has written it...But from the language , I know it is you...
    Anyway , dont switch off the blog...I havent cooked many dishes from your blog....and Arisha pitha as per your instruction has not been cooked yet ...nor the BaDis baked...
    By the time i cook all your great dishes , you will be back I know...
    God bless you and forever too....
    I am sure you will succeed in your other priorities..

    bhalo theko

  12. Sharmila,
    Ki holo hathat? Sab thik ache to? The way it's said it's worrying me a lot about you..I dearly hope and pray everything is alright with you..jadio amra konodin meet karini personally, kintu thru blog we definitely shared a very good relation with each other, I feel very close to you...hope to see you soon in near future..take care of yourself

  13. Sharmila

    Tara tari chole esho. Parle mail check koro

  14. take care Sharmila! Good luck in everything you do.

  15. Thank you everybody. Earnest thanks. I'll reply to all your mails soon. Right now my spirits are wounded and my right arm is in a sling.
    I'll love to get back to Kichu Khon and all of you again ... but not very soon.Thank you all again. And god bless.

  16. Dear Sharmila
    I understand the situation...
    I am a selfish person I am praying to God so that you recover fast and post more recipes and I learn many dishes ( even if at old age, because learning process is over at death only)
    Take care ...lots of love ..

  17. wham!! that came from nowhere. i am hoping you will do wonderfully ever after and hoping to see you publish a book in the future. as i have maintained all along, you have a way with words, please dont let go of that

  18. I know you will be back very soon Sharmila write so well and you cook even better , you can't stay away from this space for long.

    Take rest , recover fast and get rocking......the world is a wonderful place and you know it.

  19. Will surely miss you Sharmila, take care and come back soon.

  20. Dear sharmila Take care and come back soon. its only 3/4 days and see how we all are missing you! love and hugs

  21. Sharmila, I was away and missed this post - hope your arm and spirit both heal fast!

  22. Sharmila, you will be missed and you know it.

    But its decision and so we respect it. Wish you all the luck and hope to cross paths with you some day, maybe we can talk about cooking and share more recipes and good memories.


  23. Get well soon dear friend...will wait for you! Hugs

  24. Its bad, I don't comment often, but I knw I need this site for my day to day life...
    I hope whatever personal issues you have will be resolved.
    I wish you all the happiness....

    Huge thanks from me and my family...Good Luck..:)

  25. Hope you are feeling better soon...Will erally miss reading your posts...come back soon and take care dear girl...*Huggs*

  26. Hi Sharmila

    Cant believe I am writing this, but i was kind of happy that only your right arm was in sling, cause I believe the good bye post made everyone's imagination run wild....Please take care. There are many like me who appreciate your blog and how it makes atleast the food aspect of life much more easier.

    Hoping for a new recipie in the near future :) and my best wishes for ur fast recovery.

  27. Sharmilla, best of luck in whatever it is that is going in your life right now. The short time that I have known you it was a pleasure. I hope at some point you take up blogging again. Till then Au Revoir.

  28. Sharmila - you have your reasons for doing the disappearing act but will miss you and our very young friendship :)I hoep you comeback soon

  29. You will be missed Sharmila ! Take care and hope you return soon...

  30. Why?????? pls come back soon.. :(

  31. Sharmila, my heart fell as I read this. Whatever the reason is, I hope you will be back because I, for one, love having you around, seeing your posts, and hearing from you.
    As the great Martin Luther King once said: We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

  32. I do hope to be back someday .... .... ..
    Thats hope for all.

  33. Sharmila, hugs! I could say a lot but just remember that you are loved by many. Come back as and when you are comfortable.

  34. Thank you everybody!

  35. Sharmila, you are missed everyday. Take care and hope for the best. I will be looking forward to your return.

  36. Dear Sharmila, I've followed your blog for sometime and have come to see you as a friend, one I've never met. I was really shocked and saddened at the thought that there will no longer be new Kichu Khon posts. I hope everything goes well in your life and you get your hearts desire. Thanks for all your thoughts and recipes. Take care.

  37. I came back to your blog after quite some time today and was shocked to see your good bye note! You do seem to be passing through a tough time in life. Whatever the reason is, I pray to the Almighty that He gives you strength to surpass all. Take care and hope to see you back to blogging soon. Don't forget to send a note to let me know when you are back! Take care.

  38. Somoo ... your comment got deleted by mistake ... thanks for writing in.
    Thank you everybody for the warm words! Am recovering ... will take a while though.

  39. You are missed so much Sharmila. I check your blog almost everyday hoping to see that you have come back. I am really waiting for the day when you will start blogging again. Come back soon.

  40. roj ese akbar kore dekhi notun post korechi kina. kabe fircho Sharmila? sharir, mon aar haat kamon ache? ami FB te nei go. tumi acho?

  41. Madhu, Sayantani ... am really touched. Ar kichudin shomoye dao ... ar ektu haath ta bhalo hoye uthuk ... ami nischoi firbo.

  42. Dear Sharmila
    See your Ghugni at my blog..the taste was exactly what was lingering in my head from many decades.

  43. Hi Sharmila,

    My first time here and i feel sad reading the message..i just started is hard i know..Atleast post 10 per month..dat shouldnt be hard..take care...God be with you!


  44. Sharmila, kal tomar katha khub mone porchilo. tomar oi patol bhaja baniechilam. haat akhono sare ni kano? bari jachho seto khub bhalo. ma babar kache gele dekhbe mon bhalo habe. ar pujote tomay pele orao khushi haben. ar pujor pare December e barang Santiniketan chalo. amio jabo 7 i poush melar somoy. tomay sab ghurie dakhabo. jabe?

  45. thank u sayantani ... khub lobh hocche ... dekhi ekta plan banate pari ki na .. tomaye nischoi janabo.


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