Monday, 29 February 2016

Chicken Kofta / Deep fried Chicken mince balls

Chicken kofta

Facebook has a way of making even the most routine and inane days seem interesting.
All kinds of reminders keep appearing on my home page ....  so and so's birthday, you have been friends with so and so for so long, you had posted this photo on this day last year/two/three/four  years ago, ... and so on.

Today, it reminded me that it is 29th of February ... the next one will come only after 4 long years ... so I  should be doing something to make this day special.
I saw this around mid day but was nonetheless inspired.
These little pushes are indeed needed in life ... even if it comes from a cold machine running some code some where.

Mondays are hectic, no chaotic would be a more appropriate word, for me.
After the lull of Saturday and Sunday, the body and the mind, both vehemently refuse to come back into working mode. One look at the kitchen is enough to send me into depression.
The over loaded laundry basket and the empty dishwasher both mock at me.
Not to mention the big question "what to cook" looming.
Especially after a good weekend lunch and dinner ... and Sunday's dinner of Biryani.
Any meal of bhaat dal or roti sabzi seemed too pale to match the hangover with.

Chicken kofta

So decided to make some Kadhi pakoda for lunch. I do not usually make kadhi pakodas due to all that deep frying involved.And B does not like the pakodas made in the Appe pan.
But today is different.
Not only because it is 29th of Feb., but also because it is one of the quickest and easiest of dishes to make. Also because I could see the corner of the sky turn cloudy ... and as I type this I can hear thunder rumbling.
Because we will be getting the first rain of the season right on 29th of Feb.

Because this post is not about the kadhi pakoda but about  the Chicken Koftas that I make very regularly, but have not posted ever.
Chicken kofta

Chicken koftas are meat balls made from minced chicken. Most of the time I make minced chicken or Chicken keema this way to be eaten with parathas, but at times I do make these meat balls too.
I had made a batch of these right before our kitchen renovation started.
Survived on them for a good stretch of time ... they stay very well when refrigerated.

I often add them to noodles or spaghetti or just make a gravy and dunk them in.
But they are excellent finger food as well. Make for great snacks when you have guests.
 Just marinate everything and let it sit in the fridge.
All you have to do is to deep fry them when the guests have arrived.

I have a few pending posts on these coming up, hence posting the recipe for Chicken Koftas first.
Most of the time, I use pastes of ginger, garlic and green chilles.
Tried using the chopped ones here and found the texture great when eaten hot.

Chicken kofta

Need :

Chicken mince
Finely chopped onions
Finely chopped garlic
Finely chopped green chillies
Ginger - grated
Garam masala powder - very little
Corn flour - just enough to bind
1 egg - (optional )
Lemon juice
Salt - to taste
Sugar - to taste
Oil - to deep fry

How to :

Mix everything together.
Heat oil.
Make small balls and deep fry them.

You can shallow fry them too. Just make sure you use a heavy, flat bottomed pan.

If planning to use for later, keep them in the coldest shelf of your refrigerator.
And if planning to use after a longish time, then do freeze them.

Chicken kofta

They go great with some ketchup or kasundi.
Perfect accompaniment for tea.

You can serve them with some salsa or chutney.
Or you may try this Peanut dip ... takes the meat balls to a different level.

A closer look.

Chicken kofta

I can already see big droplets on my window.
Got to run and get that whiff of wet earth when they hit the ground.

So what did you do to make this 29th February memorable?



  1. Hi..

    Waiting for ur dals mam.. My imagination runs short on weekdays and weekends are not for dals :(

    Hope you are doing well mam(I will try to make these with nutrila what say??)

    Take care,

    1. I will definitely post some dals soon Ash.
      I am fine, thanks for your concern. And yes, these turn out great with soya too.

  2. Loved the recipe. Awesome clicks. Do check a few of mine too when free at:

    1. I will surely hop over. Thanks for leaving a line.

  3. I was craving kofta/kebabs today. Thank you for the recipe


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