Monday, 26 January 2009

Omelette in Tomato and Green Peas gravy

( Vegetarians can use Moong / Besan Chila in place of the Egg Omelette ).

Ok ... this is a cheater's dish. When I do not feel like cooking full meals and at the same time do not feel like ordering a takeaway ... or eating out ... I turn to eggs. Easy and fast to make ... eggs are a sure life saver. I love them anyway ... boiled too ... but my other half has a prob with "uncooked eggs" ( his way of explaining bland eggs ... as in boiled/poached/fried etc etc.) :-)

Plain omelette would have been a little too dry with parathas .... so I cubed it and dunked it into a sauce of tomato and onions. Added some fresh green peas just because I love green peas and do not think twice before adding them to any dish.

Btw ... I used my Onion chutney as the gravy here. :-)

Need : Eggs, chopped and sliced onions, chopped green chillies, chopped tomatoes ( if not using the chutney), red chilli powder, a little cooking oil, salt to taste.

How to : Beat the eggs with a little salt , chopped onions and green chilles. Heat oil in a pan and pour in the egg mixture. Cover and let it cook for some time. Flip over the omelette and cook for a whle more.

Take out the omlette in a plate and cut it into cubes.

In another pan heat a little oil. Add the sliced onions and fry.
Add the tomatoes ( if using the chutney, no need for tomatoes) and the red chilli powder. Fry till mushy. Add the green peas and salt and fry till slightly dryish.

Add the omlette cubes and serve immediately.

Great with rotis / parathas/ bread / steamed rice. :-)


  1. I love "omlette jhol" try korecho kokhon ?
    This one looks so bright and colorful

  2. so mny times even whn i m not in mood to cook,..i look for quickies,..:-)nd this one is perfect,..

  3. Wow that looks nice..

    As far as green peas are concerned I am also fond of them and Have them in most of my recipis.

    I tried Banana Pan cakes following your blog. Saved two ripe banans from facing the trash and got a nice breakfast this morning too :).

  4. Looks gorgeous n colourful, lovely dish..

  5. This one is my kid's favorite! Whenever I make aloo kopi'r jhol I put pieces of omelette in it for the kids!

  6. Eggs are pretty handy when I'm all out of ideas ,the omlette gravy sounds perfect for such crisis:)

  7. Nice twist Sharmila:-)I have never eaten anything like this!

  8. I love simple complete meals such as this...looks yum :-)

  9. Omlette jhol sounds great Sandeepa. Thanks for the idea! :-)

    Do try it Priyanka, Soma. :-)

    Thanks for trying and letting me know Swati. Nice lines like this makes my blogging and sharing recipes worthwhile. :-)

    Thanks Jaishree, Priya, Joyeeta, Yasmeen, Usha! :-)

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  11. i have to try it soon, this looks too good. Darun picture sharmila!

  12. dekhte eto bhalo ...khtete kemon hobe...must be real good!

    aar ek jon jaar shonge aami adda korte

    First time here n love ur treasure trove of recipes. :)

  13. wow this dish looks very delicious & nice photo

  14. I don't eat omelette:) Came to tell you that your message in red with a plain - do not steal my..... looks really scary - I mean I can see you giving fierce looks to anybody out there!!

  15. nice dish. makes a lovely breakfast

  16. Sharmila onedk din kono post nei, hope all is ok

  17. Thanks thumbbook .. don't worry about the folding part .. I just scramble it up if it breaks. :-)

    Thanks Mandira! Do try it. :-)

    Thanks Navita! Adda darun jombe:-) Do keep visiting. :-)

    Thanks Trupti! :-)

    Thanks for coming over all the same Sunshinemom. :-)
    Unfortunately the ones who it is meant for ignore it cmpletely. :-(

    Thanks Deesha! :-)

    Thank you so much Soma for checking on me. Am fine but had a huge and prolonged problem with my net connectivity. Had a bad time with the guys working for this ... apathy/negligience/ plain lack of interest etc etc.
    Thankfully got the connection back today .... am still keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. Hi Sharmila: Thanks a lot, dear! What's up? No post since a long time..I was beginning to get worried.


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