Saturday, 14 December 2013

Shorshe Narkel Chingri / Prawns cooked in mustard and coconut paste
Winter is on in full swing ... if I can say that. How is winter swinging I can't say. But yes, winter is here.
Not in the elusive way that it has been the last few years but in a proper wintery way.
Like it is supposed to be cold, real cold.
There should be a clear, crisp breeze.
The sky clear ... so clear that you can see the stars at night ...especially the Evening star ... huge and shining way too brightly.
The sun should be bright and shining and inviting.
You are tempted to stand in it ... soaking up the warmth on your shoulders and back.
And in a little while you feel so hot you need to step back into the shade.
And in a while you are tempted to step back into it again.
Yes, this winter everything is in place.

Mornings are foggy.
And cold.
Morning walkers are bundled in sweaters, jackets and caps.
Evenings are foggy too. And hold the sweet smell of wood smoke.
Maybe someone is burning dry leaves and twigs somewhere. I can see a thin billow of smoke afar, crossing the tree tops and meandering up and away.
Leaving behind that smell that reminds one of evenings in rural India, where every house lights it's chulha to  cook dinner and the air is filled with light smoke.
And you are tempted to spend your evenings leisurely ... bundled up in a comforter, lounging in front of the telly ... with spicy adrak wali chai and some deep fried munchies.
Right now I'm loving the glorious sun on my home ... windows, balcony ... even in the kitchen.
Am tempted to make full use of it ... my injured shoulder and arm notwithstanding.
Hence, ignoring  doc's warning against strain, I am making small batches of pickles and boris.
Of course other than sunning every piece of blanket, clothing,woolen, etc. that has soaked up the dampness of the last year.
Yes, am happy to be home. :-)

Here's a glimpse before I make a post on it ... in case I'm  banned from typing and posting ... again.

Last year I had my fill of fresh fish ... caught off the lakes right in front of me. Remember  I  had made the  Kaatla Shorshe. Well, I had some masala left, so used it to make prawns.
Not in the same way ... just the same masala.

I eat prawns with regularity. But realise that I hardly have any posts on my prawn recipes.
One of the reasons must be the lack of time.
Prawn is something I can munch on while frying them ... and happily finish a batch just like that.
And most times I just put in this and that together and cook up something ... needless to say, tasty.
 But by the time I finish cooking the whole lunch/dinner and finish with the prawns, it is mealtime.
And I do not have the patience to arrange+click for a post.

This particular recipe was, as usual, done in a hurry too.
But there was good sunlight ... something rare for me for the whole of last year ... so clicked some snaps.
Not as good as I would want them to be.
But decent enough to make a post.
So here is my Shorshe Chingri ... not bhaape (steamed ) though.
Need :

Fresh water prawns
Mustard paste - I used white and black mustard seeds
Coconut paste - I grind freshly grated coconut
Turmeric powder
Kalonji / Kalo jeere / Nigella seeds - a pinch
 Mustard oil
Red chilli powder
A pinch of sugar ( optional )

How to :

Clean the prawns and marinate them with salt and turmeric for 15 minutes.
Heat mustard oil in a kadahi / wok.
Fry the prawns, remove and keep aside.
At this point you will need to restrain yourself ... I cannot resist the hot, fried prawns and start munching on them. Go ahead , indulge, but only a piece or two.
In the same kadahi and oil, add the kalo jeere / nigella seeds.
Add the mustard and coconut paste.
Add a little red chilli powder.
Fry well till oil starts to leave the sides.
You can add some beaten curd at this point too ... I haven't.
Increase heat and add water.
Bring to a boil, add salt and sugar.
Add the prawns and cook till the gravy reaches desired consistency ... some like it dryish and others like some gravy ... so decide accordingly.
 Remove from heat.

Serve hot with plain steamed rice.

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  1. Sharmila, this sauce sounds so super-flavorful. I would love to try this with some tofu instead of prawns. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Thank you Vaishali for dropping by. You can try this with vegetables too like the cauliflower or plain potatoes ... works well. :-)


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