Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mushroom Pulao

Hope summer is treating you well in your part of the world.
In my city, summer, as usual, is pleasant.
A day or two would be uncomfortable but that is all.
Just when you think you can't take it any more, there will be a cooling shower and a wonderfully cool breeze and all will be well for the next whole week. Or more.
These days, the evenings are pleasantly cold. And yes, I don't need the fan running beyond the point 2.
Spent a good part of last evening, that extended into late night, sitting in the swing on the balcony ... loving the quiet all around, the moonlight and of course, the cold breeze.
Got up only when I could not deal with the goosebumps any more.
Hope all of you get some respite from this scorching summer soon.

 It has been more than a month now since my last post. I really don't have a reason why I did not make a single post, considering I have a good number of clicked, edited and ready photographs in my folder.
Maybe it is the weather; maybe it is the lack of a little enthusiasm to actually sit down and type down my thoughts.
Making a post for me means I need to write something too. Even if it is a food blog. Even if it is about a food recipe.
I need to write my mind. And my heart.

Even if I do know that there is no pressure from anywhere or anybody to make a post, I have realised that it is a very easy way out. So, right now, I have psyched myself to be under pressure from Indiblogger's rank.
It is that 80 that keeps me going. Kichu Khonn has seen an 82 and an 84 as well as an 87 too.
But that was too long back.
Right now I need all the incentive to keep Kichu Khonn going.
Of course, I have the highest respect and gratefulness for all my readers' visits and mail ... prodding me about the next new post.
What with my limited allowance of computer usage time due to various reasons and the constant ill will that plagiarists create, I really need all the mojo I can ... from anywhere; anybody.

 So this ranking of Indiblogger is pushing me. It is like going back to school. That same self created pressure to hang on to for life ... that figure of 8. Scoring anything after 80 was my only aim.
It never mattered that I never scored a 90 ever ... except for once in Map reading in Geography.  I became a big fan of map reading then. But only for a while.
I quickly realised that it will not get me my 80s every time ... and was happy to return the position of my favourite subject to English literature and language. And slept well after that.

Life does not give me marks for any achievements now ... big or small.
So when I see that 80 on my side bar, I heave a sigh of relief. And gear up to make that next post ... lest it comes a point down.

I make this Mushroom pulao very often. A quick one pot meal, it not only saves time but also is one of those rare vegetarian dishes that I love. Works perfectly for both of us.
I pair this with the raita sometimes, a salad or a freshly grated cucumber koshimbir at other times.
But if it  is summer, I always pair it with this ripe mango salsa ... or you can call it a salad too.

It is the perfect foil to the spiciness of the pulao. Yes, I make it a little spicy and loaded with garam masalas ... one of those rare recipes of mine.
 You can of course tone down the masalas and the spice.

Need :

For the pulao :

Mushrooms - 1 cup packed, cleaned and quartered
Rice - 1 cup ... use the same cup , washed well
Onions - 3 medium sized, sliced
Ginger paste - 1 tbsp
Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Tomato paste - 3 tbsp
Whole garam masala - cloves, cinnamon,  cardamom , whole black pepper
Turmeric powder - ½ tsp
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Garam masala powder  or  biryani masala - 1 tsp
Cooking oil - 4 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Sugar - to taste
Water - 2 cups
Ghee - 1 tbsp

How to :

Heat around 1 tsp oil in an open pan. Add the mushrooms and saute till all the water it releases dries up.

Heat another small kadahi or pan and add around 3 tbsp oil.
Add the sliced onions and let them fry on low heat till they are caramelised and turn brown in colour.
( You can deep fry them too ... but I avoid due to all that oil needed. )
Remove from the pan and spread on a paper napkin to soak up the excess oil.

In another pan or a heavy kadahi, heat the remaining oil.
Add the whole garam masalas.
When they start to splutter, add the garlic and ginger paste and fry well.
Next add the tomato paste, the turmeric powder, red chilli powder.
Keep stirring till the tomato loses its raw smell.
Add the rice and fry well along with the masala.
Now add the fried mushroom, the garam masala or biryani masala and give a good stir.
Add the water, salt and sugar.
Cover and cook till rice is done .... do check in between and add some more water if needed.

Remove from heat, sprinkle the ghee, cover and let it rest for 5 minutes.

For the ripe mango salsa :

Chop up some ripe mango, onion, tomato, green chillies.
You can add other things of your choice too.
Sprinkle some salt, sugar, lemon juice and give a good toss. Chill in the refrigerator.

I have used broken Basmati rice since I had it at hand.
It lends a sticky texture to the pulao.
If you want a fluffy, dryish  pulao, with each rice grain separate, do use the long grained Basmati rice.

Serve your spicy mushroom pulao hot, with the sweet tasting fried onions sprinkled on top ....with the soothingly cold salsa on the side.
A quick dish and always a huge help when you have sudden guests and want to stay for a meal.

 Enjoy !!

Do check out the other varieties of the Pulao on Kichu Khonn ... both vegetarian and non vegetarian. 

Cheerio all!!!


  1. Lovely recipe...i can never make the perfect pulao :)

    1. Thank you Rakhee. No prob ... you make the perfect bakes. :-)

  2. Hello,

    Reading your posts give me many ideas of cooking faster, better and tasty.. Though I dunno to what extent the last word applies in my cooking..

    Taking your examples.. I am focusing one meal a day on one dish meals. ... It's better than wondering what to cook..

    Take care,

    1. Thank you Ash for your warm words and so many good comments.
      Simple cooking is always the best. And anything cooked with the heart will always be tasty as well as wholesome.
      Good luck.

    2. Anytime..

      You just now brought a smile on my 'wrinkled' forehead ...

      Take care of urself.. And pls pls pls post more new ideas.. They bring zest in the way I cook..

      Hey.. The funny part is I reply as anonymous and put my name below.. Haha

  3. Replies
    1. Me too Priyanka. They are so time efficient. :-)


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