Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Tangy plum

I had some plum that we had bought so enthusiastically on our last grocery trip ... but they were way too sour to eat ... actually it is the skin that was so sour.

Did not know what to do with them .... and no ... am never in favour of spoiling and throwing away things.

Thought of making a chutney like the ones I do with mangoes / tomatoes.
Only this time I did not add any tempering like mustard seeds / curry leaves. With the barest minimum things I came up with something very different.
I had added sugar first .... but it was not enough ... still too sour ... so dunked in a good amount of gur / jaggery.

Went overboard and added a pinch of garam masala too. :-) Had no idea what was going to be the outcome.

Need : Plums (halved and not pitted ... u can if u want to), half a teaspoonful of oil ( yes, very little), sugar / jaggery (enough to make it sweet), a pinch of garam masala ( very little), very thinly sliced ginger and a little pinch of salt.

How to : Heat the oil in a non stick pan / kadhai. Add the plums and the salt and cook for a while.

Now add the sugar / jaggery, sliced ginger and the garam masala . If you like ginger, then be generous. It gives a beautiful flavour. Cook till all water dries up.

Ready !! :-) It actually turned out tasting great !!

Am sending this to Sunshinemom's even FIC Red. Since the pic does not do justice to the dish ... am apprehensive if it will qualify for red. At least it is natural colour. :-)

Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)


  1. I have had this , and it tastes realllyy amazzing !

  2. Sharmila, this looks amazing! I could have done this with the sour plums I ate just because I could not bear to throw them! Thanks, dear!

  3. this looks awesome,one for the event...can imagine the test,..gng to mke parathas...wish i had this eat with paranthas,.nice pic too///

  4. Hi Girish!
    How nice of you to come over and say that!Appreciate the feedback.
    Am glad you liked it. Thanks! :-)

    Am very happy that you consider it for the FIC entry.
    And now you have a reason to buy sour plums again ... huh? :-)

    Thanks! They will go great with bread too ... haven't tried it though ... lemme know if you do.:-)

  5. It is a pretty looking red, a close cousin of plum jam, i too love the sound of ginger in this.

  6. The Kosha dim on your site inspired me to produce the second food entry on my blog!! Thanks for the lovely food recipes and the yummy pictures!

  7. Rashmi
    An Indian cousin ... huh?:-)

    Thank you for coming over and leaving such nice words.Am glad you started food entries too .. now I have one more place to learn from. :-)

  8. this really looks yummy...just can't resist plums!

  9. Hi,
    I have tagged you for a meme , do it whenevr you feel comfortable doing ..
    hugs and smiles

  10. Flying stars
    Welcome and thanks ! :-)


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