Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hasslefree & Simplified Thalipeeth

The Thalipeeth is a nutritious snack that any Maharashtrian is familiar with. Made of a combination of a flours and legume powders, it is very filling too.

To my knowledge, the mix for the dough ... known as bhajani .... is usually made from jowar, rice, gram flours to which sometimes legumes like chowli or dals like urad is added too.

Everything has to be dry roasted and then ground to a powder. I however have always depended on dear N bhabhi's gift of this mix which she personally gets made ... or sometimes buy the readymade version ( K-Pra's bhajani is very good .... so have always stuck to it).

I have never been a fan of the thalipeeth only because of the way they have to be made. The patting of the dough on a tawa/griddle or a small kadhai is still ok. But then you will have to use 2 ... use one to make ... while waiting for the other to cool ... so that you can pat in a second one again.
Not to mention burning a few fingers in the process too.

Check out this place for the way they are usually made .... the holes are mandatory to soak up oil .... read drink up oil ... without which the thalipeeth will be coarse and very dry.
In the process it does not stay that healthy any more.

So I .... as I do with most recipes .... gave my thalipeeth a twist. It not only made it faster and easier to make .... it needs very, very less amount of oil too.

All I did was.... not make it into a tight dough .... as it is usually made .... I just added a lot of water to it and made a batter of pouring consistency. :-)

And added a lot of vegetables to it. N bhabhi had given me the idea of adding fresh greens to the mix too. I do that .... and sometimes use leftover dals in it too.

Now I make the thalipeeth for breakfast very regularly .... on weekdays too ....without any second thoughts.

One thing to keep in mind is ... if you are using the readymade mix, they already have salt and spices. So go easy on them.

Need : Thalipeeth mix ( I use K-Pra's ), chopped onions, chopped green chillies, chopped freah greens like palak / methi leaves ( optional ), cooking oil, water.

For the vegetables I used grated cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots. This is optional ... you can make plain ones with just onions and chillies.

How to : Make a batter of pouring consistency with the mix and water.

Add the rest of the vegetables and a tablespoonful of oil .... I always do this .... soaks less oil when cooking.
Heat a tawa / griddle and smear a little cooking oil on it.

Now pour a ladleful of the batter and cover. After a while remove cover and flip it over to cook the other side till brown and crisp.

Done! Serve hot with butter or chutneys or achaar or fresh curd.

I was a little worried if it will turn crispy ... but then .... well ... the snaps say it all. :-)
Just don't keep it for a long while as the veggies in it make it soggy.

Enjoy !!

If you are a Maharashtrian and are here .... then please do let me know what you think of this experiment of mine ... am open to all constructive criticism. :-)

goes to Divya Vikram's event Show Me Your Breakfast .


  1. Nice dish..never heard of this..looks good..nice entry for the event:)

  2. Looks really delicious ......

  3. I love thalipeeth too, and if I don't make my own mix, I prefer K-Pra too. Their mix is better than any other.

  4. being a bombayite, having thalippeth at my next door neighbours house, im drooling now after years..had totally forgotten abt it!!

  5. Sharmila, honestly aami kono din ei recipe ta try korte parbo naa...ek toh aami bheeshon picky eater, tarpor veggies toh theek aachhe kintu shob rokom er aata jogad kora aamar pokkhhe oshombhob :)
    this is why i admire you. you try everything and present it so simply but aesthetically that anything you make looks tempting :)
    Ok..thisis the 3rd attempt to post a comment, if doesn't go thru i will have to mail you...

  6. it's nutritious and wholesome, i like it with lots of cabbage or carrots or just any veggie which doesn't get mushy.
    will be nice with your coconut you know amba haldi or mango ginger, tastes good in the chutny instead of galangal.

  7. Prothom baar naam shunchhi....but looks good!
    Eta ki bombay-pune side e pawa jaye?
    What should we ask for "Thalipeeth mix"?

  8. Have never made thalipeeth! Sounds healthy n good! Thanks for sending this to 'Showme ur Breakfast' event!

  9. Yes as u mentioned its very healthy and I havent made them for once so far but have heard and tasted it. yours looks very delicious and yummy!!!

  10. I have heard of this, but never made or ate it. Sounds nutirious.. esp with the veggie. I definitely like your batter better than, using my fingers on a hot tawa.. drink oil LOL.. & then we eat the drunken food!

    sounds like a nice quick fix for a heavy brunch.

  11. Thanks Happy Cook, Chitra, Dolon, Rush, Divya, Ramya V ! :-)

    Right Harini ... their's is the best. You make your own thalipeeth mix! Wow! :-)

    Thank you Joyeeta! I know from a lot of friends that it is not easily available overseas. Amio toh kena mix ta use kori ... amar bor er khub favourite khabar .... tai banai. :-)

    Right Sangeeta ... we had it with that. :-) How/where can I get amba haldi?

    Sharmistha ... e dike toh pawa e jaye ... ekhankar khabar. Amar kono idea nei onno kono states e pawa jaye ki na.

    You can look for it in any Food Bazaar / Reliance mart's. It is called "Thalipeeth Bhajani". :-)

  12. I love your writing style! Simplieifed a complex dish so well... Amazing.

  13. it's very new to me never made this sounds delicious

  14. Thanks Sharmila. I enjoyed India after a long time. Enjoy blogging, see you in Fall! :))

  15. Sharmila,
    Thalipeeth looks so delicious..tobe ami kono din banae ni eyeta...
    hugs and smiles

  16. Naam ta shona shona lagche, cheela type dekhte na kimba pesarattu na ki jani bole oi rokom. Shudhu mix ta anek kichu hobey mane all grains et al

  17. I make thalipeeth often,infact I make the thalipeeth bhajani at home as I couldnt find the readymade packet in USA. It is one of my hubby's fav ... he is a Maharashtrian. Tumi kintu ekdom theek likhechho .... original thalipeeth is not at all healthy because of all the oil it soaks. I will definitely try this recipe .... it is more like another maharashtrian delicacy, dhirde. Dhirde is usually made of rice flour while thalipeeth has different kinds of whole grain flour and lentils.


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