Monday, 9 December 2013

A few handiworks by me

A lace knitted frock jacket.
The belt and the edges are crocheted.

I have been asked, time and again, for some photographs of my hobbies.
I don't have too many hobbies ... i.e. if you leave out reading and writing and singing and cooking.
And knitting.
I don't say knitting and hobbies in the same breath. Knitting is passion.
I knit like I breathe ... no exaggeration here. I need to knit at least a few lines in a day.
Ironically, it was my hand that had to play mean. These days I don't knit as much as I used to once upon a time.
I've been knitting and embroidering from ever since I can remember.
I have knitted for grandmas, cousins, their children, friends, their children,myself, the in laws, the man ... everyone I know or who knows that I knit.

A crocheted hot water bottle cover.
But I've never photographed my handiworks for posterity. It just never struck me.
I just happily created things and gave them away with huge smiles and love.
And got even huger smiles and more love in return.
A lace knitted jacket ... for that light nip in the air.
After I was asked to show some works by me, I pulled out some old things and photographed them ... feeling silly all the while at the prospect of showing off in the form of a picture and not a real thing.
Here's a compilation.
A crocheted poncho/wrap.
The open neck helps it fall just right on the shoulders and down.

Will keep updating this space ... but I seriously doubt I'll really click every single curtain, cushion cover, dress, skirt, top, sweater, throw, blanket, etc. etc. that I make/knit/crochet.
But I'll try ... I promise.
Till then ...


  1. Seriously good. I knew you knit and do it very well and am so glad that you are sharing it here too. I am totally dumb when it comes to needled and thread or yarn and so I am in more than awed by your creations.
    If we lived close, I would have asked you to make the poncho wrap for my daughters :-D

  2. Dear Sharmila,

    It was lovely to see ur handiwork, Even I love knitting and stitching but with busy work and no contemporaries around, find it difficult, is there a site which gives tips on knitting? chitra

    1. Thank you Chitra. Well ... I've never reffered to any site for my knitting but you can do a search on Google. I'm sure you'll find some good sites or even tutorials on Youtube too.
      Happy knitting.

  3. Dear Sharmila,

    It's always lovely to see your "kichu onno kaaj"! Loved seeing all your knitting work, so patient you are! I don't know a thing about knitting, but do have plans to learn - some day...

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sharmila, u are one talented lady. I'm impressed. Period.

  5. Truly talented you are my friend! My mother and mother-in-law will be so happy to see your work!! Keep up the good work if your fingers permit! At least do small pieces.

    1. Thank you so much! I am a fan of everything that you have uploaded on Alhad. :-)
      I can't do small pieces. I make things that I can use / wear. :-)


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