Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I came back ....

... to say "Thank you."

A humble, grateful and sincere "Thank you."

... to say that I'm overwhelmed.
With the love that you have given me.
The support that you have always been.

For your constant presence in my darkest hours.
For your kind words and gestures during my most painful times.

For every email, every comment here, every message on FB.
For every heart warming word.
For every line that made me a little more stronger.

For trying your best to make me laugh.
For every effort to shift my focus away from the bad to the good to come.

Even when you have been caught up with busy days with jobs,
family, your blogs and a thousand other things,
you have not let go of my hand.

You have taken time to mail me, to leave lines here, to keep in touch constantly,
knowing full well I could not even reply back.

Am touched at your selflessness.
And very, very grateful.

It is your encouragement that has made me decide that I cannot let this year go by
with silence on Kichu Khon.

I came back ...
.... to say how much you and your friendship mean to me.
And how much your efforts are appreciated.

... to say that I'll start blogging again.

I do not know what you see in me, my writings or my blog.
I do not understand why you trust me and my recipes so much.

And I'll henceforth never try to.

You want me to blog.
I'll blog.
I'll write, I'll post.

Thank you again, everyone.
My blog friends & my readers.
Thank you for everything.


  1. Good to see u back sharmila.. waiting for ur post.

  2. Welcome back! Hope all's well, S! Good to see you post again.

  3. thats the best news of the day, the month....and the best one from the blog world this year...welcome back dear.
    love and hugs...

  4. Sharmila, glad to see you back.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Welcome back. And awaiting a post!

  6. warm welcome to you..Wish you all l the best in the coming year

  7. Love ya. Have the greatest New Year

  8. Welcome back Sharmila..Happy New year to you and your family!

  9. I am so glad to see you back! Whatever has been paining you, I hope they all disappear and never haunt you back again! I think it is your simplicity and earnestness that touches your readers and that is why they love you so much! May life give you immense strength to tide over every rough patch. Take care and keep blogging :-).

  10. Sharmila,
    Welcome back :-)..so good to see you writing again..wish you a very happy new year ..hugs and smiles

  11. loved your small poem/writing...
    Welcome back... Write whatever comes to mind, doesnt even have to be recipes.. We love to read what you post!

  12. thanks for your comment Sharmila. New year khub bhalo katuk tomar. amar ki habe ke jane. danter byathay najehal abostha :-) he he

  13. Welcome back Sharmila. That's a wonderful Christmas present for us

  14. Luv to see you back Sharmila ...


    Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year



  15. Welcome back! Life has its own way of making things even.

  16. Good to have you back again. Happy New Year to you and best wishes.

  17. A grand welcome :) so so so..looking forward to your posts :)

    Take Care,

  18. Hi Sharmila, This might be my first comment on your blog. Unfortunately what happened was the day I discovered your wonderful blog, during my blog hopping, that was the same day you had bid good bye, I was so taken aback, so sad but then I went through each and everypost of yours and each one seemed to be like you sitting across or standing in your kitchen and explaining the recipes, all of them were so simple yet so appealing and full of personal touch and sincerity. Though I kept on checking your blog time to time I had given up hope, but today i was so happy to see you back. I hope whatever sadness had struck you has left you for good and you have recovered from it. May God bless you with strength and convictions and lots of happiness always.
    take care and looking forward to your blogs. Now let me go and read all the posts which you have done after you came back. I am not even a Bengali, but I have some strange connection to the food and literature it seems , dunno what.. any ways. Happy New Year once again.

  19. Thank you everybody! Am touched.

  20. Good to see you back , Sharmila ! Really missed your recipes, as yours are the only ones I can actually try. I don't know about others, but complicated recipes scare me off...I don't even attempt them !

    Hope to see a lot of you in coming days !!!

  21. Thank you Jhimly ... I'll try my best. :-)

  22. i am so glad u are back. i used to check your blog when i was pregnant and missed my bengali mother's cooking. then one day u said u won't write, i was flummoxed...why...had my baby and was too caught up to check. the baby is a year and 5 months old now and today, on a whim, i decided to check the blog, and...Thank you for coming back. stay put! :)
    i love your recipes.

    snigdha khatawkar


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