Saturday, 4 October 2008

Leftovers Paratha with Onion Chutney

The days are flying by and am suddenly so busy that am falling short of both time and deadlines. There are certain things that demand time and you cannot postpone them. My work I can manage .... but other's schedules I can't.

Like my friend D's visit home from Dubai. She spent a good part of the last month here .... and I just had to be with her. So went gallivanting 'round the city for days ... not to mention a good amount of shopping too. Trying out new restaraunts and shopping for dresses can be indeed stressful ... what say? So to destress we visit more malls and eat more icecream. ;-)

Then of course there is the stressful job of designing our own clothes. ;-p
Like Ma Durga's visit to her earthly abode. I can't change her schedule too. So have to spruce up the house, plan when not to cook and when to. And what namkeens and mithais are to be made for Bijoya .... so stock up on maida, sugar, gur, coconut, etc etc .... all the stuff that comes with a festive preparation.

Like being there for our guests from abroad to make them feel at home.And also taking them shopping ... that too 'downtown ... to get that feel of the place'. Sigh.
And then hubby's shopping is another unique story. For his shopping I have to go on cajoling and pleading for days till one day, just at the start of the festivals he would graciously say yes .... and then would start the mad rush from place to place, hurried trying outs and frayed tempers. And I have to keep in mind to include Diwali shopping too .... I don't have the nerve to mention 'shopping' again in 15 days.
So amidst all this .... am going through the almost no cooking phase. There were a few leftover sabzis the other day .... so hurriedly made some parathas.

And this onion chutney is so delicious I keep it stored almost always now.

I had come across this recipe from a blog during my initial blogging days. Unfortunately I cannot remember which blog. Went through most blogs that I frequent .... found it nowhere.
So if anyone of you feel that it is your recipe .... please do let me know so that I can give your blog name and link back to it. I will be very grateful.
I do remember the blog has a white background. :-(
This chutney is not my recipe. I do it exactly the way the recipe and blog owner has done it .... so it will help you to know who it belongs to.

The Parathas :Need : Any left over sabzi / curry / dal, atta. If you want to, you can add chopped onions and green chillies.
As the sabzis usually have masalas and salt, no need to add them.
How to : Knead the atta with them to make a soft dough.
Roll out parathas and fry them till crisp.

The Onion Chutney :
Need : Chopped onions, chopped tomatoes ( a good amount) , some curry leaves, whole dried red chillies, a few garlic cloves, a little cumin seeds / jeera, a little cooking oil, a pinch of sugar and salt to taste.

How to : Heat a little oil in a kadhai. Add the red chillies.
Add the chopped onions & garlic and fry till translucent and lose the strong smell.
Add the tomatoes , curry leaves, jeera, salt and sugar.
Fry till soft and watery.
Remove and cool. Grind in a mixer coarsely.

This chutney tastes great! .... which is why I want to know the blog I got this from ... the recipe owner deserves the credit.
See you all after Dussera. Wish everybody a great time this Navaratri and happy Dussera !!!

And Subho Bijoya in advance to all !! :-)


  1. Hey..looks like you've been having a blast! Good for you. I don't know who's chutney that is but it looks and sounds yummy.

  2. Looks like you have been busy managing all the schedules :) Sharodiya shubhecha and happy Durga Pujo to you and your family!

  3. hmmm...daruun lagchhe porota aar chatni dutoi! :)

  4. Both looks so yum.
    sharodiya shubhecha and happy Vijayadashmi in advance .
    I will be on short blogging break during this season of festival .

    happy Puja
    hugs and smiles

  5. Yes Bharti ... am enjoying ... and this chutney is very tasty .. and very easy to make too. Have a great time this festive season. :-)

    Thank you Mandira. And Sharodiya subhecha to you and your family too. And Subho Bijoya! Have a great time. :-)

    Thank you Joyeeta. Prota ta bhari mojar ... ja chilo dhele diyechilam.Chutney ta try koro ekbaar. :-)

    Thank you Jaya. Sharodiya shubhecha to you and your family too .. and Subho Bijoya. Have fun during your break and do let us know how you enjoyed puja at Kol. :-)

  6. the paranthas & chutney look mindblowing. Now who does'nt look forward to this kind of leftover food:)

  7. Simple and easy onion chutney. Nice parathas

  8. This a good idea to have the left over paranthas.

    Yeh there are some Pujas in B'lore mbut I miss the grandeur in Kolkata.

    HAPPY DURGA PUJA to you and your family.

  9. I somehow always find leftover fillings in parathas better than the fresh fillings - maybe something to do with the flavours getting mingled better!! The parathas look mouthwatering - I would say the best of what I have seen here! Looking forward to your Diwali items!

  10. Thank you Rashmi.:-)

    Thank you Kitchen flavours.:-)

    Right Sudeshna.Kol pujas have a charm of their own. Hope you had a great time anyway. :-)

    Thank you Sunshine.:-) And you are so right.But these did not have any fillings .. directly kneaded in. And I love to make these parathas with left over curry gravy. :-)
    Hope I will live up to your expectations of Diwali items.;-)

  11. hi there!

    ur dish seems so tempting. i want to realy make ur onion chutney if u can give some more details on its quantity of onion and tomato atleast and whole red chilli atleaast; since these r main ing. of the recipe and the amount matters a lot. thanx once again take care bye.

  12. Hi Farah! Thanks for liking the chutney .. it is our favourite too and real fast to make.

    I think it is a matter of taste and the preference ... if you want it a little too sour you can take more tomatoes and less onions and vice versa. Same with the chillies .. depends completely on how much spicy you want your chutney to be.

    But for your convinience I'll say that you start with 3 big tomatoes and one medium sized onion and 2 medium sized dry red chillies.
    And the rest of the ingredients. After this you should be able to decide how much of what you will need the next time.

    Hope this helps. :-) I am thinking of posting this recipe again fresh ... I'll give the measurements there too. :-)

    You can ask me if you have any more doubts.
    Do let me know how it turns out.:-)


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