Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Aloo Dom .... cooked the typical Odiya way, with loads of flavour and spice and perfect for a snack

Odiya aloo dom
Aloo dum, Dum alu, Alur dum .... different names for different kinds.
The only common factor is the aloo / potato. Otherwise, there is absolutely no similarity in any of them. 

I had been craving Odisha's Aloo dom for a long while. These days, it is almost next to impossible to get hold of it .... not even on my visits home.
And no matter how much ever I tried, I just could not get it right .... whenever I have tried to make it by myself.
It always lacked that special flavour; that something that goes 'zing!' inside your head and your heart sings either 'yes!!' or 'home!'.
I have never eaten it at home ... our cook never made it.
I had tasted it only at my Odiya friends' houses or eaten it as a chaat / street food.
So,whenever I thought of it, I would get that twist in my heart ... almost leading me to sadness.
And yes, I had often wallowed in the self induced morbidity that I might die before I got to taste my favourite Odiya Aloo dom, ever again.

Cuttack aloo dom
 But somebody up there yonder pulled some strings, I believe. And I got to make this authentic way of the Odiya Aloo dom; finally.
This wonderful lady from a group answered my question for the authentic Odiya Aloo dom, mentioning that it has been Aloo tarkari / curry all the while and has no idea when it started to be called the Aloo dom.
I got some baby potatoes the very next day and made this Aloo dom, which is often served as a street food in Odisha ... served with a dash of this and that spice, chopped onions and other condiments. Quickly tossed and plated out in a small bowl made of a leaf of a local tree ... the shaal tree. 
This is eaten with luchis, parathas or puris too, and usually for breakfast or dinner.

I had in mind to pair it with something else too ... post coming up soon.

Aloo dom
 I leave you with this today.
Will be quiet for a while now.
Too depressed with the rampant plagiarism all over ... especially idea plagiarism.
Makes me want to stop blogging or sharing recipes or tips altogether.

Updated :

Ok ... here is the recipe ...

Heat mustard oil ... add chopped onions and fry till translucent.

Add bay leaf + jeera and + dhania powder  + turmeric + salt + red chili powder + ginger garlic paste.

Add blanched tomatoes or freshly cut tomatoes ..fry the masala till oil oozes out.

  Add boiled and cut potatoes + water , cover and cook.

Add garam masala and simmer for a couple of minutes.

Aloo dom

Enjoy, folks!!!


  1. তোমার শেষের কথাগুলো পড়ে মন খারাপ হল, শর্মিলা। কী আর করবে ছাড়া আর কিছু বলার নেই। তবে আলুরদমের ছবিটা দেখে জিভে জল আসছে, এই সত্যি কথাটা স্বীকার করে গেলাম।

    1. Mon kharap hoye Kuntala. Kintu abar jokhon dekhi amar genuine readers ra amar lekha pore, comment kore, recipe r opekkhaye thake, mon bhalo hoye jaye.
      Recipe ta shiggiri diye debo ekhane ... kore dekho ... borsha e besh lagbe. Thank you.

  2. Have been reading your posts eagerly and learnt quite some cooking from you! thanks for the lovely posts and tips. Do share the recipe of Aloor dom, Odiya style

    1. Thank you for letting me know Chitra. Feedbacks do motivate me to go on. Will give the recipe.

  3. Hello,

    Preety pics. I can smell alu dum.

    What happened? Content flicking or photos or both??
    Honestly I don't understand why this happens.. Take content.. Give credit to creator.. Read appreciate.. Don't know about these people but my personal opinion is that these things don't take you long way..,

    But yes, for the creator it's sure heartbreak...I can surely understand your pain...

    But please don't allow this to influence you to stop writing.. Remember that there are those who wait for your posts and writings...

    About those who flick, surely they won't go long way.. Will they? More than half of such shitty ( sorry for my language) blogs perish before they start to flourish..

    I know I couldn't heal you but I surely understand a bit ( entirety of person's pain can be understood by him alone) of your pain...

    Hope this stops sometime

    Warm regards,

    1. Thank Ash!
      Now along with content and photo flicking, it is idea flicking.
      Picking a recipe and claiming it belongs to a masi or dadi or nani or cousin, etc.
      And no, not all such blogs perish ... some flourish and are doing good with videos too. :/

  4. ����...
    Believe in karma.. What they sow so shall they reap.. Not instantly but soon...
    You just pray that you get to know of it

    Warmest regards,


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