Saturday, 5 April 2014

Gur diye Knaacha Aamer ambol / Green mangoes in a tangy, soupy gravy

 "Mmmmm ... badhiyaa aambaal!!"
That was B, a not very big fan of the Bengali tauk or ambols, after he tasted this ambol.
After precisely two helpings.

I made this ambol a little sweet ... so can be called as a combination of the ambol and the chaatni.
And for a change, added Gur or jaggery instead of sugar.
Also, I used the Totapuri variety of mangoes ... that are not too tart. So the addition of sweet can be kept to the minimum.

Turned out to be very, very tasty.
We had it at the end of a hearty lunch of rice, toor dal, posto fry and cabbage fry.
And kept picking up the serving spoon to sip the gravy right out of it.
And kept smacking our lips. Noisily.
Smiling at each other on that blatant lack of manners for a change. :-)

Since the mango was not ripe, the stone/pit was not too tough. And not too soft too.
It held the flesh perfectly, preventing it from turning mushy.
And was perfect to chew on too.

Not writing much today.
Will go straight to the super easy recipe. And tempt you with the pictures.

Need :

 Totapuri mango - 1 big sized , cut into chunks
Gur / Jaggery - around a tea cup full
( depends on how much sweet you want your ambol to be; I used the powdered variety)
Ginger - grated, around 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - ½ tsp
Whole red chillies - 2, broken and deseeded
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Salt - a pinch
Water - depends on how much gravy you want
A little white cooking oil

How to :

Heat oil in a kadahi.
Add the mustard seeds. When they start to splutter, add the red chillies and the mangoes.
Stir fry for a while.
Add a pinch of salt, turmeric powder and chilli powder.
Stir ... then add enough water.
Cover and cook till the mangoes are half done ... if you like a little crunch in them;
or fully done if you like them mushy.
Remove cover and add the jaggery.
Cover and let it boil till the jaggery dissolves and the gravy is of desired consistency.
Grate in the ginger now, cover and simmer for just one more minute.

Serve cool.
The combination of jaggery and ginger makes this chaatni+ambol so different from the usual ones.
You have to taste it to know it.
While a Bengali would enjoy this at the end of a lunch, mashed up with a little rice or just plain as it is, non Bengalis can enjoy this on the side with a meal of rotis and sabzi too.

Wanna pick that piece up?
Go ahead ... enjoy!!

And oh! ... just realised I completed 280 posts.
A Yay! for me. :-)

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  1. I love them when there is a little sweetness to it.

  2. ওরে বাবা, কী ভালো রেসিপি। আমার তো দেখেই জিভে জল চলে আসছে শর্মিলা। দাঁড়াও দেখি, বানাবো।

    1. Baniye phelo Kuntala. Gorom er shuru eyi tauk, jhaal mishti ambol diye hoye jaak. :-)

  3. wish I could pick off the screen! Yum... ok will have to go buy some mangoes now!

    1. Make some quick Somoo ... am sure you'll love it. :-)

  4. Mouth watering. We make it slightly differently.

  5. Loved it. Adding gur is a healthy option. Now I don't have to avoid aamer chutney for lots of sugar 😊


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