Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kuler Achaar / Ber ka Achaar / Pickled Berries

Recent photo of March 2018

This is my second try at making achaar / pickles. 
Though this takes very little time to actually make ... the actual time to make this pickle will span over a few days ... i.e the time taken to sun dry the kul/ ber/ berries.

I am making optimum use of the winter sun these days before it shifts back.
So when I came across some berries being sold, I picked them up impulsively .... wanting to try making Kuler achaar myself.

The Ber / berries for this achar should be the round and sour ones.

Need :

Kul / Ber,
red chilli powder, 
roasted and freshly ground Paanch Phoron ( equal quantities of methi/fenugreek seeds, kalaunji/onion seeds, rai/mustard seeds, saunf/fennel seeds, jeera/cumin seeds).

How to :

Wash the berries well and leave them to dry.

Now comes the best part .... take every berry and crack it open to check for insects. Discard the bad ones.
Spread them out in a flat vessel or cloth and sun dry them for a few days.

In a heavy vessel heat the gur/jaggery with a little water till it melts. Add the berries and stir well. Let it cook till the jaggery thickens.

Sprinkle red chilli powder and the Paanch Phoron powder and remove from heat.
Do not cook after adding the Paanch Phoron powder .... else it will turn bitter.

This has a very long shelf life if the berries are sun dried well and hold no moisture.


  1. Today is achaar day!! I too posted one but not made by me:)

    Sharmila, I did not that bers were pickled too! Is this the more sweet than tangy kind? Just would like to know the rough amount of jaggery you have added - ratio would do! The finished pickle looks very tasty. That is a good tip for the day at the end of the post!

  2. It must be relieving to be free of asthma.Thank you for your reassurance sharmila,I really hope my son grows out of asthma,he'll be 6 this april.
    I loved Ber as a kid.With achaari spices it sure must be hot and flavorsome:)

  3. ami nije kono din achar barite banai ni...infact amader barite keo kokhono banai ni....shobar blog e achar er recipes khali dekheye jai...hehe...but tomar ei kuler achar ta darun lagche...bhabchi ek din shahosh korey achar baniye feli....lol

  4. ei jo sharmila, eta tomake pathiye ditei hobe.. ami jani na. kuler achar shunei sharaswati puja monay pore. khichuri idye achar & the rest of the time, churi kore kore bottle khali. bodhhoye 10 bochorer beshi hoye gechey kuler achar khayi ni....

  5. This is totally new to me! looks interesting! Nice pics.

  6. Looks more like dates ..nice one dear

  7. I have never eaten a pickle like this one. It looks really tasty.

  8. Looks yummy! And never heard of this before. But sounds enticing.

  9. Yes Sunshinemom, it has the sweetness of the jaggery and whatever sourness comes from the ber. I would suggest the sourer the better.
    As I was making it for the first time I did not follow any measurements. I had a kilo of ber ( a little less after discarding the bad ones ) and took around a cupful of jaggery ( see the snap where it is boiling and you will get the idea).
    If you want to you can add a little more jaggery while it is cooking.

    Yasmeen ... I had infantile asthma .. it disappeared after I turned 11/12. Docs say (my uncles are docs too :-) )most kids grow out of it ... immunity is the main thing ... so do not worry about your son. Am sure he'll do fine.:-)
    And thanks for liking my achaar.:-)

    Arundhuti ... amar Ma ei achaar ta banato ... jodio tokhon ami khub ekta achaar er fan chilam na. Ekhon barir kotha mone porle ei shob nije korar try kori. Glad you like mine. :-)

    Ami konodin o achaar bhalobashtam na Soma ... kintu ekhon 'anything for nostalgia' obostha. Kaal khichuri banalam .. ar eta diye khetei bhule gelam. :-(
    Tomake pathate parle khub khushi hotam. :-)

    Thanks Uma! :-)

    Thanks Priti! That is a nice idea ... will try with dates too. :-)

    It is Bharti! And thanks. :-)

    Thanks Anudivya! :-)

  10. Looks really yummy! The addition of jaggery would have given it a nice sweet edge.

  11. Never heard of this nor tasted it before. Sounds yummy with all those spices...

  12. intriguing..but cracking open each ber will take ages!
    Maybe I will just pester u for some:)

  13. my favorite sharmila! looks so yum

  14. Sharmila,
    kuler achaar bhalo hoyeche , eyitaki morabbar moton khete ?..
    aamra kul sarasvati Pojor pore khayi ...
    Paka Kul diye banate para jaye ..

    hugs and smiles

  15. Hi Dear,
    This brings back old memories to me.. my mom used to make thos when we were kids. Sweet n tangy...yumm, making me drool now...

  16. Right Dershana! And thanks. :-)

    Thanks Kitchen Flavours! If you get berries you can try once. :-)

    Would love to give you Rashmi. But it does not take long .. just plonk yourself in front of the idiot box and it is done in minutes. ;-)

    Thank you Mandira! :-)

    Thank you Jaya! Na ... morabba is more bland .. this has a lot of spices. Hain eta paka kul diye e banaye. Ekhane Nov theke kul pawa jaye ... Saraswati pujo obdi ar pawa jaye na. :-)

    Thanks Neha! It was old memories that goaded me to try this out myself. :-)

  17. this was somethin new for me,..;-)

  18. never heard of this before..love the colours...interesting..

  19. Love that, slurp, kintu Saraswati Pujor age ku khacho je :)

  20. Try making it once Priyanka. :-)

    Thanks Shreya! :-)

    Ki kori Sandeepa ... Saraswati pujor por ar kul pawa jaye na ekhane. :-)

  21. An achaar recipe is always welcome, Sharmila, although I don't think I'll find these berries where I live. I did enjoy reading your recipe. The pickle looks truly delicious.

  22. hmmmmmmm mouthwatering sharmila

  23. eita khooob kharap korli kintu...theek duu din aagei aami aar ek bondhu bolchhilaam, saraswati puja aashe aar jaaye kintu aamader koto bochhor holo 'kuul' aar khawa hoy naa!! khoob miss korchilaam dujonei kul khaawa, kuler chatni, kuler aachaar...and the next day you post kuler aachar with these yummmmmmy pictures!! very very bad...!! LOL
    naare, joke korchhi. khooooob bhalo laaglo aito diner por kuler aachhar dekhe...khete naa pele kii hoyechhe at least dekhte toh pachhii...:)
    see your pictures mean a lot to people like us...:)

  24. Thanks Vaishali! Maybe you can try making a little with dates.:-)

    Thanks Sagari! :-)

    Thanks Joyeeta! Sweet comments like this mean a lot to food bloggers like us. ;-)
    Saraswati pujor pore ekhane kul pawa jayena... ar Saraswati pujo kobe elo ar gelo janao jayena :-)

  25. Never heard of this nor tasted it before. Sounds yummy.

  26. hey i had tasted it at one of my bengali friends place, made it at home n the achar was a bit slippery ( cuz i had not dried the bers i guess)but the taste was awesome.loved this post of your's.

  27. Sharmila, amar jonyo tumi jeno aita banie rekhho!! It has been ages since I have had kuler achar!! Nostalgia!!

    1. Preeti ... if only I knew you will be here in July! But I will try ... promise.


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