Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Khichuri & co. / Khichdi / and an award (again)

Rains and Khichuri or Khichdi are synonymous to any Bengali. And bhaja or deep fried is a part of Bengali fare. And if it is with khichuri ... nothing like it. Though I love bhajas / fries, I try to keep the oil at the minimum these days and do not deep fry most stuff .... except the brinjals when am making Begun bhaja / deep fried brinjals.

The khichuri is light and kind of mushy and made of lentils and rice. If preferred, vegetables can be added too. Actually it is very light and healthy ... only the bhajas make it heavy ... both with oil ... and guilt. ;-)

If time and laziness on a rainy day permits, it can have a lot of fries and gravies as accompaniments. But it is great with just Papor bhaja (Papad fry) and a little pickle / ghee. Beguni or batter fried brinjals / aubergines are a favourite with steaming hot khichuri.

I had some fish ... so fried a piece for myself. :-)
Else an omlette will also do ... if you have to have a non veggie stuff.

And if you are having guests over ( guests who come over for khichuri are the closest ones ... sitting on the floor, sharing adda, great music and simple food ... ) then it can be a feast galore with Kosha mangsho/ Maacher kalia, etc. The list can be never ending then.


Can be done in a kadhai or a pressure cooker.

Need :

1 cup rice,
1 cup of Red Masoor dal / Mushur dal and Moong dal mixed together,
Grated ginger,
Whole garam masala ( green cardamom, cinnamon, whole dry red chillies, bay leaves), A pinch of turmeric / haldi powder,
1 onion sliced,
1 chopped tomato and tomatoes,
1 tbsp sugar,
Salt to taste,
Cooking oil or ghee
Vegetables like carrots, cauliflowers, green peas,potatoes, etc. can be used too

How to :

Wash the rice and dals and soak.

Heat oil or ghee in a kadahi / big sized wok.

Add the garam masala and then the onions. Fry for sometime.

If using vegetables, add them now.

Add the tomatoes.

Add the rice and dals.

Fry for sometime.

Add the turmeric, salt and sugar.

Add lots of water ... it should be watery and mushy.

Cover and cook till done and reached desired consistency. You can add water midway if needed.

Need :

Brinjals cut into thin pieces (make sure there is no water on them),
Red chilli powder,
Enough oil to deep fry.

How to :

Make a batter with the besan, water, salt and chilli powder.

Can add a spoonful of rice flour to this to make it extra crispy.

Heat oil in a kadhai. Mustard oil is good for this as it is not absorbed too much by the brinjal.

Dip the brinjal pieces one by one in the batter and gently release them in the oil.
Cook till both sides are brown.

If the brinjal pieces are thin they will get cooked properly.

Can use the same batter to make aloo, baby spinach, or the plain chopped onion bhajas. The more the bhajas with the khichuri, the merrier. :-)

Ok, enough of food ramblings. Here's something else.
During my recent disappearence from blogging for a while ... a very little while ... I had a one man fan club ... notyet100.

I still do not know from where she found my new url ... but consistently visited my blog and left warm words. My sincere thanks to her. She has a great blog ... but I have been a very occasional visitor there ... which am going to rectify at the earliest.

And she has passed me an award too. And so has dear Pragyan. She has a blog that has some great Oriya recipes .... and successfully leaves me homesick with each post.

The Blogging Friends Forever award. This award is supposed to be passed on .... like all other awards ..... and there are some rules too.

I'll take some time to pass this on ... as it takes a lot of blog hopping and deciding .... again rules. :-)

I just hope this will be the last of all awards.
Monsoon is washing this city away .... may the blissful rain wash away all other grief, hurts,sorrows and ill will from people's minds and hearts too.
Enjoy the rains!

Try biting into a crispy hot beguni with some chaat masala sprinkled on it .... and savour the flavours. :-)

And yes, did I mention that you should be standing in front of the window with cold rain spraying on your face. Lemme know if anyone tries this. ;-)

Another Khichdi / Khichuri / Khichudi that I often make is here


  1. nice post...everythin looks yum,..recently i too posted with karela bhaji...u r on my blogroll so i don miss ur posts nowl....nd yathnks fordroppin by,..hope to ceeya more often,,.:-)

  2. new 2 me....looks yummy & delicious....

  3. look who's cooking up a storm now:D
    great to see your lovely recipes again..cut a CD for me first if u ever decide to delete your blog again, ok ?

  4. notyet
    Thanks! Will check out your karela bhaji :-)

    Welcome and thanks! :-)

    Hahaahaha ... don't worry ... will never think of doing that again :-)
    And thanks !Looking forward to your posts now.

  5. sharmila,
    eyi dekho aami tomar site e esichi
    Looks like we are visiting each other more ,
    khichuri mach bhaja looks so deliciuos ..aamar chayi ekhoni
    happy Independence day
    hugs and smiles

  6. Jaya
    Thank you so much for visiting!Amar je ki bhalo lagche :-)
    Am glad you like my khichuri.HAppy Independence Day to you too! :-)

  7. Bhaja is my weakness, and like you I have to resist myself! Why do the best things in life come with a tag:(

  8. I know what you mean Harini ... but then we have only one life ... so I guess we have a right to indulge once in a while ... what say? :-)

  9. Thank you for posting delicious recepies....it all looks yummy and keep the good work. Donot bother yourself with the theft...they all know whos the best...so cheer up :)

  10. After reading this post...I am salivating...khichuri, maach bhaaja, beguni....aah cant concentrate on work anymore. Grrr! :)


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