Monday, 11 August 2008

Pora Pithe / Poda Pitha

Poda pitha

Pora/poda means burnt / roasted. Pithe / Pitha(in Oriya) is anything that is made from agrarian products like rice, coconut, lentils and jaggery.... that is so common to states like Bengal and Orissa. They can be sweet or salty.

This can be called a desi cake too. :-) Ususally in villages a dying chulha (stove) after the days' cooking is used to make this thing. The mixture is wrapped in banana leaves and left to slowly roast in the dying embers.

In the absence of a chulha these days, we can make it in a heavy bottomed kadhai .... or alternatively .... bake just like a cake too.
Here I am giving the recipe and amounts that I use to make it. If you want to, you can add a teaspoonful of baking powder too.

Need : 2 cups rice (washed and soaked), 1 cup urad dal (washed and soaked), fresh coconut chopped into small pieces, crushed black pepper, 6 tbsp sugar (or more if you want this to be sweet), 2 pinches of salt, ghee.

How to : Grind the soaked dal and the rice into a coarse paste. Mix into it the sugar, coconut and black pepper.pora pithe
Smear a heavy bottomed vessel or kadhai with ghee and pour the mixture into it. Cover and keep it on a slow flame.
After one side is done ..... see the pic below .....
Podo pitha
....... flip the whole thing over to roast the other side too. Remember to cover it. Does not take more than 20 minutes to cook.

sweet poda pitha
Poda pithe narkel diye

Mishti Poda pithe
 (These photographs have been stolen and used by other bloggers ... of course without my permission.)

Done ! :-)
Poda Pithe

Keep it to cool on a high rack ..... so that it does not turn soggy from all the moisture that it will release.
I remember the salty one that Ma used to make .... we would have it for breakfast .... dipping it in very thin and piping hot Jolkhabarer torkari on cold winter mornings.

The sweet ones like this can be had anytime ... as a snack with or without tea. It will stay in the fridge too .... but if kept outside .... do not cover or close in a container ( I am talking of the Indian climate).

Podo Pitha

Enjoy ! :-)

Check out the savoury version of this Poda Pitha here.
Same process and equally tasty.


  1. Hi Sharmila,

    That's a nice recipe I learnt :)Thanks so much for visiting me and for your kind comments...
    I checked out all your blogs...they are all awesome,very inspiring....each dedicated to each of your passions :)
    Keep up the good work...and do visit again!

  2. this looks beautifullllll ,and new

  3. Joyeeta
    Welcome and thanks for taking the time to go through all my blogs.
    And your blog is indeed a great read.:-)

    Welcome and thanks. :-)

  4. Sharmila - I agree this is also done on the gas stove, but mostly for the salty one... Yours looks so yummy! So well presented...

  5. I do think I have never have something like this sharmila but this looks very alluring to me ..hugs and smiles

  6. total yum. ami beshi bhalobai mishti variety, garom garom notun gure sundor gandho hay na unun e banale? kattodin khaini.

  7. Somoo, Sukanya, Jaya, Sayantani ... thanks girls. :-)

  8. Hi Sharmila,

    Can I make them into small individual portions, as the batter is a lot? Can I use non stick pan?

    1. Of course, small individual portions can be done too. But you will have to keep a watch as it might burn quickly.
      I am not sure about using a pan as the shape will be compromised with ... but you can use an appe pan ... that way you will get small sized balls and the shape will be perfect too.

  9. hi sharmila,
    your pitha recipes are simply great!!! all of them. i always have idli batter at home so i can make these any time i want


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