Sunday, 3 March 2013

Aam ki chutney / Mango chutney

 It has been one of those days when everything goes right.
Everything goes smoothly ... all errands done, all chores finished, every pending bill paid, 
every encounter positive.
Yes, the latter matters most to me.
After a spate of never ending dark days ... some days it seemed I would never ever be able to get up
 and face the world again 
... some days I had felt I would never be able to see the light of the next day,
a little goodwill and a little cheer handed to me
helps me move ahead.
Helps me realise how precious those few people are ... who stood by me ... from near and afar ...
giving me strength, love and the power to believe
that a better day will come. 
Which is why every smile that comes my way matters to me.
Every good word said to me takes me to newer heights of happiness.
Every good deed done to me reaffirms my faith in humanity.
Make me want to believe that every person is not like the ones who have come into our lives being friends, and left us all alone;
cheated, defeated and making a joke out of our trust in them.

 I was not like this. Not always. Not ever.
I flew through life ... with achievements and love. Doing good deeds.
Feeling secure. 
But time brings about tests.
Untold surprises. 
Testing our faith, our resilience. Our ability to still  have trust on the higher power.
And those who move ahead, survive.
Which is why today I appreciate every good in life even more than ever.
Because I know ... there is very little good left in the world.
And if a little of that has come your way, you are blessed.
I am blessed. I realise that.
And I know ... life will be a heady mix of the sweet, the bitter, the spice and the tang.
Love it ... and it will love you back.

Which is why, when the salesman at the store today, made a small gesture of
putting us in a different section of the store where only
special billings are done,
saving us the tedious waiting at the long, long billing counters,
I thanked him
and added a  "God bless you." spontaneously.
The smile on his face showed he was touched too.
Yes, I believe in the higher power.
He will give back what he has taken.
He will return every deed done ... to Him and to us.

Spicy, tangy, flavourful life.
 Just like this mango chutney my Ma in law makes. 
Simple, tangy and spicy. 
You'll love the flavours. And since it does not have a lot of masala, you will get that strong flavour of raw mango ... which I'm sure, all of us love.
Just that very fragrance tells us summer is here!

And this is very different from the Bengali Aamer chaatni.


Raw mango - cut into thin slices ( I tried grated, but they turn into mush quick)
Whole jeera/cumin seeds
Hing / asafoetida
Haldi powder / turmeric
Sugar (can be done with jaggery too)
A little oil
Red chilli powder

How  to :

Heat oil. Add the jeera and hing.
Add the mango slices and stir fry on high heat.
Add the haldi powder, salt and sugar.
Cover and cook till the mangoes are done but not mushed up.
Add the red chilli powder and give one more stir.
Remove from heat and cool.

Serve cool, on the side.
Goes great with parathas or pulao.


  1. Dont worry - nice deeds come back! And you will be surprised ! I feel God tests good people but always helps later in special ways!
    Such a simple aam chatni - have to go to the store and look for aam now! Yumm! I love it how you mmake such a simple dish so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Somoo. Friends like you are one of the reasons I have moved forward ... restarted blogging. :-)

  2. Sharmila, I know exactly what you mean. The salesman/woman that goes the extra mile to do a small gesture that brightens up your day. Wants you carry that forward like putting a nice bow on a brand new day.

    Lovely mango chutney. We will visit a tad late for the mango that is what maddening about the school year here in the US.

    1. How beautifully put Indhu ... putting a nice bow on a brand new day! :-)
      I really hope you get some mangoes when you visit. Better still ... lemme know and I'll pack off some for you ... seriously.


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